Is The Project Pioneer Course a Scam? – Unbiased Review

Every business owner wants to sell their products. The question is: how do you get in customers’ hands? And what’s more: what’s the best way to deliver your goods and grow your eCommerce business? 

Project Pioneer is a relatively new dropshipping course, and one that promises to teach you everything you need to know to get started and scale up your online store. 

So, is it worth your time and money? Read on to find out!

What does Project Pioneer include?

The course includes more than 75 video tutorials that take you through each step of setting up and running your first online store from scratch. Throughout the training, you’ll be supported by the program’s founder, Connor Shelefontiuk, who will be available at all times to answer any questions you may have.

Project Pioneer’s aim is to lay out Connor’s blueprint for success, from start to finish. It comes with a full list of all the equipment and tools you’ll need to set up and run a successful dropship business. 

The course also covers topics like market research, inventory management, shipping logistics, customer service, product sourcing, branding, social media marketing, search optimization, and so much more.

Project Pioneer Course Description

Each module of the Project Pioneer program covers a specific topic relating to setting up and running your own dropshipping business. 

First, you’ll learn about everything involved in starting a store, including choosing a domain name and designing your logo. Next, you’ll discover how to design a website that can effectively market your products to customers. Finally, you’ll learn how to maximize your sales by implementing effective marketing strategies.

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to launch your online store and start profiting from the ease and convenience that droshopping affords. Check out this site for reviews and introductions to similar courses.

The following summary lists the 9 modules or sections included in the Project Pioneer course:

  • Part 1: Mindset
  • Part 2:  Everything you need to get started
  • Part 3: Identify & Take Action
  • Part 4: Testing
  • Part 5: Optimization
  • Part 6: Scaling
  • Part 7: Maintain & Replicate
  • Part 8: Email & SMS Marketing
  • Part 9: Bonus Module

How does Project Pioneer stack up against its competitors?

To sum up, what makes this course different from others?

Here are three aspects that, I think, set Project Pioneer apart from most other dropshipping courses.

1) A Comprehensive Blueprint For Success That Includes All Necessary Information

Unlike many other programs that offer only partial information or make assumptions based on previous experience, Connor provides a comprehensive roadmap for setting up and scaling an online store, and  takes you through every aspect of building a profitable brand-new store using his proven Pioneer Protocol method..

2) An Accessible Support System With Everything You Need To Succeed

You won’t have to worry about anything as long as you’re stuck somewhere along the line—whether you haven’t been able to connect with a supplier, don’t know what keywords to use when optimizing your site or just don’t understand something, Connor and his team are always willing to help in whatever way they can. And if you ever feel overwhelmed, or simply want to go back to basics and refresh your knowledge, Connor himself makes sure to provide all the necessary resources.

3) A Step-By-Step “Guidebook”

If you prefer watching videos over reading manuals, then this is definitely the right course for you.

Conner has created over 75 video lessons, each one covering one specific area of his Pioneer blueprint, so you just have to sit, listen and repeat. 

Who Should Try This Course?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own online store, regardless of whether they’ve had prior success selling online or not.

In addition to people who want to take things into their own hands and build a successful business themselves, this course is ideal for dropshipping veterans looking to scale up their existing stores with little effort .

Also, it’s designed specifically for beginner entrepreneurs who either have never tried to sell online before, or are interested in making the jump but lack the confidence needed to succeed.

Sum Up: Is Project Pioneer a Scam Course?

Project Pioneer isn’t a scam course, however, there is no denying that some people may find it difficult to follow. The reason behind this is twofold:

First, while Connor is very good at guiding you along the right path, he doesn’t try to give out answers at every step. This means that if you aren’t 100% certain about how to handle everything described in the course, you may spend hours wandering around without much progress. 

This is why it’s often said that the best advice is usually given in small doses—and if you read someone saying “do x” and then “don’t do y”, you’ll likely be confused so you end up skipping overdoing the thing altogether.

Second, the amount of content covered in the course is substantial. Connor covers topics ranging from FB Ads to email marketing to product sourcing and pricing, among many others. 

Obviously the more you learn, the better off you’ll be. But since the course also contains multiple steps and intermediate milestones, you’ll have to work hard to ensure that you master everything within your reach.

However, despite its flaws, most people say that if you know where to look, Project Pioneer is actually quite easy to follow. It’s really only complex when compared to other programs that focus solely on a single subject and offer no support whatsoever. 

So, if you’re determined to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true and you’re willing to put in the time it takes to get to the next level, then I’m pretty confident that Project Pioneer won’t let you down.

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