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How to Use the Calendly Browser Extension

    Calendly introduces a new extension for its browser that makes it much easier for organizations to organize their meetings via the Internet. The tool was created to help users plan and modify meeting times without switching between multiple applications. This can result in significant productivity loss at work today.

    The new extension from Calendly aims to help users cut back on the time wasted by allowing users to manage all of their meeting needs in one location, right through their web browser.

    This extension is growing in popularity with major corporations such as DocuSign and CI Assante Wealth Management. The company claims they have expressed appreciation for its ability to simplify processes and reduce time. Gabriele Borges de Souza of DocuSign has said it allows them to set up follow-up meetings or modify scheduled appointments immediately, eliminating the need to create extra emails and saving precious time.

    How to Enable Calendly Extension for Google Calendar

    You can sync Google Calendar with Calendly and organize your Calendar from one central location. Learn how.

    Go to the Chrome web store and browse for the Calendly extension.

    Click on Add Extension.

    Sign in now to the Calendly application together with your Google account.

    Clickk the profile icon in the top right corner on the screen’s right side.

    Choose Calendar Synchronize from the dropdown menu.

    Then, select Add Calendars.

    In the end, choose Connect to transfer many calendars.

    Calendly Delivers New Web Browser Extension to Enhance Meeting Workflows

    By together Calendly’s web extensions available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, as well as a comparable extension for Outlook users, they get access to several advantages:

    View all meetings together for quick accessibility: The updated Meetings tab allows customers to decide whether to participate in the live event, cancel it, or change the date of meetings booked through Calendly.

    Contact details and meeting history: Members can attend each meeting with prepared contacts and notes from the past in the extension.

    Create meetings on behalf of the team members to facilitate collaboration. Customers can either share a team member’s schedule link or even book directly on their behalf after they’ve been given editing or viewing access.

    Continue to build momentum by booking meetings at present. Meetings can be booked instantly through the extension to keep conversations and relationships in motion.

    Set priorities for meetings that have an impact. In the coming quarter, customers can add meetings on top of existing ones so that only the most crucial conversations are planned.

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