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Top 12 Shopping Malls in Faisalabad

    Faisalabad can be described as a modern city that has many amenities comparable to a capital. It is a historical city named after King Faisal. It is home to beautiful shopping centers that draw people towards it, much like Karachi and Islamabad. These shopping centers provide all the items at reasonable prices in a pleasant environment. It houses all kinds of items, so no one in Faisalabad would ever want to shop anywhere else. These shopping malls include:


    Let’s look at some Faisalabad shopping malls which have earned immense recognition by selling high quality products at a very low price.


    The Grand Atrium is situated on Canal road Faisalabad built by Al Bashir Group. It is an international standard shopping mall. The mall’s architecture is not only renowned for its high-quality products, but it is also a symbol of the city’s architectural excellence. It is distinguished by its grand style, vibrant decorations, and beautiful shops. This mall set new standards for indoor shopping centers. It provides a healthy environment in which people can enjoy entertainment and good food. It has achieved high standards and continues to offer new entertainment. It features Cinema Halls, Children’s play areas, and other appealing spots.


    Contact 041 8732463




    Mall of Faisalabad lies on Chak208 road in Faisalabad. This Mall was founded in 2000. It was also one the largest shopping malls in the entire city. It opens at 10:00 am and closes by 11:59 pm. It provides high quality material at a low price. They offer excellent services. The Mall is visited by many people without any thought. You will find a Kid’s play area as well as Secure Parking, Food Avenue, Branded Shops and a secure environment thanks to the CCTV Cameras.


    Contact 041 (8559812-4


    Faisalabad: Address Main 208 Chak Road East Canal Road


    Sitara Mall, Faisalabad is located at 434 D road. Sitara mall is owned by the developers. Sitara mall has a higher level of security and safety than other malls. It is equipped with a powerful fire fighting equipment that makes the mall more safe and secure than other shopping centers. It also features a smoke detector that is equipped with the latest technology and professionally trained operators. The mall is monitored round the clock by a control center that is connected with CCTV cameras located throughout the building. The city has no other comfort facilities, such as Air conditioners, Elevators, or Cargo lifts. These are all imported from overseas. It is located in central Faisalabad, near the commercial center. However, the mall was later renamed to ‘Saira Mall.


    Address 434-D McDonald’s Road D-Ground Faisalabad

    Call us at (041) 8545496

    Chase Up Faisalabad

    Faisalabad can be described as the Manchester of Pakistan. The branch that is most popular with Pakistani retailers should not open in Faisalabad. This section will provide information about the history and success of Chase Up Faisalabad. Chase Up enters the Hypermarkets category in the Retail sector.

    History of Chase Up

    Chase opened its first branch in 1984. The business is family-owned. They offer the best quality garments at low and affordable prices in the initial stages. Chase up founders aimed to bring about the establishment of modern departmental shops in Karachi. Chase up is a company that aims to offer an extensive range of products for everyday use from top brands all under one roof. They are looking to provide services that are affordable and can be easily paid by customers.

    Chase Up was founded in Karachi and has since grown to nine branches across Pakistan. They have six branches located in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala and one store in Gujranwala. For the best quality food, they plan to open more branches. Chase Upselling stocks a variety footwear, clothing, Groceries as well ladies fabrics, housewares, and other beauty products.

    Chase Up Faisalabad Starting

    After Chase Up Faisalabad’s Success, the Business Owner opens Faisalabad branch. It was the City’s biggest store in October 2017. Chase Up Faisalabad offers amazing prices and is located under one roof. It is the city’s biggest shopping mall. It is spread over four floors with each floor featuring a different category. You will find fresh meat, fruit and vegetables on the ground floor.

    On the first floor, a vast selection of cosmetics is displayed. This is where you can shop for any type of garment. There are also crockery displays and artificial jewels. Everybody loves the Ladies’ Dress Collection. There are many newborn items available in the baby category. All of these items are available wholesale.


    Address  Rehman Heights, Shop no#5، Satayana Rd, Faisalabad, 38000



    Misaq ul mall, Nishat Abad Fassialabad is located on Sheikhupura Road. It is not just a mall. It also features a playground, a bowling lane and a fitness center. You can enjoy the wonderful experience of indoor shopping. It offers a wide range of products for all ages. It is also well-known among food trendsetters. The mall offers multiple experiences under one roof. Misaq ul mall has a pleasant environment. There are electric escalators in the lobbies and plenty of parking. It has five floors and each one is desirable.


    Address Main Sheikhupura Road. Near Nishatabad Bridge. Faisalabad.

    Contact 0321-8432849


    This mall can be found on East Canal Road, Faisalabad. The Boulevard Mall offers a variety of international and local brands. There are top restaurants and entertainment spots. The mall has a perfect design, which allows people to have fun. It offers everything you need to entertain. Its remarkable architecture and Air Condition floors will grab everyone’s attention. Boulevard Mall is definitely worth recommending Malls as a place to shop.


    Contact 923000442290



    Al-Fateh Mall is situated on Kohinoor Road in Faisalabad. Al-Fatah is a shopping center that has been in operation since 1941 in several cities across Pakistan. It sells everything, including groceries, crockery and jewelry. It has gained trust over time due to the quality of its products. It already has branches in several other cities and plans to expand. Faisalabad started out with a single story. Over time, it has developed and improved its stories. It has also received great praise for its quality products. You will also find food there.


    Contact +923111555222


    Send an email to


    KohinoorOne, a shopping mall that is renowned for its entertainment and design, is another impressive one. It is located in Faisalabad, Jaranwala Road. It stocks all daily necessities. The prices here are much lower than in other malls. You can find everything here, from daily use items to food items. It is a safe, family-friendly Shopping Mall and offers a Parking space.


    Address Kohinoor plaza Jaranwala Rd Kohinoor City Faisalabad

    Contact us at (041) 851 1919


    China Family Mall is a mall that is completely family-oriented, with all the possible options. It is unique in Faisalabad because it has three branches located in the same place. China Family Mall has one location on Millat Road in Sadar Town. The Mall is well-equipped with all necessities, and you will have firsthand knowledge if you’ve ever visited it. You can find a variety of products for a low price.

    Item Description

    Faisalabad: Address Millat Rd Gulistan Colony 2 Gulistan Colony

    Contact us at (041)-8784398


    Galaxy Mall is another Startling Shopping Mall which offers you amazing products. It is another mall that has been establishing itself as a top-rated one in Faisalabad. People visit this Mall when they need to purchase any household item. You can find many Branded clothes there. Galaxy Mall is located on D-Ground Road.


    Contact: (041) 85433327

    Address D Ground Rd Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Road


    RCG Shopping Mall Faisalabad serves as a one-stop-shop for locals to purchase clothes, fabric, and other related goods. The vendors ensure that their customers receive authentic and high-quality items. This is where you’ll find multiple brands under one roof with an affordable price for everyone. RCG shopping mall also sells footwear, perfumes as well as appeals, and other related goods. You will find quality products in a relaxed environment.


    Contact: 0311 1111021

    Address Jaranwala Rd, Kohinoor City Punjab، Faisalabad, Punjab 38000


    Every local must have familiar with the blue windows Shopping mall that opened in 2011, Regent Shopping mall. You can rent the space for your business, or you can use it as a shopping centre. It’s a multi-purpose building that provides entertainment, a shopping area for the locals, and a business environment.

    The mall has 9 stories and includes the lower and upper floors. This is not like other malls. The basement and the upper ground floors have the brand outlets. The first and second floors houses offices of digital marketing, travel agencies, and other businesses. It is exclusively dedicated to The Grand Regent Hotel’s third, fourth, or fifth floors. This suite offers luxury facilities and a relaxing stay.

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