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Some Things About Kingged

  developed by Kingsley is a content curation site. The content of this niche is Kingged. Place your home page, scroll down to target. ‘Kingg’ assistant, targeted blog posts to your fellow Kingg user to vote. Read the post. both on and take a full share in the fashion you comment on.

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    You and your fellow blogger got the message and to create unique content for your site similar material left in the blog post that comment.


    Some Things About Kingged

    Kingged Internet marketing is a site to share content. This SEO, marketing, etc. to share articles on various topics is a community of bloggers and marketers Kingged Marketing is a site to share content. With links and short pieces of content are shared and registered users can vote, or “king” of all content. In addition to content sharing, collaboration platform users, follow other users, etc., can leave comments as provides excellent networking possibilities

    Based on the number of kings that content usually with links back to the original blog or website is included. After signing up for the newsletter are no instructions on the web site *, guidelines are sent to customers. Here the most important guidelines / laws are some:

    – Kingged to join and share content do not start right away. It’s a good idea to first spend some time getting to know how things work, how others share content, how others engage with shared content, what types of content should be shared, etc. Read other posts shared here, visit the original blogs,
    , leave valuable comments, etc.

    Sharing content rules
    – New content that is only shared (days or a few weeks old)
    – The original location of that content is dated
    – Only share Blogging, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO content that is related to, and of other similar niches
    – Once for the same or different types, one day share a lot of articles on
    -, Completely or promotional materials that share the post if your products / services or to promote affiliate offers
    – / Copy each word in a blog post, please do not paste

    Commenting Rules
    – Avoid spam comments. We moderate all comments live test team. If you spam it will be detected, deleted and your account suspended or even more likely to be banned altogether.
    – Avoid the comments of a liner. Restricted or even delete such comments, and daily cash price will be entered to win.
    – Avoid comments, a liner type “modified”. Such comments by adding a couple more words that are modified are one-liners.
    – Do not add any value to the interaction Avoid the comments. We disavow or even completely delete such comments.

    Friendship rules
    – Register and friendship with each member do not start the application.
    – Register and many of the members do not start sending lots of PMs

    How To Register

    Create an account for the “Register” button use.

    How To RegisterYou will need to provide the following information:

    Kingged 2

    In the beginning you will not be allowed to include any material, before you spend some time on the website, kingg or unkingg, commenting, etc.

    Share An Article

    And a link to submit your URL by including additional information about add content to Kingged. Once you log into your account, please use the button “share an article”.

    Share An ArticleYou should include:

    – Post title

    – Post URL

    – Post

    – Tags

    – Select a Category

    It will be published after being approved “Post it!” Click on your message.



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