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How VPNs Are Keeping Your Work-From-Home Experience Secure

    As COVID-19 spread across the U.S., shelter-in-place orders sent most employees home to work remotely – a shift almost 57% of American workers are now experiencing due to their employers offering flex or remote options. An overwhelming majority, 62%, have already adapted and embraced this new way of working from home during the crisis; three out of five even favor keeping it as much as possible post-pandemic! However, with all these changes come potential dangers malicious actors can exploit if not accounted for properly when transitioning away from office settings into virtual ones. For this reason, every employee should know how VPN works for working from home and be able to use it.

    How does a VPN help you stay secure when working from home?

    In a world where online activity and personal data are constantly vulnerable to prying eyes, VPNs offer an essential layer of security for all internet users. By creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet, it’s like shutting out any unwelcome visitors from being able to see inside – much like drawing curtains or lowering blinds in real life! Through this secure doorway, you’re free to work, communicate and browse without fear of having someone gaining access to confidential information. Get yourself connected with a VPN today so that you can enjoy freedom knowing your privacy is secured at all times!

    Why use a VPN for remote work?

    #1 Secure connection

    So how can you protect yourself against online snoopers? By using a VPN! None of your communication – be it emails or passwords – is accessible to eavesdroppers unless they have specific decryption keys. This helps prevent unwanted third parties from accessing sensitive information without authorization. Consider Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing expose on US National Security Agency spying programs – evident proof that unencrypted networks carry serious security risks!

    #2 VPNs are cheaper than commuting

    Are the costs of commuting to work getting you down? Stress no more and stay home – working remotely might be your most cost-effective option! By connecting directly through a secure VPN connection, not only can you save money on trips every day, but electricity costs as well. And if your IT department has configured it from your computer itself? You have hit the jackpot with ultimate savings! Don’t worry about tie or makeup prepping either – that’s one less thing for those early mornings in bed.

    #3 Productivity is increased

    Doing work from any environment outside of a traditional office can be incredibly beneficial for productivity, but it is important to ensure that your connection remains secure and private. To do this all you need to do is enable the VPN client – taking one extra step will help maximize efficiency!

    #4 Protection when using public Wi-Fi

    For remote work, freelancers often take advantage of free Wi-Fi hotspots offered in public areas. While this is a great way to get online without data roaming charges or monthly bills, it’s important to consider the potential risks that may come with connecting on unsecured networks. Malicious hackers can create fake wireless networks which capture any transmitted information and passwords while connected! Stay safe by researching secure network protocols before logging into those tempting offers of ‘free internet’.

    #5 Access to blocked websites

    If you’re a remote worker, using a VPN connection can be your secret weapon for accessing content that would otherwise remain geo-restricted. It’s an easy way to get around potential roadblocks without having the hassle of constantly asking permission from IT departments or going through long, winding processes!

    #6 Protects your browser history 

    Maintaining a professional atmosphere at the office is essential, and setting appropriate boundaries can ensure your success in any workspace. If you need to conduct business online during work hours, it’s smart to be aware of potential red flags that could arise from browsing certain websites. Make sure you are familiar with company policies when using their network so as not to surprise anyone who may check up on your browser history–it pays off!

    #7 Flexibility

    For anyone who loves the flexibility of working from different places, public Wi-Fi spots like malls and coffee shops offer unlimited possibilities. With a change in the environment comes creative stimulation – but that freedom also brings risks such as data breaches, malware attacks, and information theft. To keep us safe online while still getting to enjoy changes in scenery whenever we please — never forget to take security precautions when using open networks!

    Which VPN Should You Use?

    The choice of VPN is so huge that making the right decision is a challenge. To make this process easier for you, take a closer look at VeePN Mac from a well-known developer. It is a high-end VPN with thousands of available servers, strong encryption, kill switch technology, and a no-logs policy. VeePN has everything you need to be secure without slowing down your connection. If VeePN downloads, Internet speed can even be accelerated due to traffic compression technology before being sent to the user. Another plus is the free trial version. There is simply no reason for you not to use this VPN.


    Using a VPN is the safest and most cost-effective way to protect your data while working remotely. It ensures secure connections, provides access to restricted content, and facilitates productivity. VeePN is an excellent choice of VPN that will help ensure your privacy no matter where you are located. Try it today for free and enjoy maximum protection!

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