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RCA TV Won’t Turn On

Somehow most RCA TVs (even the Roku television editions) at some point encounter a comparable problem of just not switching on.

There are plenty of instances of RCA TV proprietors that state they have had this problem– some state it’s been a problem they have handled for multiple years!

The good news is there is a really easy fix that should fix regarding 80% or so of RCA Televisions that won’t turn on.

Just how Do I Repair My RCA Television When it Will Not Turn On?

There are several methods you can fix your RCA TV when it doesn’t activate. You can check out these ideas to permit it to function customarily;

Guarantee You Correctly Attach Your TV to the Power Line

This will certainly ensure the RCA TV activates and works well. Confirm that the power line remains in good condition and is also tightly safeguarded in the electrical outlet. In case it is so old, there might be internal damage and even burning.

This can block electric signal transmission and it can additionally be the reason for the gadget not activating. Cable television ought to also be appropriately linked behind the tv. Furthermore, you require to inspect if there are any outside problems like scratches.

As well as in the case of this, you can replace that wire and your tv will certainly just work as called for.

Backlight is damaged

If absolutely nothing has worked to this point the backlight of your RCA television may be broken.

An easy way to establish whether or not this holds is to power on your television and afterward take a flashlight and also bring it extremely close to your TV display.

Look closely to see if there is any type of picture on the screen when you blink the light.

If you see a photo appearing, but it’s very faint, it’s most likely because the backlight of your TV fell short and also it needs to be replaced.

Utilize the Access Panel

A standby set is created to wait up until there is the task at the TV to turn back on. Pushing the “Power” switch on your remote might not register while the TV remains in a standby setting. Find the accessibility panel, which is usually on the front, side, or top of your collection, as well as turn the television on with the “Power” button the gain access to the panel.

Reset Your RCA TV:

RCA TVs have an easy reset button on the front of the device.

Press as well as hold this button for at least 10 secs. Then, disconnect your TV from the wall and after that connect it back in. After doing this, you should have the ability to turn your television back on. If this stops working, you ought to seek the assistance of an electrical contractor.

Examine your Connections

While not a feature of your RCA television’s standby mode, the power supply to your television will dictate its performance. If you have your television linked to a rise guard, inspect the indicator light on the rising guard to determine if it is working and effectively powering your television. Connect your TV right into a new rise protector or electrical outlet to identify if trouble with the outlet is accountable for your TV remaining in standby mode.

Call RCA assistance

If you still can not get your RCA TV to switch on, you can attempt contacting the RCA support team.

You can reach their assistance hotline at 1-800-968-9853 or email them at [email protected]


I want to claim that occasionally, even though something seems functioning fine, there may still be a minor problem that you have not spotted.

And also this might be why your television isn’t operating correctly. So, after going through these actions, I hope you can fix your RCA TV that won’t activate. If your tv is still not functioning, then it is very likely that there is something else wrong with it.

In that case, it would certainly be much better for you to get it checked out by a professional. Many thanks for reviewing the total overview. Hopefully, it was an aid in fixing your trouble.

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