Important Specifications You Need to Consider While Choosing an LMS

Almost every organization that considers online training for either employee has an LMS already or thought of having one. Learning management systems became a household name in the corporate space because of their amazing benefits like cost-efficiency and learner flexibility etc. 

Once you decide to opt for an LMS, you need to consider various factors to choose the best LMS within your budget. You need to have a clear-cut plan on how you want to implement the LMS in your training setup and what are the issues that your LMS is going to solve. Once you have complete clarity on these aspects, you are good to go. To help you better with the process of selecting the best LMS, we listed down some important specifications that you need to consider.

1)Intuitive user interface:

Features will play a substantial role in choosing an LMS but the other major thing you need to see is the user interface. Your learners shouldn’t find it difficult to use the tool, instead, they should find everything in the tool without much hassle. An intuitive user interface makes life easy for the learner as they access whichever content they want in the tool without the help of a technical team. The user experience is often the most ignored part but in reality, it plays a huge role in the outcome of your training. 


The LMS should be flexible enough to configure according to your requirements. For instance, users should still feel like they are on your website even though they are actually using the LMS. You should be able to configure the display to match your organization’s branding. Some other areas you want to configure are screen layouts, user profile data, notifications, and permissions, etc.


Through integrations like single sign-on, users can access different websites and other applications using the same credentials. You should choose an LMS that integrates with other technologies easily so that you can quickly transfer the data back and forth. Check whether your LMS integrates with some of the important technologies like CRM and AMS etc. 

3)SCORM compliance:

If your LMS is SCORM compliant, you can easily upgrade the content and integrate the LMS with other vendors to suit your learning needs. With SCORM compliancy, you can reuse the content across multiple platforms with plug-and-play functionality. Thus, you don’t need to create the content again and again. SCORM is also used to track the data of the users which is a key parameter to know the progress. So, ensure your LMS is SCORM compliant.


If you can deliver your training content in a mobile version along with desktops, then it offers more flexibility to the learners. Learners can access the content on their way home or anytime they cannot access a laptop. But ensure you develop the content that is mobile-friendly like short bullet points instead of a big paragraph and a few minor changes like these are a must. Thus, ensure the content provides multi-device accessibility.

5)Flexible reporting:

To properly gauge the effectiveness of your training program, you need flexible reporting and analytics that help to do the job. Customizable reports and visual representation of learner data is an important metric to create better training plans and make necessary changes in the current one. To make the course more effective, reporting and analytics are must-have specifications of an LMS.


You don’t want to regret it after paying for the LMS, so research the specifications and your needs to choose the appropriate LMS. Many LMS vendors offer a free trial to let you experience the look and feel of the software. This will help you make a better decision in choosing the tool. We hope this article helps you choose the LMS with all the important specifications you need.

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