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Top 48 Best IT Companies In Chennai

    This list contains the most popular IT Companies in Chennai, for freshers.

    Chennai, commonly called the “Gateway of South India”, is India’s largest metropolis. Chennai is an Indian city that celebrates art, culture, heritage and beauty. The city also has a lot of potential for young India. Chennai is the next Indian IT hub, according to aspiring IT professionals.

    Top 48 Best IT Companies In Chennai

    Chennai is now second in India for IT Companies, after Bangalore. Chennai has overtaken Hyderabad as the Indian hub for IT and software development.


    In recent years, IT giants from all walks of the IT industry have made Chennai their home. Remember that Chennai is Asia’s Detroit when it comes the automobile industry.

    These IT companies are available to students who live in Chennai. This is why we wrote this blog.

    1. Accel Frontline Ltd

    Accel Frontline Limited, an Indian business based out of Chennai, India. It is a subsidiary company of CAC Holdings, which is located in Tokyo, Japan.  Accel Frontline Ltd was founded in 1991. It deals with some the fastest-growing innovations in the Software Industries like IoT, cloud computing, and product engineering.  Accel Frontline Ltd has over 100 offices in India and a presence in all major countries.

    2. Accenture

    Accenture is a pioneer when it comes to multi-professional IT service like strategy, innovation and digital aspect. It was founded by Accenture in 1989. It is headquartered at Dublin Ireland. Accenture is an IT Company that excels in Chennai. It is managed and run by David Rowland (CEO). There are many offices throughout India, including Chennai.

    3. Adrenalin eSystems

    Adrenalin eSystems was founded in 2002. It is based at Chennai in Tamil Nadu. They offer solutions in various industries through their expertise in automation domain knowledge and cloud solutions. They have 6 offices in India and 3 offices around the world. Adrenalin eSystem ranks as one of the leading Software technology firms.

    4. The Advisory Board Company

    Another IT Company based in Chennai, Advisory Board has a reputation for excellence, particularly in the areas of technology, research, and healthcare. The Advisory Board is a prominent name in healthcare and was founded by David G.Bradley on September 12, 1979. They are based out of Chennai, but have their headquarter in Washington DC.

    5. BirlaSoft

    BirlaSoft is part of the CK Birla Group’s Indian conglomerates. It was established in 1970 by Seth Shiv Narayan Birla. It is headquartered at New Delhi. The company is involved with domain enterprise as well as digital technologies. Birlasoft employs 10,000 engineers who work towards building sustainable communities. It is located in almost every major Indian city, including Chennai.

    6. Capgemini

    Capgemini, which is also a major in the Software Industry and has its Paris headquarters, is another French company. It employs more 200,00 people in 40 countries. Its CEO is Paul Herman. They are primarily involved in IT solutions such consulting, outsourcing, and other professional services.

    7. Cognizant

    Cognizant, a multinational American corporation, is one the largest IT companies in Chennai. They specialize in IT services, digital aspect, and other services. Brian Humphries, its current CEO, founded the company in 1994 by Mr. Kumar Mahadeva. It is located in Teaneck New Jersey USA.

    8. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

    Computer Sciences Corporation (American multinational Cooperation) provides IT and other professional services. It merged to HP enterprise, creating another company, i.e. DXC Technology. The company is involved in IT transformations through digital solutions. It is a Fortune 500 Company and is even included in the S & P 500 Index. It was established in 1959 and is headquartered at Tyson Corners, Virginia.

    9. Hexaware Technologies Private Limited

    Hexaware technologies Private Limited is a leader in IT and a fastest-growing outsourcing company. It is based in Navi Mumbai, India. It was founded by Mr. Atul Chakra Nishar in 1990.


    HCL is a multinational Indian company headquartered in Noida Uttarpradesh. Shiv Nadar was the founder of the Company. It has over 18 offices in Chennai. HCL was established in 1976. With offices located all around the world, HCL is one of the top IT companies in Chennai.

    11. Infinite Computer Solutions

    This company was established in 1999. The head office is in Bangalore in Karnataka. Infinite Computer Solutions has one of the few multinational software companies that uses healthcare technology. Infinite IT solutions is one of Chennai’s top IT companies. They provide services in major verticals such as business technology solutions, mobility, messaging, and product engineering. It has major offices throughout India, and has a global presence across 9 countries.

    12. Infosys

    Infosys is a leading global IT company. The Indian multinational company provides IT and outsourcing services. It is located in Bangalore India. Forbes listed it as one of the top-ranked businesses and it is also ranked A+ in terms revenue. Narayana Murthy, a 1981 founder, founded the company.

    13. Larsen & Toubro Infotech

    L&T has been a global leader in IT services, solutions, and products. It was founded 1997, and its headquarters are located in Mumbai in India. A M Naik leads it at the moment. Their services focus mainly on digital automation solutions, IT Service Management, and Consulting. They are represented in more than 39 offices in thirty countries.

    14. Lister Technologies

    Lister technologies was founded in 2000. They have offices located in Bangalore and San Francisco. They focus on technology execution, digital and KPO. It is one of the top oracle marketing cloud partners.

    15. Logica

    Logica is an IT management company based in Reading. The company was established in 1969. It offers business solutions, such as outsourcing, application, infrastructure and consulting. The company has 5 locations in India. It is also present in 5 cities in India.

    16. Tech Mahindra

    It is an India IT company, headquartered in Pune Maharashtra. It offers a range services including new innovations technology and client-centric solutions.  Tech Mahindra was established by Anand Mahindra in 1987.

    17. MindTree

    Indian IT outsourcing and consulting company located in Bangalore, India and New Jersey USA. It was founded in 1999. The company specializes in digital transformation, services, and more specifically software and digital services. They have 43 offices around the world and can provide solutions for clients worldwide 2000 Forbes.

    18. Oracle

    Redwood Shores in California is the home of Oracle, a multinational company that has been around for a while. They are a distributor of database software technology, enterprise software products, and cloud engineered system. Larry Ellison created it in 1977. It has become a trusted brand worldwide, catering to the needs of one billion people.

    19. Redington Limited (India)

    It was founded by Reddington in 1961. The company is headquartered at Chennai. Reddington works in the field of new-age technologies such as big data analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. The company has over 200 partnerships with leading brands and operates 80+ offices all around the world. R Jayachandran, Mr. R.Srinivasan, and R Jayachandran are the founders. Chennai is India’s sole workstation.

    20. Sasken technologies

    Sasken technologies is one the Indian technology and IT companies. Its key areas of expertise include digital transformation, IoT. AI, V2X. Blockchain, 5g. And ML, which is one the most in-demand technologies in IT. They have over 30 years experience in IT and are currently serving more than 100 fortune companies. Their 500+ projects have been completed. In addition to having billions of products and 70+ patents, this makes them one the top-ranking and most innovative technology companies in India. It was established in 1989. Today, it employs more than 2000 people. They have four main offices in India.

    21. Syntel

    This multinational company is focused on R&D, engineering, and business services. Mr. Troy Michigan and is headquartered Bezels, France. It is currently headed by Mr. Rakesh Kanna, a founder in 1980.

    22. Tata Consultancy Services

    These two prominent names, Tata Sons (F C Kohli) founded it in 1968.

    Indian multinational company that provides IT and consulting services. The company is headquartered in Mumbai (Maharashtra). It is an expansion to the TATA Group. Their unique approach to providing service to clients involves both business and tech intelligence. Forbes ranks them among the world’s most innovative businesses. They are innovators and market leaders in their field.

    23. ThoughtWorks

    It is one among the leading private IT companies, having 42 offices in 15 different countries. Its main business is in the areas of IT software, design tools and services. It is headquartered at Chicago, US and was established by Neville Roy Singham. They employ more then 6000 people in the world.

    24. Verizon Data Services

    It is a multinational American company that was founded in 1983. It is the 2nd largest US company as a wireless communication provider. They offer wireless solutions to residents, as well services for other companies.

    25. UST Global

    UST Global, one of India’s top IT companies, is a prime example. Its founder is Stephen Ross. Its headquarters are located in Aliso Viejo. It provides digital solutions and services.  UST Global was established in 1998. It has expertise in digital, healthcare, and consumer goods. Krishna Sudheendra serves as the current CEO.

    26. ZOHO Corporation

    Zoho Software Development Company is an Indian company. They are specialists in IT software and web business tools. Tony Thomas, Mr. Sridhar Venmbu, and Tony Thomas founded ZOHO. They currently employ more than 6000 people worldwide. They have seven offices worldwide and their global headquarters are in Chennai.

    27. KLA Tencor

    Capital equipment company located in California, US. This company was founded 1997. Richard Palace, the current CEO at KLA Tencor, is his name. They deal mostly with process control and yield management systems.

    28. Aspire Systems

    This company was established in 1996 and is a global leader in technology. Its key areas of expertise are product engineering, enterprise solution, testing, and IT Infrastructure support. Their offices can be found in many countries, including Singapore and the US. Chennai is the sole workstation in India. It is managed by CEO Gowri Shri Shankar Subramaniam.

    29. Nokia

    It is one of many multinational Finnish companies located in Espoo, Finland. They cater to the demand for telecommunications, IT, and consumer electronic products. Nokia was created in 1865. They have created many innovative android smartphones and have generated revenue of 22.56billion according to a survey done in 2018.

    30 PayPal India Pvt Ltd

    It is an American company with worldwide operations. It supports online money transfers and is considered a payment rail.  PayPal India Pvt Ltd was founded 1998 in San Jose, California. It is one the Fortune 500 companies, ranked 222 in 2018.

    31. Polaris – Virtusa

    It is an IT company that was established 1996 in Sri Lanka. The headquarters of the company are located in Southborough in Massachusetts. It offers IT consulting and system applications as well as outsourcing services to large software vendors and enterprises. There are two locations in India, one in Hyderabad and one in Chennai.

    32. Aricent

    It is a global engineering company that provides industrial solutions for global business as well as R&D services. They employ 10,000 people worldwide. Haryana is India’s main office, with Santa Clara in California being the Global headquarters.

    33. CSS Corp Pvt Ltd

    CSS Corp. provides IT services and solutions for digital technologies. It has over 6000 employees worldwide in 18 locations. Its headquarters is in California, US. Manish Tandon serves as the current CEO.

    34 HTC Global Services

    It is an IT BPO company based in Michigan, US. Madhav Reddy is the president and CEO of the company. They offer services. It was established in 1990. They specialize in cloud computing, agile ai and digital services. They are available to provide their services in a variety of industries, such as media, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, or media.

    35. Freshworks

    Frreshworks is an IT solutions and service-oriented company that was established in 2010. The founders are Girish Mathrubootham & Shan Krishnaswamy. Their products include Freshdesk. Fresh market, fresh sales team net, fresh service and fresh chat. We could go on. California, United States is where they have their headquarters.

    36 Sutherland Global Service Pvt Ltd

    It’s a transformation company that offers services such data analytics, financial service to the healthcare sector, digital transformation, and customer engagement. They have a presence in over 140 countries.

    37. Athenahealth

    It is a private American corporation that offers network-enabled solutions to 160,000 providers. Jonathan Bush is its founder. Their area of expertise is healthcare technology. It was founded 1997 in San Diego. It is headquartered in Watertown Massachusetts. They have five locations in India.

    38. Dell International

    Dell International was founded by Steve Dell in Texas, United States. It is a multinational US multinational company that develops and sells computers and other related products and services. It is one of the Fortune 500’s most recognizable companies. Dell International is founded by Michael Dell. They have more than 145,000 employees worldwide.


    39. HP Enterprise

    HP Enterprise is also known by the American multinational company HPE. It primarily deals with software-related services and computer hardware. They are well-known in India through multiple offices and computer shops. It was established by California-based computer shop and office workers in 2015.

    40 FIS Global

    Fidelity National Information Services, Inc., a global provider of financial, technology, as well as outgoing services, provides international services. FIS Global employs 52,000 worldwide, with its headquarters in Jackson Ville (Florida). It provides banking software, payment processing, and services as well as outsourcing of associated technology. It has more that 20,000 clients across 130 countries. FIS Global was created in 1968. Mr. Gary A Norcross is the current CEO.

    41. SocGen

    Societe General, or SocGen as it is also known, is a multinational french company providing financial and IT services to banks. They are able to offer different areas and verticals of banking. It was founded 1864 and has its headquarters in Paris, France. SocGen is one the most reputable IT companies in Chennai.

    42. OFS

    Optical Fibre Solutions was founded in 2001. The company is headquartered at Georgia, United States. It is an American multinational company in IT that deals with innovative solutions to fiber optic. They supply optic fiber and fiber cables to many industries such as healthcare, banking and IT.

    43. BNP Paribas

    This French multinational banking group offers banking solutions and services. It is a leader of technological solutions in banking and serves clients across the globe. It is currently present in 77 different countries. BNP Paribas was created in 2000 and has its headquarters in Paris France.

    44 Netaxis

    Netaxis, which was founded in 2000, has its headquarters at Chennai. It is one among the fastest-growing IT businesses. It is a new era in IT. They serve clients in several countries including the US and the UK. They assist clients in executing multiple projects, including DevOps.

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