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How to Text to Multiple Contacts Without Group Message

    When everyone has at minimum three different messengers with many emails and social media accounts, it’s easy to connect to individuals. Yet, when we want to communicate text messages to diverse individuals without having any group messages and ensure that they are reading them, SMS is the most effective method of sending massive messages.

    Recent studies show that SMS has the most open rates compared to messages and emails. This is because to view an SMS in WhatsApp or Telegram, users have to start the application, whereas SMS will just hit them with no option other than to look it up.

    Suppose you wish to inform your clients that your store is launching a huge sale. The emails will probably end up in the junk mail folder. A group SMS isn’t a choice since it tells your client they’re not the only one to receive the text. Everyone would like to feel appreciated; therefore, you must be able to customize the messages. How do you send text messages to diverse individuals without sending a message to a group?

    What’s the difference between group messages and bulk text?

    Group text is the form of simple text messages that are sent to different individuals in a single session. In general, the number number of recipients you can group a messages to is limited to 10 (including the person who sent it) on both iPhones and devices. The iMessage app offers a more extensive range and caps to approximately 30 recipients. Group messages are an excellent method of sending messages to many recipients without the stress of having to type the same message repeatedly. Text messages for groups are great for sharing photos of the infant, planning an event in the neighbourhood, and other personal uses.

    Bulk SMS, or bulk SMS, is similar to group texting but on a larger dimension. Bulk text messages are generally employed in business. Mass text messages, with the benefit of a text messaging platform like Salesmsg, are an excellent way to communicate sales notifications, reminders for appointments, feedback surveys, and many other messages to your customers simultaneously.

    How to Send Text to Multiple Contacts on Android Directly

    If you want to figure out ways to make mass texts using Android directly, be aware that it isn’t a method that guarantees you can transmit diverse messages simultaneously. The more messages to send in a row, the more dangerous the technique would be because of the ease of access to each contact. Thus, you must take your risks at all times.


    Step One: Click on Android Messages

    Step 2: Click “Menu” and then go to ‘Settings.’

    Step Three: Select “Advanced” and then choose ‘Group Messaging.’

    Step Four: Click on ‘Send an SMS Reply to All Recipients and Get Individual Replies.’

    You can see that discovering the accurate way to test different contacts using Android together with this technique is simple. It is possible to make several messages together with the text message-sending app on the device; however, don’t rely on this if you are a user with enough contacts because there have been people who have reported several issues that were discovered immediately, such as the one mentioned above.

    How to Send a Group Text on Android

    Text messages for groups via Android are a lot like making one using an iPhone.

    Open your text message app. For most phones, this will be called messages. Create a new chat.

    Add contacts to the field to enter recipients by typing in a telephone number or the person’s name, clicking on the Contact list, and choosing your contacts.

    Once you’ve chosen the contacts you want to contact, type in your message in the same way as you usually would before selecting to send it.

    How to Send a Mass Text to All Contacts on iPhone

    Here’s how to make mass SMS messages to several contacts at once.

    Step 1: Start your Mass Message app and help provide the message you want to share, then tap “Done.”

    Step 2: Select recipients’ contacts, then click “Done.”

    Step 3: When the banner message shows, select the “Always Allow” or “Always Accept” choice. It’s that easy. This shortcut will broadcast messages separately to each of the numbers that are chosen.

    Be aware that by default, the shortcut always includes the initial name of the person who received it because you kept it in your contact list. You can, however, modify the text to your preference.

    Send a Message to Multiple Contacts on WhatsApp via Broadcast List

    If the individuals you wish to send a WhatsApp message to don’t already know each other, You can make a broadcast list to complete the process. But what exactly is the definition of a broadcast list?

    Broadcast lists allow sending many recipients a text message in one go, eliminating the hassle of selecting social contacts whenever you wish to make a new message.

    Step 1: Launch WhatsApp using your Android or iPhone device.

    Step 2. Step 2: You can tap Broadcast Lists on your iPhone in the upper right corner and then select New List.

    If you’re using Android, you can tap the three dots icon on the left side of the screen and choose New Broadcast.

    Step 3: Pick the contacts of those who you wish to broadcast this same message. Add them to the broadcast list.

    Step 4: When you select the appropriate contacts Step 4: After you have selected the contacts, press Create for the opportunity to get on with.

    Step 5: Type in the message you wish to send to those contacts you included in your broadcast list, then tap Send.

    Can You Send a Mass Text to Multiple Contacts From an Unknown Sender?

    It is possible to send bulk texts by unidentified senders together with a service for mass texting that allows you to message many people from a contact number that is different from yours. You must comply with laws like those of the TCPA within the U.S., requiring explicit approval from recipients before making promotional text messages. Being transparent about who the sender is and the message’s intent is essential for establishing confidence and guaranteeing recipients’ engagement. The material must be explicit, serve the recipient with value, and avoid being perceived as spam.

    Are There Legal Requirements for BCC Texts?

    Suppose you send BCC messages, especially in the context of mass texting or marketing purposes. In that case, the legal requirement is the need for prior permission from the recipient, as required by statutes such as that of TCPA in the U.S. The recipients must be given an easy method to stop receiving future text messages. The messages must be honest and courageous, in line with generally-held consumer protection laws. In addition, adherence to the laws on data privacy, such as GDPR within the EU, as well as industry-specific rules like HIPAA for healthcare providers, must be adhered to to avoid legal problems and fines.

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