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Most Useful Ways for Students to Earn Extra Money


Most students get by with a part-time job at some cafe or fast-food restaurant or some other kind of exhausting work that, eventually, does more damage than good. Students often lack concentration, experience grade degradation, and in some cases barely manage to keep themselves together between college obligations and constant shift changes, and unwanted extra hours at their jobs.

We did some research and came up with a few ideas for work during college. We created a list of several ways to earn money that won’t have such significant negative effects on your studies.

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Become a delivery driver

One of the healthiest ways to earn money while studying is to start working for one of those large delivery services that always hire new people. For most companies, you just need to own a bicycle or some other means of transport and you’re all set. Many delivery services allow drivers to choose their hours, which gives you a chance to organize your schedule as you see fit. 

Finally, there’s no healthier way for a student to earn money than to spend several hours a day riding your bike around town. This type of work is especially beneficial for those that never manage to make time for the gym.

Make money writing essays

Since a lot of students have issues balancing their coursework and private life obligations, online services that provide academic help in form of essay generator or homework assistance come as a real lifesaver. The demand for online help with essay writing or some other type of college or high school task is in such a growth that there is a constant need for new writers. This gives college students, especially postgraduates, a nice opportunity to earn some extra cash while working on their own academic growth. Most students take on high school essays because they are representing less of a challenge to a postgraduate student.

The additional value of writing academic tasks for money is that students get to be the masters of their time, they choose the job they want to do based on the amount of time they have at their disposal. It creates a perfectly stress-free environment and speaking of environment, these types of jobs allow work from home, which reduces travel expenses.

Filling out online surveys

According to research published by West Virginia Education Association, teens spend more than nine hours a day in front of a screen, which includes both the time spent on studying and entertainment. Nowadays, when COVID-19 pandemic measures make social interaction somewhat of a challenge, the best way to stay healthy and earn some cash is to seek out online funding sources.

Numerous marketing and other types of research companies offer a way to make a profit online by filling out various online surveys. These surveys could be anything from marketing-related questionaries to testing out new products or services and sharing your experience. Depending on the survey, participants are offered rewards that revolve around $5 for a task that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. It won’t make you a millionaire, but it will help you stay on top of your bills and tuition fees.

Paid website and app reviews

The advent of the online industry made it of paramount importance to establish a strong digital presence if you wish to run a successful business. Every day, more and more companies and racing to improve their websites, build powerful and user-friendly apps, all of which require detailed testing. In pursuit of optimization, many website owners hire online website and app review companies to have people browsing through their platforms and checking for bugs and issues.

There are versatile website and app review services that allow individuals a chance to earn money by reviewing online content. This type of work is exceptionally beneficial for website design students because it gives them the chance to apply what they have learned, and improve their skills through practice. For less than 30 minutes of work, students can earn around $10, which is a good way to earn money while studying even if you’re not chasing a website developer degree. 


College students most commonly fill their tuition and living expenses budget through work, because higher education is getting more expensive every year, at least at those places that promise adequate learning conditions and a degree that means something in the world. These jobs will help you with your daily expenses and leave you with enough energy and time for your academic obligations.

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Craig Brown is a freelance content writer engaged with several online publishers. As a writer, Craig aims to deliver actionable pieces of advice to his readers. His work is based on deep research and authentic sources of information.

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