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How to Trim MP3 Files on Windows 10

    The fact is every one that Windows Media Player cannot allow users to modify the audio files they have directly. There is a method to overcome this obstacle together with the Windows Media Player plugin called SolveigMM WMP Trimmer.

    In this blog article, you’ll discover how to reduce MP3 using Windows Media Player and how to edit it step-by-step.

    After you’ve read this article about how to trim an MP3 file with a Windows media player, you’ll not need to be apprehensive about editing your files or audio for no cost. It is no secret that Windows is run by Microsoft, which is why Windows Media Player isn’t only a media player instrument; it is evolving, and new features are added.

    If it’s connected to advanced plug-ins, it strengthens and can be utilized as a robust audio or video editor and a media player.

    What is Audio Trimming?

    Aural trimming consists of removing unwanted elements at the start and the very end of the audio file. It is an excellent option to cut out unneeded noise or alter the length of a segment or track. This can also make an audio track more consistent concerning duration, speed, and quality.

    How to Trim Audio Files on Windows 10?

    To trim audio files on Windows 10, you can use sector software with the Windows 10 operating system. Start by opening the file using the Sound Editor application. Afterward, you can use the selection tool ifyou wish. After selecting the area, select”Trim” at the top of the window “Trim” button near the bottom of the screen. It is then possible to modify the trim area until the desired length. Then, press”Save” to save the audio file “Save” option to save your trimmed audio file.

    How to Trim an MP3 File in Windows 10 – VLC

    Another popular method for trimming the MP3 file for Windows 10 is VLC Media Player. Popular as a player, it is an audio-trimming tool. This software can trim audio tracks by recording only your desired parts in your MP3 files. Follow the steps below to learn how to cut an MP3 with a VLC media player.

    Step 1 Launch VLC

    To open the VLC media player on your PC. Go to “View” then “Advanced Controls”.

    Step 2: Import an MP3 file

    Click on “Media” >”Open File” to load your desired MP3 file, or drag and drop the MP3 file into VLC.

    Step 3 Record the recording to reduce an MP3 segment.

    Play the MP3 file and take a recording of the entire segment together with your built-in recorder.

    Step 4 Export MP3 recording segment

    After you have recorded the desired part, click”Record.” After recording the desired part, press the “Record” button. Press the “Record” to end the recording. The cut MP3 file is saved to your computer’s “My Music” directory.

    Best Audio Trimmer for Mac/Windows

    Though the methods mentioned above can warrant excellent results, they haveh several drawbacks. They are, for instance, quite difficult to learn, especially for those new to the field. Some users don’t prefer installing third-party plug-ins on their PCs, which happens for WMP. I suggest using the Online UniConverter (Originally to avoid such unpleasant situations.

    A step-by-step guide to trimming MP3 Windows or Mac with the Online UniConverter

    Step 1. Launch the app

    If you are with a desktop or laptop browser, start the online UniConverter. Check that your browser has been updated to provide top-quality outcomes. Additionally, I suggest using Google Chrome for smoother procedures.

    Step 2. Upload your MP3

    Next, press the Add button to upload the MP3 file. An alternative method is to add and drag MP3 files onto the trimming tool.

    Step 3. Establish the preferences

    Drag the handles of trimming in purple to the beginning and ending points of the MP3 file to determine the starting and end points of the files. You can manually input the duration in minutes or seconds and alter fade effects.

    Step 4. Trim MP3

    Lastly, click the Save button and select the audio format to transcode your MP3 file. Finally, click the cut button to trim MP3 files with online UniConverter. Once the procedure is completed, tap the Download icon to save the audio file in Dropbox or local storage. Ts.

    Using Clipchamp

    Microsoft acquired clipchamp to take over its Video Editor app in Windows 11. You can, however, visit the Clipchamp site to edit audio files on Windows 10. It allows you to trim and join audio files seamlessly according to your needs. If you want to cut a file of audio comply with these steps:

    Step 1. Open your browser and visit Log in to the account you have created with Microsoft. Microsoft account.

    Step 2. Select Create a brand new video.

    Step 3. Select Import media to import the audio file you wish to alter. You can also transfer the audio directly to the timeline.

    Step 4. Set the slider at the point where you’d like to cut audio, then choose the Split button (scissors). The audio will be cut at the point where it ends similarly.

    Step 5. Click on the desired section and choose delete. Move the audio track towards the left to keep the space.

    Step 6. Once satisfied with the results, Click the Export button and save the file.

    Be aware that Clipchamp does not support exporting files in MP4 videos. It is necessary to use an audio converter to convert them into audio file formats.

    How to Trim an MP3 File on a Mac?

    How do I cut MP3 to trim MP3 files on Mac?’ Unlike iOS devices, which place several restrictions on your computer’s versatility, MacOS lets users by providing more useful free software and more flexibility about the system’s authority.

    In this article, we will show you how easy it is to edit the MP3 file for MacOS devices with our cherished buddy, The QuickTime media player.

    What is the desirable way to utilize QuickTime to trim an audio MP3 file?

    Step 1. Find the target MP3 document, right-click it, then select “Open with QuickTime.”

    Step 2. Select the ‘Edit’ tab. Under this tab, you will see an opportunity to trim your choice. Additionally, you can use the command + T as the shortcut to enter the standard trimming.

    Step 3. Drag, click, and then stop to make the perfect segment. Then, take out the unneeded section of your MP3. Then, hit the Trim button to bring your modifications to fruition.

    Step 4. Refocus your attention to the File tab, then select the Save opportunity to save a loss-free MP3 file. It is crucial for those who have very high expectations of the quality of the MP3 file.

    Can I Trim Audio in Windows Media Player?

    You can indeed cut audio files together with Windows Media Player. Open your file inside the player, and then use the editing tools to eliminate the unwanted parts. When you’re satisfied with the edits, save the file.

    How can I trim the MP3 file using Windows 10?

    A1. To trim the MP3 file for Windows 10, you can use no-cost software for editing audio, such as Audacity. The program lets you access the MP3 file and choose which portion you would like to keep, after which you can save it to the fresh MP3 file. It is also possible to use Windows 10’s built-in Groove Music app to cut MP3 files. OpenOpen the MP3 file within Groove Music, choose which portion you’d like to save, and click the Save button.

    What are the requirements for cutting an MP3 file in Windows 10?

    A2. To cut the MP3 file in Windows 10, you need a no-cost audio editing application like Audacity or the integrated Groove Music app in Windows 10. These two programs let you select the portion from an MP3 file and then create a newly created MP3 file.

    Are there other options available to trim MP3 tracks?

    Yes, specific audio editing software applications that offer greater trimming and editing capabilities than than Windows Media Player. A few popular options are HitPaw Video Converter, Audacity, Adobe Audition, and FL Studio.

    Does audio quality get lost while cutting MP3 files in Windows Media Player?

    Because Windows Media Player does not alter the encoded audio while trimming, so the audio is not degraded. It’s recommended that you listen back to the section that has been cut to ensure the audio is as it should be.

    What can I do to edit the mp3 file?

    There are a variety of programs with the above features as they have several options and allow editing several audio file types. If you’re on an Android phone, you can use any editor that supports audio on your phone to edit the files.

    Does Windows Have a Native Audio Editor?

    Windows was once equipped with an in-built video editor that you could utilize to edit audio, dubbed Windows Movie Maker. The program, however, was shut down in 2017. In the end, there’s an audio editor for Windows.


    If you’re looking for an efficient MP3 trimming tool for Windows, the EaseUS tool is ideal. If you have a file or audio to modify, you can edit it using the same program. If you’re with macOS and Mac OS X, we recommend Wavwith, which has a user-friendly interface similar to how the EaseUS video works. Let’s look at a few of the queries and their responses.

    You’ve now seen various excellent ways to trim MP3 audio tracks. Which do you want to give a go?

    If you’re with Windows Media Player to reduce or edit the length or quality of your MP3 files, the following instructions will help you accomplish it.

    If you want to do more editing on video or audio files, the Filmora Video Editor is an excellent option.

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