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how to view watch history on tiktok

    TikTok popularity has soared in recent years, and it’s not hard to see how. TikTok has over 1 billion active monthly users and received a lot from content creators worldwide. Sometimes we forget to refresh the TikTok feed when watching a video. Then boom! The video is gone, and you now have a new set on the page.

    How can you find the video you’re looking for? How do I find the TikTok TikTok video I didn’t enjoy?

    TikTok has no “Watch History,” so you won’t be able to see the most recent TikToks.

    If you enjoyed these videos, you will find them in the “liked videos” section. But what if the video still needs to be completed, and you want to leave it unsolicited? How can you find it again?

    We can help you if that has ever happened!

    You’ll learn how to view TikTok’s watch history in this article. Also, you can quickly find the TikTok video you’ve seen.

    How to See Your Watch History on TikTok in the Android App

    The TikTok Android App is very similar to its iOS counterpart. To see your watch histories, you need to request TikTok data. This can take up to 24hrs.

    Here are the steps to download your TikTok data from Android and view your HistoryHistory.

    Open the “TikTok” app, and go to your profile.

    Tap the “three lines” at the top-right corner.

    Select “Settings & Privacy”

    Tap on “Privacy.”

    Choose “Personalization, data.”

    Select “Download your data.”

    Tap the “Request data” button.

    A message will inform you that your request is being processed. Tap on the “Download Data” tab to view the current status. To save your TikTok data, choose “Download” once the file has been downloaded.

    Once you’ve downloaded the file, it can be accessed in “My Files” and “Files.”

    Multiple text files can be found in the zip archive. Choose “Video Browsing History.” You will see all the videos with each date, time, and link. Copy the links and copy them to your browser.

    How to search for TikToks you have recently viewed.

    After trying all the above techniques, here’s another way to help the most lost TikToks. However, you need to know enough about what you saw to type in the search bar. Even if you don’t recall any, it’s probably not much.

    First, click the search icon (a magnifying glass) in the upper-right corner of your screen. After that, enter the relevant keywords and hit Search. Next, click the Watched icon just above your first row of videos. This will update your search results to display any videos you’ve seen. If you don’t see this option, along with All, Recently uploaded, and Unwatched, make sure you’re in the top tab. They will only show up if you are in these other tabs. TikTok could not have registered that you watched a related video to your search terms. Or it might have passed more than 180 days ago.

    Similar to your watch history, the Watched filter will display TikToks in recent searches. They will also auto-play as thumbnails when you look through the results. This means that you have to dig deeper for each Search.

    TikTok Watch History: How do you enable and view it?

    TikTok has seen a rise in popularity as a video-sharing application. TikTok lets you view the HistoryHistory for all of your videos. This can be useful if a particular video is important to you or you want to see the HistoryHistory of videos you’ve seen in the past. Follow these steps to access and view your TikTok watch log history:

    Open TikTok by tapping on the menu icon located in the upper-right corner. Next, select Privacy and Settings.

    Tap on Watch History under the “Settings, Privacy” section. The page will show you the video you’ve watched in the last seven days.

    Keep an eye on HistoryHistory.

    Now, tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner. Two options are available: enable/disable watch history or clear it.

    TikTok Watch History is Missing

    The TikTok watch log history has been removed from this app. Many users were confused and frustrated when the feature was removed. TikTok did not comment on the issue, but this feature was likely drawn to resolve the TikTok application taking up too much space on users’ phones.

    When TikTok solves the storage issue, this feature will likely be restored to the app. You can view your watch logs using one of these alternate methods.

    You are now done. Let’s see how to remove a TikTok post and turn off dark mode in TikTok.

    Can I delete videos that are part of my Watch History history?

    You can remove videos from your Watch History History anytime by going to the Watch History settings.

    1. Navigate to the page of your watch history as outlined above.

    2. Tap on Select at the top-right corner.

    3. Select the videos you wish to delete and click the red “Delete” button.


    Tap on the Select All button to delete all your videos.

    Can I download old TikTok videos?

    You can download old TikTok video clips, but the TikTok watermark will protect them. You will find all of your TikTok video recordings under your profile. Tap on one of them, and then tap the three horizontal dots icon. Next, you can tap the “Save Video” option in the lower left corner. Your video will now be saved on your phone.

    How can I find out who has seen my TikTok accounts?

    To verify who viewed your TikTok Account, open the TikTok application > Go to profile > Click on the single eye icon.


    You may occasionally find a video on the “For You” page that stands out amongst the rest.

    It is difficult to recover if you have forgotten to like it or accidentally refreshed your “For You.”

    TikTok users can request a copy of their data.

    The data file will allow you to view your video browsing history and locate the video you have viewed.

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