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30 Best Free Lightbox Plugins For WordPress

    Want to get people’s attention right away? Lightbox pop-ups allow you to show targeted messages to visitors at the right time. The Lightbox plug-in also eliminates distractions that prevent users from making important decisions. As a result, they take actions that increase the profitability of the business.

    I’ve created my company’s website (preferably with WordPress themes), I’m getting more views and website traffic, but I want to grow my website business, what should I do? Or? Once you’ve created a website that you can add compelling text and images to, the next step is to create a website that’s appealing and engaging to retain and remember your site’s users. To provide long-term experience. But what can you do to improve the look of your site and make it stand out from the crowd? So how do I add one of the WordPress Lightbox plugins?

    For websites, one of the main design elements is the content section. It plays a big role in entertaining users and making viewers loyal users. Then comes the lightbox. An innovative and creative way to view your media files! If you don’t know exactly, here’s what it means.

    What is WordPress Lightbox? Why We Need?

    Does your WordPress site have many images and gallery of images? If so, adding billboards is an attractive way to present these images to your site visitors. A lightbox is a type of window displayed on a web page that usually highlights images. The user can view the image without closing the window. Lightboxes are a very effective way to increase user engagement. You can use different lightbox styles to decorate your website with an aesthetically pleasing presentation of images. Designing a lightbox is easy with the WordPress plugin. This article describes some WordPress plugins you can use to create video lightboxes.

    Websites now use lightboxes for newsletters and email as well as image integration. Add an address. It’s an innovative and innovative way to improve your site, but lightboxes already seem to outperform the old ones. In addition, adding links to other pages is more effective as it prevents visitors from accessing the current page.

    The WordPress Lightbox plug-in lets you use lightbox effects for different content on your pages and posts. With many of these plug-ins, you can add effects to images, videos, and more. Lightbox effects are pop-ups that direct you to your site and display your media files. Some add-ons to the list allow you to perform slightly more complex actions, such as customizing certain items or disabling lightbox effects in certain situations.

    Lightbox Slider

    Lightbox Slider is a fully responsive WordPress gallery add-on with very useful features and options. Create a responsive and WordPress-enabled WordPress lightbox photo gallery in minutes. Easy to customize, you can choose from a lot of views. The lightbox slider is based on the bootstrap framework. Allows you to add and create unlimited image galleries on your site. The Lightbox plugin provides fade animations, lightbox image previews, and two gallery layouts for different fonts. It also provides an isotope effect that adjusts the size of the image depending on the screen resolution.


    Lightbox Ultimate

    If you are new to the lightbox feature, clicking on an image opens in a box that appears as an overlay above the page content instead of opening in a new window. If you continue on the page you saw and close the lightbox, you will return to the page immediately. No extra navigation or wastage of time.
    You have full control over the images that add lightbox functionality. You can choose to add this lightbox to all images on your site or to images in your WordPress gallery.
    Ultimate Lightbox has all the features you’d expect from a great lightbox plugin, additional features from a variety of arrows, icon sets for navigation controls, and a complete complement of styling options. Required lightbox plugin.


    VenoBox Lightbox

    Venobox adds a Responsive Lightbox to this plugin link to display YouTube, Vimeo videos, images, galleries, iframes, Google Maps, or other embedded content in the Responsive Lightbox. Plugin option to open all linked images and galleries in lightbox mode in WordPress.The big difference from many other similar plugins is that Venobox calculates the maximum width of the displayed image and maintains that height if it is taller than the window.. Vertically for smaller devices. You can scroll down the contents to avoid resizing the microscope & image


    Simple Lightbox Gallery

    A simple lightbox gallery based on the bootstrap framework. You can add and create unlimited image galleries on your site. Lightbox provides stroke animation, lightbox image previews, and two gallery layout layouts with different fonts. You can also get the isotope effect to adjust the image size according to the screen resolution.


    WordPress Colorbox Lightbox

    The WordPress Colorbox plug-in is a simple WordPress lightbox tool. Users can use the popular jQuery Colorbox box library to pop up content in a lightbox. You can also view a larger version of a particular media file without leaving the page. Pop-up self-hosted websites that work with WordPress hosting, beautiful lightbox popup styles, tips for creating your own lightbox links, and custom/HTML content that pops up in your lightbox. Add the lightbox to your YouTube or Vimeo video link.


    Photonic Gallery & Lightbox

    Photonic includes a WordPress gallery and adds many additional features. We are adding support for some new sources and options to improve gallery content and appearance. Supports photos, photosets, galleries and Flickr collections. You can also set up authentication so that visitors can see your private, secure photos from each provider.
    Photonic overrides the gallery shortcode by default when used without the Gutenberg editor. If you are using a theme or plugin that already overrides the gallery shortcode, Photonic gives Photonic Gallery the ability to use your own shortcode. This allows plugins to coexist. Note that in order to disable Photonic, you will need to remove all instances of this custom shortcode. This is not necessary if you are using the gallery shortcode.When using Photonic with Gutenberg, shortcodes are not generated, but blocks are created. If some of your posts were created using Gutenberg and some were not, Photonic will support both scenarios.


    Meow Lightbox

    It is a responsive minimalist lightbox made for photographers and displaying EXIF information. This lightbox is optimized and designed to be fast and beautiful. See Meow Lightbox for more information. Responsive layout. It looks great on mobile phones, tablets, and large screens. Responsive image. The image resolution itself adapts to the screen and device. Displays image / EXIF information. Exposure, aperture, camera, lens.


    Responsive Lightbox

    Responsive Lightbox is a free WordPress lightbox plugin that allows users to add lightboxes to their website. Choose from 7 different Responsive Lightbox scenarios and choose the option that works best for you. Optimized for all screen sizes, this plugin allows users to easily view large versions of images and galleries in pop-ups or lightbox layouts.
    The Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin includes many customization options for each gallery and lightbox style that you can customize for your site.


    ModuloBox – NextGen Lightbox

    Modulobox is compatible with the most popular gallery plugins. You can open your favorite gallery and Woocommerce product gallery in the module box.
    Thanks to the powerful and intuitive option panel, you can easily change your lightbox with amazing advanced features. Modulobox is the only lightbox that brings all these possibilities together with a unique plugin.


    Simple Lightbox

    Simple Lightbox is a very simple and highly customizable lightbox plugin. Many people like it for free because it is a quick and easy way to provide a lightbox-style gallery for people’s pages and posts. You can also easily edit the settings using various customization options. Optimized for mobile devices, it can be adjusted to fit any screen size. Lightboxes can also be customized to suit your website theme.
    With a simple lightbox, you can include a lightbox on almost any page, post, widget, menu, category, tag, home page, and more. You can display images individually or as a slide show, and set transitions and animations. Slide show. ‘Speed, overlay opacity, etc.


    Divi Lightbox

    If the DiVi Gallery setting is activated in the DiVi Options menu, the DiVi theme and developer will use their own lightbox script to open the model window when the user clicks on the image from the gallery. This script is not available for individual LinkedIn images.
    The purpose of this plugin is to avoid installing another plugin to achieve a lightbox effect even for individual images. The goal is to achieve better results and reduce the need to install more plugins, rather than using scripts that are already installed and misused.
    The DiVi Lightbox plugin for self-linking individual images loads lightbox scripts into captions to improve optimization and performance.


    FooBox Image Lightbox

    FooBox Image Lightbox is another great WordPress lightbox plugin that allows you to add creative and innovative lightbox popups to your website. With a responsive and visually stunning effect, the lightbox with this plugin will grab attention. Not only that, but you can also customize each element to match the theme’s interface.
    This plugin rearranges button controls to look good in both landscape and portrait orientation. You can also scale the image independently to make the content look beautiful on your mobile screen. This plugin gives you some control over the content and pages that include the plugin element. If you don’t need the lightbox effect, you can turn it off. There is a new metabox feature that comes with the Foobox plugin.


    WP Featherlight

    This is the simplest plugin I’ve seen. It is a jQuery plugin and is very lightweight. All he needs to do to get it working is to install. At the center is WP Featherlight, a WordPress plugin wrapper for the Featherlight jQuery lightbox plugin. After installing the plugin, all standard WordPress images and galleries are automatically displayed in a simple, minimalistic pop-up window.
    But there’s one more thing you have to do, it’s just a few seconds. See the Media File option every time you load an image or gallery. This is the only requirement to activate the lightbox. In fact, it displays a nice large lightbox and your image looks good on it.


    WP Video Lightbox

    WP Video Lightbox is a popular WordPress plugin for adding a simple video lightbox to your website.. Not only images but also videos can be displayed in the light box. And the free plugins are incredibly beginner-friendly. This plugin, which allows users to easily embed videos on pages and posts, is the perfect lightbox plugin you can find there. Easily view images, content, Flash, YouTube and Vimeo files in a responsive and attractive lightbox.
    You can customize all elements such as size, extension, width and height. In addition to this, the plugin has full control over the opacity as well as the speed of the animation. You can easily create any type of lightbox popup, much like a premium plugin.


    ARI Fancy Lightbox

    The ARI Fancy Lightbox plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to display different types of content in their lightbox. The plug-in is flexible enough to display your content comfortably from desktop to mobile.
    Use the Fancybox popup to add a lightbox effect to your WordPress site. Images, Photos from Native WordPress, NextGEN, FooGallery, Justified Image Grid, Jetpack Gallery, YouTube Videos, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine, Metacafe Services, PDFs, Google Maps Links, Embedded Content, Lightbox External Pages.
    This plugin is very easy to use, you just need to install and select the images you want to use in your lightbox effects, no tweaking of code or anything else.


    Gallery Blocks with Lightbox

    SimpLy Gallery Blocks is an easy-to-use and easy-to-use gallery plugin with a list of advanced options for creating responsive image, video and audio galleries.
    SimpLy Lightbox plugin makes it easy to display all related images from posts or pages in a custom lightbox. Each post or page can have its own lightbox settings.


    Easy FancyBox

    Easy Fancybox does exactly what its name suggests, so you can easily add a lightbox to WordPress. You will have everything you need to create a WordPress lightbox without any problems.
    This plugin does not collect data and does not set browser cookies. However, the PRO version has the option to disable automatic pop-ups that require browser cookies after the first visit. This cookie stores the time stamp and path of the first client-side website visit. It is not publicly available and no data is stored on the server or elsewhere.


    Gallery Lightbox

    WordPress supports image galleries without using plugins. WordPress’s own image gallery is displayed as a grid of image thumbnails. This plugin is useful not only for moving users away from the page, but also for letting grid thumbnails display large versions of images in lightbox mode over content.
    We also have the best image carousel plugin that can turn a standard WordPress gallery into a great image carousel.


    Image and Video Lightbox

    Image and Video Lightbox is a highly customizable plugin for displaying media in WordPress lightbox style pop-ups. It also has its own admin panel so you can see all your settings at a glance.Full-featured lightbox plugin Convenient admin panel and ease of use, tested on all modern browsers. Lightboxes for images and videos. Overlay transparency Loading Ability to load thumbnails Ability to show / hide control buttons for content or external content Ability to set background color and line height of control buttons Ability to change / load all control buttons Function to show / hide information panel.


    WP Lightbox by Huge-IT

    WP Lightbox by Huge-IT is a great plugin with a user-friendly control panel. You can also add lightboxes to more than just images. It also works for embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos.
    Characteristic. 12 types of lightbox popups, add watermarks to images when opened in popup, image click statistics and much more.


    carousel slider with lightbox

    This is a great slider for a responsive video gallery with a responsive lightbox for your WordPress blog or website. How many videos can admins manage with the gallery slider? Administrators can add, edit and delete videos. The administrator can set the title of the video in the lightbox. Before adding a gallery to WordPress, admins can preview the video gallery. Administrator can set height and slider video image width. Administrators can also set the slider a speed, the number of videos displayed on the video slider, and a circular slider. Your administrator can set whether to slide the image with the left arrow, the right arrow, or the auto-slider. This version only supports YouTube and Dailymotion.


    Divi Lightbox for Jetpack

    This plugin adds Div’s integrated lightbox effect to Jetpack tiles gallery and images that do not have the DiVi image module installed but are linked to media files via “Add Media”. This is a very light plugin that has almost no effect on page loading.


    jQuery Colorbox

    jQuery Colorbox, you can choose from 11 themes: Lightbox / Colorbox plugins for your site. This add-on has 11 different themes, ready to use in your WordPress gallery or NexGen gallery. You can easily view all images in a lightbox or colorbox message or page by clicking the thumbnail associated with the image.You can also display a group of images as a slide show in a lightbox or colorbox, rather than as separate subjects. To remove certain images from your site from lightbox or colorboxes, you’ll need to add a special CSS class to the excluded items. The JQuery Colorbox plug-in comes with many different language options to help you translate the content of the plug-in and make your site accessible to people around the world.


    Lightbox CSS3

    The Lightbox CSS3 WordPress plug-in is actually highly valued, despite having a much smaller number of users compared to other similar plug-ins. However, the Lightbox CSS3 plugin is a great choice because it is very powerful and works independently of JQuery and JavaScript, so it is very fast and only uses CSS3’s own features. This plugin is more reliable than other plugins that rely on the JavaScript library and run faster and faster on mobile devices.
    The plugin analyzes all the images in the blog post and creates a specific class for those images that are called from intelligent and complex CSS files. These CSS entries can open images.A great looking scoreboard.


    WP jQuery Lightbox

    With this add-on, you can keep the great features of Lightbox 2, but with the distribution of most of the Prototype Framework and Scriptaculous Effects Library.
    This particular plugin is a great and easy alternative to other more sophisticated lightbox plugin options. Compared to other similar plugins, it has minimal scripting and lighter functionality, making it faster and faster to run. This plug-in comes with ready-to-translate files, so if you want to use your site in another language or need it, you can easily use the WP jQuery Lightbox plug-in. There is also an admin panel that you can configure to suit your needs.


    In Conclusion

    Many websites created with WordPress require lightbox features. In addition, lightbox plugins should not only be attractive, they should be easy to use even for novice WordPress users.
    You want to integrate not only images, but also newsletter supplements and emails. Please use the “lightbox” for addresses and forms. An innovative and innovative way to make your website more perfect. Lightbox has taken over the usual way of displaying media files. I hope you guys have created an amazing lightbox addon with a list of amazing WordPress lightbox plugins.

    Try and test some of these add-ons to find the one that best suits your specific needs. Are there any great plugins you would like to see? Let us know in the comments.

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