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Important Reasons Why You Must Use Encrypted Notes

    How safe is your message when you send it using online communication channels? Not so much. Statistically, there are over 2,200 cyber-attacks daily. These attacks target different areas, and messages, especially confidential ones, are among them. Therefore, you need web service providers that encrypt your message into a private note. Below are the important reasons why you must use such service providers. 


    Web-based service providers that encrypt the messages are secure. Firstly, the platforms use industry-standard encryption to protect the website. The notes you type on the platform are secure too. The notes can only be accessible to you or the recipient at any given time. In addition, reputable platforms offering these services allow you to generate a decryption key, which your recipient can use to decrypt the message. Lastly, the platforms don’t store your messages hence enhanced security. 


    Regarding cookies, reputable ones have functional and functional cookies that serve different purposes. These platforms acknowledge the need for privacy and don’t log your IP address. Instead, they process it for communication with their servers and discard it immediately after use. The functional cookies keep your session in the preferred language and enable a link hiding mechanism. You must enable them when using the website and delete them when done. As for the non-functional, they are used for marketing but don’t contain your private information.  


    Using encrypted notes comes with unmatched confidentiality. The encryption makes your message confidential; even the administrators can’t access it. The message self-destructs after the recipient has read it. You have an option of setting the time for destruction, although some platforms do it automatically. And should you err when typing your recipient’s address, you can open the generated link in a different browser. Doing so will render the message inaccessible since you have read it. 

    Ease of Use

    The platforms encrypting the messages into notes are easy to use, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. You can use most of these service providers without creating an account. You search it online and click the link to open a page where you can type your message. The platform automatically generates the link, which you will copy and paste into your communication channel of choice. You don’t have to tweak any setting unless you have to, which is straightforward due to the simplicity of the user interface. 


    The cost of using these platforms is also another reason why you must encrypt your messages on them. Most reputable ones operate on a freemium basis. You can use it for free for some period and then pay once you have determined its efficiency. The packages offered by the web service providers are also comparatively cheaper than buying encryption tools. And with the benefits of these encryptions, it’s safe to say that you will get the services at a bargain. 

    Sending messages online is no longer safe, especially confidential ones. Cybercriminals target such messages and use them for blackmail or sell them to the highest bidder. Therefore, you must use web service providers that can encrypt your message into a private note and generate a link. The link generated can only be accessible to you or your recipient. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the benefits you have read here.

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