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how to turn off active status on snapchat

    In the last few days, there’s been an orange dot beside Snapchat’s names Snapchatters on the Add Friends section. The new Snapchat feature has received mixed reactions from Snapchat users. Some are pleased, but some are worried about privacy and want to disable Active Status on Snapchat. Therefore, I will tell you how to switch off the Snapchat active status in this post.

    It is the latest feature that is new to Snapchat. This isn’t the first time people have been enthralled or annoyed with a brand-new Snapchat feature. Snapchat has been prone to changing its features or adding unneeded options. Snapchat recently introduced the red dot for notifications and moved the location of the Snapchat Back Button.

    Now, without further delay, let’s dive into the post and discover how to turn off the Snapchat activity indicators. So why wait? Let’s begin!

    What exactly is Snapchat Activity Indicator?

    Snapchat activity indicators are a newly released feature that allows users to know whether they are actively using Snapchat or not. It’s displayed with a green dot in the user’s avatar. The feature does not mean you will be able to see the last time you visited your profile but rather show that the user’s profile is regularly used and has been active with Snapchat in the last few days. It is possible to see this feature in your “Add Friends” section in the “Added Me” or “Quick Add” section.

    Furthermore, Snapchat tends to notify users of the number of suggestions that have been active in the last 24 hours. The feature has received mixed reviews as it permits other users to view the status of Snapchat, which can cause discomfort for users. Hence, there is also a desire to be out of the feature. Since its introduction, the feature has been enabled by default, which can confuse users, too. Therefore, if you’d like to find out how to remove the Snapchat activity indicators, follow the instructions below.

    Does Snapchat display your friends’ online status?

    No. As with other platforms for social media, there’s no indication of your current status on Snapchat. Therefore, if you’re using Snapchat or looking at your friends’ stories, you need help finding an obvious way of indicating whether you’re active since there’s no green icon in front of your name or photo of your profile.

    Due to this, it is impossible to tell how many of your Snapchat buddies are using Snapchat. Although there is no method of determining if a person is on Snapchat, there are invisible indicators you can check to see if a user is making use of Snapchat or not, which we’ll be discussing below.

    How to disable or disable the Last Seen the Active Status of Snapchat

    For a way to turn off the Last Seen or Active status on Snapchat, take these steps:

    You can access the Snapchat settings: Start the Snapchat application on your device and sign in to your Snapchat account.
    Access the privacy settings by tapping the icon for your profile or Bitmoji situated on the upper-left edge of the screen. This will navigate to the profile page. After that, tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your screen to access the settings menu.
    Modifying the Last Seen and Active preference settings for status Modifying Active status preferences: scroll to the “Who can …” section, and then select “See My Location” or “See Me in Quick Add.” Turn the switch in the off position to deactivate the Last Seen status or Active status.
    Make the adjustments and then confirm the settings. After you’ve completed the modifications, press the back arrow to close the settings page. Snapchat will remember your preferences, as the active or last seen status will be disabled.

    How to Stay Private on Snapchat?

    Utilizing Ghost Mode, you will also be able to block your location from showing up in Stories, which is the place where Snapchat Stories are stored and the place where your whole circle of acquaintances can view your location. It is recommended to turn it off to avoid your location showing up when other conversations are being conducted. By using this feature, called the Last Active Time feature, you can hide your location while being able to know when your friends are on the internet. Find your friends using Snap Map. Snap Map. You can turn off your Bitmoji avatar by pressing it and entering “Last Active Time” into your username. It will show the extent to which your acquaintance was on the app.

    How can I hide my most recent activities from a particular person?

    Be aware that if you wish to conceal your most recent activities from certain individuals, You can select the “My Friends Only” option.

    The feature lets you decide which people can view the Snap Map location. Snap Map location.

    Sometimes, it is possible to restrict your area to just a few. If that’s your situation, you could select the “Only These Friends” or “Only These Friends” option.

    How do you turn off Sighted

    Snapchat is a well-known social media platform that allows users to upload short videos and photos. Teens and young adults mostly use Snapchat; however, it is also becoming widely used by older people. You can hide the status of your activities on Snapchat to prevent others from viewing your online Activity. This is called Ghost Mode and can be activated within the Settings menu.

    To turn off your active status for Snapchat First, tap the icon of your profile or Bitmoji at the top left corner of the screen. On the next screen, select Settings and turn off showing your active status. The option is available for iPhone, Android, and computer. After you’ve switched off your status as active, it is possible to view Snaps and chat messages without anyone being aware of your presence.

    When offline, all Snaps or messages received will be flagged as undeliverable. The sender will know whether you’ve received their message once you connect to the internet, open Snapchat, and then open it again. This is a great option for those who want to stay in contact with friends who do not use Snapchat regularly or prefer texts.

    How do I fix the Snapchat Activity Indicator that isn’t turning off

    If you’re facing the issue of your Snapchat Activity Indicator refusing to turn off, regardless of your efforts to turn it off, there are a handful of steps to use to resolve the issue.

    Below is a step-by-step procedure to aid you with your Snapchat Activity Indicator not turning off problem:

    Update Snapchat Check to make sure that you’re running the most current version of Snapchat on your smartphone. Older versions could be prone to glitches or bugs, which can impact the performance of the Activity Indicator feature.
    Restart Snapchat. Start by closing Snapchat: Close the Snapchat application completely, and then open it again. Sometimes, a quick restart will fix small software issues and bring back the normal operation of the functions.
    Remove Snapchat’s cache: Cleaning the cache on Snapchat can often solve various problems, such as issues related to Snapchat’s features. To clear the cache, navigate to your phone’s settings, locate the Snapchat app, and then click “Clear Cache.”

    How do you turn off Snapchat Activity Indicator Android as well as iOS?

    The green activity Indicator in Quick Add is there to inform users that those they’d like to become acquaintances with are on the internet and ready to chat. This is a way to assist you in finding and making new friends on Snapchat. However, it might have been more convenient to use on Snapchat’s Chat webpage; Snapchat cleverly uses it to get people to sign up for additional friends to its application. This is an encouraging nudge to increase the size of your Snapchat circle!

    This is how you can stop it:

    Please note that the screenshots below were taken using an Android phone. The steps remain the same on iOS phones as well.

    1. Start the Snapchat application.
    2. Select your Bitmoji icon located in the top left-hand corner. Select the gear icon.
    3. On the Privacy Control menu, click on the indicator for Activity.
    4. Then, switch off the indicator for Activity.

    The people who see it won’t be able to spot it anymore alongside your Bitmoji informing them that you’re on Snapchat. However, please don’t fret about it. You can always bring it back! Return to the exact settings and then turn off the Activity Indicator anytime. The choice is yours!

    What can you tell if anyone hides their location on Snapchat?

    If you’ve got a friend who is on Snapchat, but you are unable to see their location, it suggests that they’re hiding their location. In addition, if you observe frequently changing locations of anyone, it could mean they’re spoofing their place of residence.

    Can you pause where you are on Snapchat?

    Sure. You could use iMovie, previously mentioned. iMovie location changer lets you change your GPS’s location in any region in the world without moving physically and freezing, but also suspending your location on Snapchat with no need to turn off the feature for location.

    What does the color green refer to on Instagram?

    Green on someone’s profile or their profile photo indicates they’re on the internet and currently using Instagram.

    Is Snapchat the last time it was active?

    Snapchat’s Last Seen is only sometimes exact, but it could prove useful in certain situations. Snap Map can allow you to know where your friends are whenever they’re using Snap Map. Be aware that according to your friend’s privacy settings, you might not view their location in Snap Map. Snap map.

    How can I conceal the last posted photo on Instagram for a specific user?

    It is impossible to hide your most recent Activity or last sighting information from one particular individual. It is a universal setting.

    Do VPNs block your IP address from Snapchat?

    A VPN encrypts the information that is coming from your device. Therefore, applications and third-party apps cannot locate or access your IP. In the case of Snapchat, it records your location and cannot track your IP. This means that you can alter your place of residence on Snapchat quickly.


    The “Last Active” feature on Snapchat is useful for determining when someone last logged in. The “Last active” feature of Snapchat can be useful in determining what time a person last used Snapchat.

    Utilizing this feature in conjunction with other data that you can access, like Snap Stories or Map views, by analyzing patterns of an individual’s activities and utilizing third-party websites or apps, it is possible to determine the last time someone was engaged using Snapchat.

    Certain users might not have a “Last active” status disabled, and some third-party applications can be trusted. Be aware of their reliability before using these apps.

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