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13 Free Best Related Posts WordPress Plugins

    The Related Posts WordPress plugin helps visitors to see the article they are reading or other similar content on the website within the page. This will allow users to spend more time on the site and improve user engagement. Besides displaying similar related content, these plugins provide a great way to breathe into some of the old work that may be embedded in the archive, not necessarily receiving the visits they once made.

    The problem is that if your site has a lot of content, old posts will be filled and visitors will be less likely to read them. To make all posts public and visible to your visitors at any time, add internal links to your posts and pages. Linking to related posts rather than the latest will make it easier for visitors to find more content and may allow them to stay on the site longer. For example, suppose you want to add an internal link to a post or page to keep the latest post displayed in the sidebar. The problem is that viewing the latest posts can be useless to the reader.

    It also helps users discover content that may not otherwise be found. Many popular blogs use this strategy to increase the amount of time users spend on their time. This strategy is easy to use on your WordPress site. There are many WordPress related post plugins that can automate the entire process. However, these plugins use different approaches to find relevant content. For example, some display posts in the same category as related posts, while others use multiple elements to make them more relevant.

    Why You Need A WordPress Related Post Plugins

    These WordPress plugins make recommendations to readers based on the current page. This will attract readers longer and allow you to read more content. How many people have sinned because they were related to something by purchasing an item on Amazon?

    We ended up with a large supply of cat snacks. I didn’t have to buy them, but Amazon realized that cat treats were related to cat toys and presto. You can also use the functions of related posts to increase network traffic, page views and ultimately increase revenue.

    The behavior of these plugins is slightly different, but the end goal is the same. That is, to give them the opportunity to learn more about the topic they are interested in. This not only keeps the plugin on the page longer, but is also an expert in your field.

    Advantages of using the WordPress Related Post Plugins

    There are several benefits to viewing related posts to your visitors using the Related Posts plugin on your website. Here are some advantages:

    Encourage visitors to see more of your website by using the relevant posting plugin. This gives you the opportunity to keep your readers hooked on the site longer. This also shows Google that we are providing meaningful content that is useful to our readers. This will improve SEO and improve your search ranking.

    When users find out that you are providing useful content, they tend to return to your website more often. This means getting more traffic on your website. Most importantly, readers will find more content on your site that will help them reach their goals and solve their problems.

    This article introduces some of the WordPress related post plugins

    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Yet another related post plugin is one of the most widely used plugins in WordPress. This plugin helps increase page views by providing readers with an auto-generated display of related content on your site.

    You can also use the YARPP widget to display this related content in the sidebar of your site. If you want this content to appear elsewhere, you can, but you’ll need to edit the theme file. It’s also important to note that yet another related post plugin requires more server resources than the other plugins on this list. Make sure you have enough resources before installing and activating it.

    In addition, the plugin also comes with a good template system that allows you to control the display of related posts. It also works with page and post types, giving you even more flexibility.If you are running a very large site, the plugin can be resource-intensive. The plugin has a pro version that addresses this issue by doing a lot of work on its own server. From a compatibility standpoint, plugins may not be as flexible as other plugins.


    Related Posts by Taxonomy

    WordPress taxonomy is used to classify content into different terms. Categories and tags are the two default WordPress taxonomies used by most WordPress blogs.

    This plugin is great for auto-generating a list of related content because it can find related posts regardless of category, tag, or post type. It also supports multiple display options such as image thumbnails, links, excerpts, and entire posts. However, related posts by category have more restrictions than the plugins above.

    First, you can only add related posts at the end of the sidebar or post. You must use a widget or shortcode to add it, not a Gutenberg block. Second, you can customize the display box only by adding code to the theme’s stylesheet.


    Contextual Related Posts

    Contextual related posts is another free WordPress plugin for displaying related posts. It seeks to improve relevance with contextually matching posts. You can view related posts as thumbnails and text.

    This free plugin allows you to view a list of related posts on your website and feed. Automatically generate these lists based on the title of the post and clues from the content. Nothing needs to be done other than installing and activating the plugin. What distinguishes Contextual Related Posts (CRP) from similar plugins that currently exist is their functionality and flexibility. The CRP plugin allows you to view related posts using custom blocks, [crp] shortcodes, or widgets in the Gutenberg editor. Posts can include posts, pages, custom post types, and even attachments.

    For small sites, this plugin is for you. Easy to set up, you can instantly associate text-only posts. You can also search for images in posts and use them as thumbnails if they don’t exist. This can be useful in many ways, but context-related posts are blocked by the WP engine because it’s too late. This plugin does not scale well on large sites.


    Custom Related Posts

    Custom Related Posts is a free and user-friendly related post plugin. Others automate the process of finding and adding related posts, but CRP requires you to manually add them to posts, pages, or custom post types. This is great for small or new sites that have less content and need more control over their related links.

    CRP is compatible with Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor, so you can view related posts in widgets, blocks, or shortcodes. For Gutenberg, CRP actually adds two blocks. One is the block that creates the view of the related post, and the other is the block that you preview in the post editor. This means you don’t have to switch from the preview page to the editor multiple times.



    Jetpack is a powerful WordPress plugin with amazing features. One of these features is the related post. With this feature, the plugin scans all website content and displays posts related to your visitors. Unlike other related posting plugins, Jetpack works by analyzing, processing, and serving content from the cloud. Therefore, there is no additional load on the server.

    Jetpack is loaded with various customization options. You can choose where to include related posts, whether at the top or bottom of your blog. You can also set the number of related posts to include in the list. If you think a particular post, category, or tag isn’t related to the article you’re reading, you can exclude it. If you really want your customers to read, include your own custom selections in the relevant posts.

    The uniqueness of the Jetpack plugin is that all analysis, processing, and delivery is done in the cloud, with no additional load on the server. This gives you an advantage over other related posting plugins like YARPP.


    Inline Related Posts

    Inline related posts are related post plugins that help you automatically display related post links in your content, rather than displaying them below the content like most related post plugins do. Plugins are easy to set up and control where you need them to display related post links inline within your content. Plugins also display related content that viewers are likely to open, which increases the chances of increasing page views.

    Show relevant posts when users are interested in the content and are likely to click on it. It’s easy to set up and you can control where the relevant post links in your content appear inline. If you want to see the related posts at the end of each post, you need to install another plugin. Two related posting plugins on one site can be resource intensive.

    In addition, you can style it to catch the reader’s attention without disturbing or distracting your posts or pages. You can customize the display box opacity, text color, borders, and copy on the WP Dashboard plugin settings page. You can preview these changes directly on the settings page, so you don’t have to press the Preview and Back buttons multiple times.



    Originally created as a social media sharing plugin, Shareaholic has become a suite of viewer growth and engagement tools. In addition to adding social media share and follow buttons to posts, pages, and images, Shareaholic can be used to highlight relevant content on your site based on language, author, tag, and publication date. You can combine these buttons with your display to increase social traffic, social follow, and page views.

    This plugin started out as a social media sharing plugin, and related posting features were introduced later. Not only can this plugin help you view related posts, but it can also be used to integrate social share buttons, follow buttons, and social analytics. The settings are relatively simple and easy to configure, and the plugins are relevant posts that match the design of your site. You can also use Shareaholic as part of your monetization strategy by earning additional revenue through your promoted content system.


    Similar Posts

    Check out similar posts for more powerful plugins. This is a new plugin, currently in v2.7 and updated frequently by the author. This gives you more control over the links on the page and how they are pulled. Works based on content / headline keywords, or post categories and tags. You choose how much weight towards each of those elements.

    Choose how you want the link to appear, which posts to exclude, and whether to pull the link after considering the relevant factors. But it also gives you more control over the post setup associated with it.The related post plugins are very easy to use and configure. There are highly customizable widgets with many options that allow users to easily choose a style. Customized text, built-in cache, background, visits, and other amazing options make the plugin stand out. The plugin also supports a wide range of customization features, allowing you to add related posts to any widget area.


    Related Post

    There is another fairly new option. Pickplugins related articles allow you to display related article links below the page content. It works like any other plugin, scanning for content, categories and tags to find various related posts. This is done automatically the first time you install the plugin. However, you can also manually select the link if you wish.

    The plugin also includes some unique features, such as an optional slider view and how to set up related posts in the archive page. Overall, this is a very robust plugin. This is just one of many things you can try when looking for the best related posting plugin for your site.

    It works like any other plugin, scanning content, categories and tags to find various related posts. This is done automatically the first time you install the plugin. However, you can also manually select the link if you wish. The plugin also has some unique features, such as an optional slider view and a method to set related posts. Overall, this is a very robust plugin. This is just one of many things you can try when looking for the best related posting plugin for your site.


    WordPress Related Posts Plugin – AddThis

    AddThis is recognized for its success with the Share and Follow buttons. Based on experience, the AddThis team has created a great plugin for viewing related posts.

    Related articles by AddThis are integrated within WordPress to display more relevant posts in a compelling way. You can also customize how related posts are displayed. You can choose from scrolling at the bottom of the page, hovering suggestions, and more.

    This plugin has a way to make related posts stand out from other page content. It also comes with an analysis of related posts and shares. The only downside to related posts by AddThis is that websites tend to be a bit slower. If you want to take full advantage of your analytics, you should also install the AddThisAccount plugin. – Free or professional.


    Related Posts for WordPress

    WordPress Plugin Related Posts is a lightweight version of the more popular Related Posts Plugin. Performs all resource-intensive tasks in the admin area and uses the cache to view related posts.

    However, this plugin adds one feature that I really like. If you want to manually change the relevant content, you can change the link for a particular post. Plugins give you complete control over the links on each page and even reorder them. You can use widgets or shortcodes for installation. Both work with any theme. The backend has a complete setup wizard that can guide you through the entire process.

    This plugin supports both thumbnail and text display of related post lists and is easy to set up. It uses its own cache and runs all heavy resource jobs in the admin panel, so your site doesn’t slow down. If you need a highly functional related post plugin with many features, WordPress related posts may not be the best option as it has only a few simple features.


    WP Simple Related Posts

    This reduces the processing power required because the plugin does not have to scan keywords for content or headlines. You can use WPSimple Related Posts to get plugins that only reference post tags and categories. These vary from post to post, but the plugin aims to automate the process by randomizing the relevant links on each page.

    The plugin is completely free, so the developers have released a free add-on template on GitHub. You can use it to add functionality to your plugin for further customization. However, depending on the type of post involved, it may be more appropriate to place it below the article. Keep this in mind, as inline-related posts don’t have an option to show related posts below the content.


    Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress

    The related post thumbnail plugin for WordPress is another highly rated related post plugin in the WordPress directory. Similar to context-related posts, this plugin allows you to view posts or page-related posts using your site’s sidebar or a custom Gutenberg block. Shortcodes, or widgets. You can also include a thumbnail of the image or video for each post displayed.

    Unlike the CRP plugin, you can style the list without coding, but the options are even more limited. You can change the background, borders, text color, and font size on the Style Options tab of the dashboard plugin page, but this plugin adds one feature that I really like. If you want to manually change the relevant content, you can change the link for a particular post. Plugins give you complete control over the links on each page and even reorder them.


    Some bonus Tips For Choosing The Best WordPress Related Post Plugins

    Everyone knows that there are countless tips, tricks, methods, and ideas to help you improve your blog. Waste your precious time and money, try all the tips and see what works and what doesn’t. We encourage you to try your blog and related post plugins.

    These tools have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are lightweight and some are heavy. Some are free, some come with a subscription. At the end of the day, the related posting plugins are designed to make your website more fluid and give your readers a comfortable and easy experience, and use it when your site relies on user engagement. Worth to do. To be successful.

    You may have noticed that the related post plugins have repeatedly mentioned that they can be resource intensive. Some of these plugins may not work well with shared WordPress hosting. In that case, you can use the custom related post plugin. This plugin allows you to manually add related posts to your posts. Link relationships work in both directions, so if you add an old post as a related post to a new post, the old post will also appear as related to the new post.

    WordPress content creators want to make it easy for readers to find as much content as possible. To help, you can add a display of related posts at the bottom of the post or page, in the sidebar, or at the top of the site. This is easy with WordPress related posting plugins. You can use one of the above tools to create and customize a display box for your content and convince your readers to continue browsing the site.


    We hope this article will help you find the best related posting plugin for your WordPress website.
    In this article, we’ve covered eight of the eight most popular free related posting plugins available in your WordPress repository. If you know of any other powerful related posting plugins not mentioned in this article, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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