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16 Best Free Shopping Cart e-Commerce WordPress Plugins

    After spending months planning and weeks preparing to get your business up and running, how do you accurately execute your business plan with Online Ecosphere? Of course, the best way to sell your product online is with e-commerce. Business owners need to focus on providing a smooth shopping experience for customers in all business categories. Entering the field of e-commerce is scary at first. However, platforms such as WordPress provide an entry-level experience as easy as tapping a few buttons on the phone. In particular, you need a shopping Cart e-Commerce WordPress Plugins.

    Shopping carts and e-commerce platforms are not new to the market. The pool of options is huge, and having to choose between a standalone platform or a separate plugin add-on for an existing publishing platform such as WordPress is a very compelling situation. The WordPress community makes it easy for anyone to get started with e-commerce, WordPress itself is a very versatile content publishing platform, and new business owners have much more room to interact with their business. Go to the driver’s seat for the rest of your content, including plugins, themes, and actual consumable content for running your e-commerce business with WordPress.

    Needless to say, with WordPress, you’ll have to run your own e-commerce shopping cart to pay fees, shipping costs, and other external payments, so you won’t lose any profit. You may need a party platform. In order to build your own online store with a trusted WordPress shopping cart, you will be asked to dig into the number of shopping cart solutions available at our disposal. Below are the best shopping cart plugins for business owners, old and new. I will briefly introduce each feature. You can decide for yourself what best suits your current e-commerce requirements.

    Why You Need A Shopping Cart e-Commerce Plugins?

    There are several reasons Why you need to add a shopping cart e-commerce plugin to your website. The following are just a few.
    If you have a shopping cart installed on your website, you can add items to your cart while your customers continue to shop. When you’re done, you can preview all the products you’ve added together.

    Shopping carts allow customers to save items for later purchases. You can track customer data to see past transactions that clients have made on your site. This includes purchases, bonus points and more. The shopping cart simplifies payments by acting as an intermediary between the payment gateway and the website.
    The main reason to add a shopping cart is to improve the functionality and user experience of your website, but it’s also a very good way to improve your website’s SEO.


    WooCommerce is the pinnacle of success with WordPress plugins. This is the most successful e-commerce solution for WordPress users. This scalable online sales solution offers all your e-commerce capabilities in one simple package. The public open source GitHub repository allows the community to share their ideas and issues. Hundreds of people have already contributed here.

    Starting your own e-commerce shop with WooCommerce is simple and time-efficient. It works on top of your existing WordPress installation. It provides a separate control panel to complete all your sales and distributes individual products. The WooCommerce infrastructure underpins almost one-third of all online e-commerce stores today.

    WooCommerce’s default package includes the ability to sell products in physical and digital formats. Sellers can also convert WooCommerce to support membership, subscriptions, ticket sales, and more. The community is very active and literally hundreds of free and paid extensions are already available. Developers who need an API for their app can easily take advantage of WooCommerce’s unique API. The e-commerce platform was built with these needs in mind, making it easy to integrate your newly set up WooCommerce everywhere.


    Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

    Ecwid is millions of active sellers and one of the leaders in e-commerce solutions. The Ecwid platform is used by sellers around the world to sell retail and digital products. It’s easy to get started with this plugin. You can use the Ecwid site to build another website for sale, or you can use the WordPress plugin to connect all of the Ecwid features of your existing WordPress installation directly. The platform is responsive and has shopping cart drag and drop capabilities. So shopping is not only fun, but easy.

    You can do a lot with this plugin. Manage your products and track your inventory. Use discounts and coupons to increase your sales. The great thing about this plugin is that it works natively with WordPress, so you can create custom types of posts that are specific to your product. It has most of the standard features of shopping cart software, but there are no upgrades, so if you want to use more plugins, you need to use them.


    WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

    With the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart, you can quickly transform your existing WordPress blog into a lightweight e-commerce solution. You can add a “Buy Now” button for your product in your WordPress posts and pages. The real advantage here is that the user has access to the shopping cart.

    This means that you can add multiple items to the “Buy” item list. It gives you a little more freedom on how to sell your products and services on your blog. After installing the plugin, you can use the control panel to create new products and get the shortcode for each created product. Then add them to the page, post, and widgetized area.

    Responsive design standards are native because plugins are fully compatible with mobile devices. It allows you to experiment with selling products in a more remote environment. You can then use the test results to create a production-ready product button.


    WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress

    WP Easy Pay is one of the easiest free WordPress plugins for paying with Square. For simple payments such as membership and donations, WP Easy Pay is a quick and easy way to pay. So when using WP Easy Pay, the name is nothing advanced and difficult. With the touch of a button, users or members can make payments that require less attention. In other words, if it’s all pre-configured and you only have to pay to complete your order, this is the plugin you want to consider.

    Additional features include custom amounts, sandbox support, and notification emails sent to administrators after a successful transaction. Of course, if you feel you need more features, but you like the WP Easy Pay approach, upgrade to the premium plan and see the difference.


    Shopping Cart & eCommerce Store

    Need a complete e-commerce solution for your WordPress blog? WP EasyCart is a dedicated WordPress shopping cart plugin that can quickly turn your WordPress site into a full-fledged e-commerce platform. Ready to sell products and digital content, promote free content and more. WP EasyCart provides downloadable software that you can use to manage your site’s e-commerce platform inventory and overall feel. In addition, it is available on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Of course, by default it works as a WordPress plugin. Other features include an integrated payment gateway for the most popular payment systems.

    Localization options allow you to configure each language individually to assign currencies, tax options, payment gateways for individual countries, and the default language used for the specific countries that visit your website. Shipping features include native integration of services such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. To better understand your product and its selling points, Google Analytics native integration allows you to track sales and non-sales. This tells the user how and where to start and end the purchasing process. Social media is not a concern. Every product page has a social sharing widget that helps maximize the social exposure of your product.


    WP Menu Cart

    WP Menu Cart is a free WordPress plugin that can work seamlessly with WooCommerce, WP-Ecommerce, Eshop, and more. The function of the tool is to install a shopping cart button in the navigation bar. Setup only takes about 1 minute. So even if you’re not sure if this is the extension you need, it takes little time to get the exact answer. That said, download it now and you’ll know if the WP Menu Cart is right for you.

    For features, the WP menu cart will display a cart icon that allows you to view items and / or prices only. In addition, the WP menu cart is always visible or only if there are items in the cart. Add a shopping cart button to your page to improve the user experience. In conclusion, anyone can access the cart at any time.


    Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin

    Stripe Checkout accepts credit card payments without spending a lot of time setting up. Before you continue, yes, this free WordPress plugin is available for WordPress websites that are currently running or will be launched. In short, Stripe Checkout is nothing more than a simple embedded payment form for all devices.

    Percentage or Amount Off coupon codes added to the Stripe dashboard can be used on payment forms. Add a total amount label that you can use with your subscription or lump sum and update in real time as needed. You can also view the product image as an overlay, translate it, and even connect it to Affiliate WP. Plus, once you’ve set up success and failure pages, you don’t need an advanced shopping cart, form builder, or membership plugin to get them to work. With just Stripe Checkout, you can do it all.


    PayPal Shopping Cart

    If Paypal is the preferred way to receive payments from customers, PayPal Shopping Cart is the free WordPress Shopping Cart plugin you need. This easy-to-use tool makes it easy to sell your products and services. You can use the Add to Cart or Show Cart button anywhere on your website. To some extent, PayPal shopping carts are pretty basic, but they certainly work, so that’s the most important thing.

    Some of the treatments that are useful when using the PayPal shopping cart include support for 18 languages and 25 currencies, two different Paypal button styles, and you can also set how to open the Paypal window. In addition to this, of course, the PayPal shopping cart works with WordPress themes. If you want to add an e-commerce extension to your existing website, you can easily add it using the PayPal shopping cart.


    WooCommerce Menu Cart

    The WooCommerce menu shopping cart is a WordPress shopping cart plugin that can add buttons to the navigation section. As a free plugin, it comes with all sorts of great features and an ultra-fast setup process. Of course, no coding knowledge or other experience is required. The WooCommerce Menu Cart is very beginner and user friendly, and everyone can get the most out of it. If you want to unleash the true potential of your plugin, you can always be a professional.

    For the free version of WooCommerce Menu Cart, you can display the cart icon only if there are items in the cart, or customize your own CSS. In addition, you can view prices and / or items only and use them according to the default settings in the menu. Of course, it can be floated on either side.


    Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

    How many of your visitors and potential buyers are actually completing your order? Too many people pack a lot of products into their carts and leave them alone. I won’t go into the details today, as I can leave for almost any reason. Anyway, to avoid as many abandoned carts as possible, here’s a working WordPress plugin that does the work in the background.

    Super powerful feature, add to cart pop-up modal – draw the attention of visitors and create mailing lists. Simple, effective and advanced with live preview by offering an innovative and exclusive Add to Cart pop-up modal and capturing and capturing emails from more guest customers before the checkout page. Add customizable popups to your customizations. to Cart Popup Editor. When a guest customer clicks the “Add to Cart” button on the store, a pop-up mode will immediately appear asking for an email address. You can choose to prevent users from continuing without sending an email, or allow them to check out as a guest. It comes with three default email templates so it works off-the-shelf. Discounts and coupons.


    WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

    This is another WordPress alternative shopping cart plugin that focuses on abandoned carts. If you have already tested some solutions, try again with WooCommerce Cart Abandoned Recovery. Once set, the plugin will do all the work for you to easily forget. If your purchase isn’t completed within 15 minutes, we’ll start sending you a series of automatic follow-up emails that you can customize for your brand. Through this email series, you can remind yourself to complete your purchase and ask for feedback or a custom discount that encourages potential buyers to complete your purchase.

    You can notify us about abandoned carts, ask for feedback, and offer discounts. There are many options. Also, there is no limit to the number of emails you can send. One thing is certain: don’t over-send, as it can leave your brand forever. Restoring WooCommerce cart abandonment has benefits such as GDPR compliance, reports, unique links, and predefined email templates.


    Easy Digital Downloads

    Easy Digital Downloads are popular with WordPress bloggers. Ideal for those who want to sell digital products in the form of actual products and services. The easy-to-use system allows anyone to quickly become a seller of e-books, digital guides, courses, or services of their choice. Easy to integrate with payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Payments.

    This is a fully pluggable plugin. This means you can extend it with other available plugins to make your sales process more dynamic and interesting. Users have easy access to their purchase history and can even retrieve files as needed. People who sell multiple products can also create product bundles. In other words, selling different items as one product at a special price. For sellers, dashboards provide extensive statistics on revenue and sales. The data can be easily exported for external use.



    Laterpay WordPress Plugin is a content monetization solution for WordPress pages. With this Plugin, you can collect voluntary monetary donations from viewers, and without regular access to websites. As you can imagine, the LaterPay WordPress plugin allows you to integrate your LaterPay products into your WordPress website and conveniently from your WordPress dashboard instead of using the widgetized sales features provided in the standalone version. You can start selling.

    The actual use of LaterPay is to allow bloggers to sell their content. In this case, the reader can pay for content that will be used later or for content that will be used. Basically, Later Pay allows you to start charging users for premium content. You can either set your own price for each post or, depending on the length of the pass, sell a time pass that other users can use to read the post. A very useful plugin for anyone who wants to promote exclusive content or courses.


    WPshop – eCommerce

    WPshop shopping cart is a simple and customizable widget. I have a simple code snippet that I just copy and paste into my WordPress page or post. that’s it. You can also choose to display it as a static cart next to all products or as a floating cart that moves around the site. In combination with your cart, you can embed a “Buy Now” button anywhere on your WordPress website to check out faster. Finally, you have the option to embed a view of the product card or the entire store without the user leaving the site.

    This pulgin is primarily aimed at French WordPress users. I got a lot of support from the French community so I decided to include it anyway. And their feedback on the excellent usability of this shopping cart plugin is very positive. Learn French a little and start using the plugin right away.


    Shopify (Premium)

    Shopify is one of the most popular shopping cart options in the world due to its heavy advertising and largely acclaimed. In addition to the fact that Shopify offers hosting, there’s something else of value to store owners using WordPress: its light plan. Having an embeddable shopping cart that can run lists, catalogs, and categories. You may need a Shopify Lite plan and its price. Please note that limitation.

    In addition, shopify allows you to securely accept payments on our website. You can also recover lost sales by automatically sending prospects an email with a link to an abandoned shopping cart. It supports multiple languages, is SEO friendly, and compatible with cross-browser.


    Sellfy (Premium)

    Sellfy is more than just a service, it sets it apart from the other shopping cart services on this list. An affordable e-commerce platform designed for easy use by content creators who sell directly to their viewers. Moreover, it is not a plugin or shopping theme, but has advanced features for physical and digital products, such as advanced security. Best of all, there are no transaction fees.

    In addition, Sellfy’s shopping cart is a simple, customizable widget: you only have a simple code snippet that you can copy and paste into your WordPress page or post. That’s it. You can choose whether to use it as a static shopping cart or place it next to each product with your floating shopping cart around the site. Combined with the shopping cart, you can embed a “Buy Now” button anywhere on your WordPress site to speed up the checkout. Finally, you can choose to embed product cards or entire store views without requiring users to leave your website.


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    2. messenger should be utilized too. there are many chatbots that can make a better experience for the customers for any business.

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