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innovation allows producers to

Innovation allows producers and consumers to create goods that grab their attention. You must adhere to all restrictions set by the government. Avoid competing with businesses similar to yours. All of their products come with warranties.

Producing with innovation is possible.

You should create products that are attractive to consumers. It is usually human instinct that a product attracts customers’ attention. This instinct will stimulate a person’s curiosity about trying something new or seeing if they haven’t tried it before.

Innovative products offer something new and different than existing products. The product will grab the consumer’s attention.

Innovation allows producers to


That draw consumer attention. Option (3)

Innovation in product development

Innovation refers to applying a new technique to solve an existing problem. It is an innovation when a new solution is found for a pre-existing problem. Innovation in product development is creating a new product to solve a problem. A product that solves a consumer problem would be appealing to the consumer. Its solution is unique and different from other solutions. The effect would be a hit with consumers.

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