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PC vs Console Gaming: Is There Really a Best Choice?

    There has been an open civil war ravaging the gaming community ever since PC gaming became mainstream. On the one side, you have people who believe that console gaming is the only way to play, and on the other, you have players who believe every type of gaming besides PC is inferior. And they both make fair points. 

    Some people can’t imagine themselves playing a game on a mouse and keyboard while some players may feel like controllers are limiting. But PC and console gaming have much more in common than they do in differences. Let’s take a closer look at both PC and console gaming and see if we can crown one as a clear winner.

    PC Gaming is More Complex

    One of the things with PC gaming is that it requires a lot more work than playing on a console. All you have to do with a console is just plug and play. Even a five-year-old could do this, and consoles were first created with children in mind, so it’s no surprise that they’re so easy to use.

    If you want to game on a PC, you first need to have a good PC and know all the specs. You then need to find games that can work based on these specs. The controls are also much more complicated on PC games and some games use virtually every key on the keyboard. Also, if you want to use a controller, you might have to go through extra steps like calibration before you can start playing.

    More complexity is not necessarily a bad thing, however. Some of the MMORPGs we see today could never work on a console because of all the controls they use. Games like first-person shooters also have to be simplified when ported. This is why PC is the only option for serious gamers who need an intense challenge.

    Console Gaming is More Convivial

    One thing that PC gaming will never be able to replicate is the conviviality of console gaming. There is nothing that beats playing a game of Madden or Smash with three of your best friends in a basement. Sure, you can always organise a LAN party or play online with other people on a PC, but it’s not quite the same since PC gaming is isolating by design. 

    PC Gaming is More Versatile

    All console games can be played on a PC, but not all PC games can be played on a console. On a PC, you can play a ferocious game of four on four on CS:GO one minute, and browse the best casino games Canada the next. Some of the best racing games are on PC too, and you can set up a full racing rig with vibration and feedback to get the full simulator experience. There are some great racing games on consoles, don’t get us wrong, but some of the simulation games you’ll find on PC are just too powerful for the average console. 

    Console Gaming is Cheaper

    Gaming on a PC is far from cheap, however, and you’ll have to pay significantly more on a gaming PC than a console for similar performance. The price of premium graphics cards alone is higher than most consoles. So, if you want to enjoy yourself on a small budget and not want to have to worry about upgrades and updates, console gaming is the way to go.

    Console and PC gaming have their pros and cons and we can’t really say that one is better than the other. Everything depends on your needs, budget, and what kind of player you are, so take the time to look at all these things before you make your decision.

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