25 BEST Free One Page Blogger Templates

One page blogger template with full dimension show, the custom home page, various custom widgets, and more. An ideal landing one-page blogger templates.

Travel, inspiration, cooking, photos, weddings, and more, one-page Blogger Templates of great, clean, and beautiful Blogger templates compose an interesting story. Create a blog with impulse hotspots. This theme can create effectively and you should start your personal cleaning. In addition, it aims to adjust the widget when it appears. It’s not difficult to style with the possible subject selections. What are the many good backing groups? You mainly want 5 minutes and you can start blogging.

What Is One Page Blogger Template?

Single page blogger template is one of the complex, upgraded versions of our blog template for professional publishing on your blog. This theme has been found to be great for news, technology, blogging, fashion, and even explanatory blogging. The strongest customized blogger template with a responsive layout. This theme is compared to the fashionable browser.

Blogs are pretty much what every business, company, agency, or creative individual needs. You can start with a free blog template and write about recent events, even if no one has mentioned it. Share your thoughts, and before you know it, people will start visiting your website to read your engaging content. You can also write industry news and elaborate on recent projects and what came to mind.

Finding a good template can sometimes be a little messy on the hips. Not because of lack of availability, but the exact opposite.With so many great styles and templates to choose from, the process of finding the right one can be very difficult. We decided to unravel this mystery of finding the right template by putting together a list of the best free Blogger templates modernized and optimized with the latest features, widgets and code standards.

Basil Free Portfolio Blogger Template

Basil portfolio blog template is a versatile portfolio blog template. This is the most beautiful and optimized landing page Blogger template you can find in Blogger. Very suitable for personal resumes, can also be used for product landing pages, website development, educational institutions, agents and more. Basil portfolio one page portfolio blogger template free.

In addition, cross-browser compatible templates can be loaded in the browser and can be loaded in the screen size on any device. There are many sections that briefly describe your product and your own details. This template comes pre-installed with widgets for reviews, team lists, contact forms, and more. A very beautiful color combination of black, yellow, and white, easily customizable within your dashboard.

You get a great looking homepage and professional-looking blog in a single structure. Make your blog amazing with this template. Slideshow, fast loading, browser compatibility, no sidebar, business, business and organization, portfolio, photos, ads enabled, Seo enabled, 1 right sidebar, clean, magazine, free premium, right-sidebar, post thumbnails, Responsive, social bookmarking enabled, drop-down menu, 2 columns.

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SORA HOME One Page Blogger Templates

Sora Home one page blogger templates are Blogger’s premium real estate themes with a nice targeted look. This blogger has a modern, simple and responsive design that looks beautiful on tablets and mobile phones of all sizes.

With great widgets on the home page. Compatible with a wide range of devices, and with a 100% responsive design that is compatible, it will appear in full pixel and end wherever your customers are, no matter what device they are viewing your new website on. It scales seamlessly to the device.

It features real-time availability searches, customizable property searches, Google Maps integration, out-of-the-box page builders, property comparisons, customizable widgets and much more.

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Wilder Blogger Template

Whether you’re starting with a niche blog or a general blog, take a look at the light on Wilder. This pragmatic site canvas has everything you need to get a fresh start quickly.

You can create great pages with Wilder, even if you don’t have any experience building pages. After all, there are several demos at your disposal, each one creative and engaging. However, you can find a sample that suits your taste right out of the box. In this case, expect the page to be live almost instantly.

Photo, email subscription widget support, simple, one right sidebar, right sidebar, personal page, minimalist, modern, page, harmony with Retina screen. It’s also very fast to load and is optimized for SEO. With Killer Wilder, your performance and experience will always be great.

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Pixel is the latest one-page blogger templates and is completely free to use for private and commercial purposes. It features several areas and widgets for placing ads such as AdSense and other ads. The theme also proves to be incredibly popular with thousands of users jumping into it within the first two weeks.

Pixel is compatible with all fashionable browsers and comes with some options such as recommended widgets, dropdown menus, social sharing buttons, and more. The following area units have some of the main options for feather blogger templates. This one-page blogger templates has a variety of features, including an options widget, a dropdown menu, a social sharing button, a custom widget created for your blog, and three commenting systems.

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JosePhine Blogger Template

JosePhine is an exclusive blogger template with amazingly simple demos. Now you can create a blog without inconvenience. I know that you don’t have to code in Stein, so creating a page is easy, and yes.

JosePhine is clean, minimalist, pink, fashion and more. Whether to create personal page, Photography,Magazines, Free Premium, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, Left Sidebar, 1 Left Sidebar, Clean, 1 Sidebar, 2 Rows. It is also ready for SEO.

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JULIET One Page Blogger Templates

Cheer is a clean and minimal tool with a flat design that handles any device and any modern web browser. You can read content from handheld devices and desktop computers. There is nothing that prevents sparkling. The site canvas ideally also adapts to the retina display and does not struggle with other technical conventions. These include search engine optimization, loading speed, user experience, and more. With Sparkling, everything will be of the highest quality for your convenience.

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Fenix Creative Blogger Template

Fenix ​​Creative one-page blogger templates is a very advanced blog area theme that allows you to create a professional portfolio website and manage your blog. This is a personal portfolio template designed for freelancers, creative designers, and photographers who want to view their portfolio online.

Create different portfolio layouts for architects, portfolios, creative websites and more to showcase your work in the best possible way. With great widgets on your homepage. With a 100% responsive design that’s compatible with a wide range of devices, it’s fully pixelated and end-of-life no matter where your customers are, or your new website, on any device. Scales seamlessly to fit the device.

It has beautiful typography and is optimized for speed on all devices and browsers. Slideshow, no sidebar on homepage, business, portfolio, photos, ads enabled, white, 1 sidebar, 1 right sidebar, clean, SEO enabled, magazine, free premium, right sidebar, post thumbnails, responsive, social bookmarks enabled , Drop-down menu, 2 columns, fast loading, browser compatibility, elegant.

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Flora Hand Crated is cleanness and minimalism are two of the essential features Of course, there is a ton more to it than that but the two mentioned strike you heavy once the live preview page opens. With the same appearance, you can use your own website to exercise or make some changes to it. That is, if you want to adjust Activello in any way, please feel free to do so. The website skin is easy to use and everyone can make the most of it.

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The Bolt one page blogger templates come with a very nice design. You can make your blogger’s blog look rich with a slider with good features. Some features ara specially created for business and portfolio blogs.

You can use this template to set up icon sets, icon boxes, testimonials, team members, skill levels, contact forms with maps, portfolio items, and animated numbers. Business, Business & Organization, Portfolio, Masonry, Blue, Page Navigation Menu, Fashion, Minimalist, One Row, Magazine, Photo, Slide Show, Thumbnail Post, Social Bookmarking, Responsive, Advertising, Drop Down Menu, Seo Correspondence, 1 right sidebar, 2 rows, 1 sidebar, right sidebar, white.

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Minimal Blogger Template

With this clean, minimalist look and modern scheme, it’s going to be easy to beat most new readers. Create a community and grow your blog to some serious level of success. You can do it all by spending your time and effort publishing great SEO-friendly articles.

Sliders, scrolling content loading, social buttons, photos, widgetized sidebars, contact forms and more. The templates are certainly mobile-friendly, flexible, cross-browser compatible, and retinal screen compatible. Plus, it’s responsive, social bookmarking, and fully ad-enabled.

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We bring you the collection of the best free blog templates, which you already know. What is important is the fact that you can use them to create any type of blog. No matter how niche or generic they are, the skins for these websites are here to keep you organized.

Sophia is a great template for creating travel blogs. Out of the box, the tool comes with an amazing web design that will get you hooked instantly. Featuring a full-screen banner, it gives a new enthusiast a strong first impression. Images and text help you reach more users and can be used strategically.

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View Blogger Template

View is a free Blogger template with no sidebar on your homepage. It’s an item for news, magazines, and blog websites, and you can create it all in no time. We’re starting to release engaging, information-rich content, and we’re spelling that magic on the View to display it on the Web in a neat and tidy way.

View has attractive sliders, multi-level dropdown menus, megamenus, fully customizable headers, and custom widget loads. You can view the exact page displayed in the live preview yourself, or you can make any changes.

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Orchid Fashion Blogger Template

Orchid Fashion Blogger Template is a simple personal blogger template for female entrepreneurs. All the elements of this template are simply created to meet the response needs of any screen size on any device.

Focused primarily on female bloggers, this template can be used for make-up, travel, daily blogs, OOTDs, personal blogs, and more. It comes with a premium design and has the latest features such as Instagram integration and great typography. This template has its own social sharing button under every post on the home page. It has everything a beauty blogger needs.

A beautiful carousel widget you’ve seen recently is placed just below the header, where you can place your most important updates. It has a very clean design with a combination of white and black colors to provide your reader/visitor with a perfect and smooth experience.

Moreover, this is a great template that does everything automatically. Make your blog look amazingly elegant with this ready-made design. Page navigation menu, breadcrumb navigation enabled, modern, ads enabled, personal pages, photos, fashion, slideshow, girly, simple, fashion, white, 1 sidebar, 1 right sidebar, clean, minimalist, SEO enabled , Magazine, Free Premium, Post Thumbnail, Responsive, Social Bookmark Support, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Instagram Support.

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If you need a modern, clean, free blog template right away, consider Ripple. You can use the template for any type of blog you plan to build. Whether it’s food, fashion, lifestyle, health, or even a corporate blog, Ripple Clean has no issues with them all.

A variety of page and post layouts are available to help you make your final product as dynamic as you want. Posts can be displayed as images at the top, text at the bottom, images on the left, text on the right, or text only. Ripple has more buttons, newsletter subscriptions, and social media icons.

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Photonic Blogger Template

The Photonic Blogger template is a clean and minimal blog theme for the Photo Photography Creative Portfolio website. Built with the latest trends and technologies, it delivers the highest performance by that standard. This is a 100% responsive theme and supports any screen size that looks amazing on all devices.

There are pre-defined styles for photographers, creative designers and design agencies that are easy to install. With lots of features and useful widgets, it can help you create great blogs for photo contests, printing companies, wedding photos, occasional photos and more. With a very simple look on a white background, it provides a nice-looking canvas for emerging, true to life photos. Enhance your creative ideas with this amazing photo template!

In addition, discover the power of the blogspot platform. Portfolio, Instagram Ready, 1 Row, No Sidebar On Homepage, Girly, Fashion, Photos, Minimalist, Masonry, Personal Pages, Slideshows, Ads Ready, White, 1 Sidebar, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Gallery, Thumbnail Posts, Responsive, Social Bookmarking, Drop Down Menu, 2 Rows.

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Check My Style Blogger Template

My style blogger template is a minimalist and clean blogger theme with a simple look and rich design. This is a fully responsive template with large post thumbnails suitable for personal blogs. Great for food, photography, movies, travel, personal, girly, recipes, movies, cooking, reviews, critics, apparel, OOTD, makeup and more. Present your content in the most elegant way that will connect your readers to your blog.

This is an ideal theme to turn visitors into regular readers. There’s a large header area with an elegant menu, and just below that is an attractive carousel slider that automatically selects posts. Its clean and simple design makes it the perfect template for maximum creativity. It comes in a minimal combination of gray and black and white as action colors.

Simple, Fast loading, Responsive, Seo compatible, Adapted from WordPress, Ads enabled, Retina enabled, Drop down menu, Social bookmarks enabled, Page navigation menu, Thumbnail post, Clean, Browser compatible, Black, 2 column, Elegant, White , Stylish, WhatsApp sharing, free premium, 1 right sidebar, blogger, fashion, Instagram enabled, slideshow, minimalist, girly.

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A blogger with all interests and passions, Simple Grid is a free blog website template to get your project done quickly and reliably. As far as web design is concerned, you have it at your fingertips. You don’t have to be stuck behind your drawing board, thinking about figuring out what your website will look like.

In addition, grow your blog to some serious level of success with Simple Grid. It’s all possible to spend time and effort publishing good SEO-friendly articles. With sliders, loading scrolling content, social buttons, pagination, a widget sidebar, and contact form, you can download more than this for free. express. The templates are certainly mobile-friendly, flexible, browser-friendly, and retinal screen compatible.

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Sorallax Blogger Template

If you have a vision for a blog project, make it happen with Sorallax. And it doesn’t matter what the niche is. Free blog templates are ready to help you perform page establishment like a pro. Whether it’s fashion, travel, business, recipes, sports or celebrity gossip, Sorallax is here. In other words, functions and features other than this world are piled up to bring great benefits.

Sorallax is a compelling and engaging free tool, 100% mobile ready and SEO optimized. Sorallax keeps things simple and clean, but there are many things out of the box. From customizable headers and mega menus to featured content widgets, customized pagination and social sharing. News Paper has a very simple web design and can be used by anyone and almost anyone.

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Vibe Responsive Blogger Template

Vibe is a 100% responsive free blog template focused on fashionistas. But whether you are outside the fashion community or if you care about the layout of the Vibe template, you are still good to go. A multi-purpose one page template that allows smooth scrolling.

From gorgeous slider shows, girly, fashion and magazines. Vibe covers everything. Templates are great for agencies and creative individuals who want something more. Tell stories, share services and introduce team members. But most importantly, start writing a compelling blog that will help promote your name and drive more traffic.

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Forever Blogger Template

Forever is an elegant and simple free Blogger template for everyone.Forever brings back the 4-column layout in style! The first thing we notice about Forever is how easy it is to navigate the homepage of a modern blog, and because every post has a featured post image, the homepage feels alive. Lists, and other similar content.

Additionally, Forever considers it a great choice for bloggers who want to keep their regular blog schedules and really want their content to stand out without emphasizing just one particular type. You can easily customize the sidebar to better explain your strategy to your own widgets and elements.

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Inventive Blogger Template

Inventive is this amazing free website template that doesn’t have the impression of a blog at all. It looks like a portfolio, but if you look closely it turns out to be an innovative blog template.

This is a fully responsive template with large post thumbnails suitable for personal blogs. Whether to create Blogger Business pages and Personal Pages. This is a modern scheme with this clean, minimalist look and looks like a cake to win new readers. All you have to do is spend your time and effort publishing good SEO-friendly articles.

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Shine Blogger Template

Some of the free blog templates we have chosen keep things very simple, while others are more complex. Some feel like premium, but it’s free.

When it comes to simplicity, Juli features a large part of it. To further decompose the name, it’s a cool, smooth template that incorporates blue into its web design. If you can’t easily decide which template to choose, but you know that very simple or special advances aren’t what you’re looking for, then Shine is the solution. It fits perfectly in the middle.

Shine Blogger Templates come with a very nice design. With a good slider, you can make your blogger blog look rich. Some features are fashion, girly, minimalist, magazines, social bookmarking and more.

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