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How to Stream VR on Discord

    VR live streaming has revolutionized the way we experience material. This allows us to interact with our favorite VR games anytime in live time. This massive transformation is demonstrated by the number of an estimated 171 million VR gamers worldwide. Furthermore, by 2023, 65.9 million people who use VR and 110.1 million AR enthusiasts will live in the U.S. alone.

    This guide will explore VR streaming technology in depth. While studying the intricacies of this revolutionary method, we’ll dissect the various components involved, analyze specifications for hardware and software, and review desirable ways to improve the VR live-streaming experience.

    Let’s explore the exciting virtual world of VR streaming and discover this groundbreaking technology.

    How to Stream VR on Discord

    There are many methods to stream VR on Discord. SteamVR will be an excellent method to stream VR through Discord. For you to stream your VR on Discord, take these instructions:

    Open using your Discord application.

    Create an account to invite friends by hand or to share hyperlinks.

    Install SteamVR

    Install the game you wish to stream live with your friends.

    Launch SteamVR to ensure SteamVR is running in the background.

    Begin your work.

    For live streaming, log in to Discord. Discord will display your stream in the player’s navigation panel.

    Click on “STREAM GAME NAME”. An ad-hoc window will pop up to confirm that the stream began.

    Click on STREAM.

    SteamVR cancan be initiated automatically when you play it. However, it’s also possible to cause Discord to malfunction or break. SteamVR must be activated manually before starting your stream or the game.

    How To Stream From Oculus Quest 2 To Discord

    Streaming with Oculus Quest 2 onto Discord can be done by using the VR headset on an open browser on your computer. You then need to initiate screen sharing from that Screen to Discord. Discord server.

    If you’d like the process to be made easier with Virtual Desktop.

    Following are the steps for streaming Oculus Quest 2 into an Oculus Quest 2 discord using casting:

    Launch Chrome and then look for Oculus casting.

    Visit the Oculus website and log in using your Oculus credentials. Once you have signed in, you’ll be directed to the casting webpage.

    Wear your Oculus headset and hit on the Oculus button.

    Choose the feature to cast using option 4 on the VR screen.

    Choose your preferred computer from the options.

    Start Discord and Screen sharing with the server once you have confirmed that your oculus is cast.

    How to Stream VR Games on Discord

    Follow the procedures below to stream your games on Discord together in virtual reality.

    Play your VR game from your PC.

    Start a voice call or join a Discord server using Discord’s main interface. Discord primary interface.

    Select the Share Your Screen icon and choose the Screen on which the game is displayed.

    Click the Go Live button.

    Check that the option of your computer Audio(Default) is turned on while together Discord for streaming VR material.

    Benefits of Streaming on Discord

    The streaming of Steam VR games on Discord could serve numerous advantages in comparison to together various other gaming platforms.

    Engage with your viewers.

    In the first place, it permits users to engage with their audience via the video chat option not offered by other streaming platforms. It allows viewers to learn more about the creator and his material.

    You have more control over your material.

    In addition, Discord provides greater control over the material you upload to your material over other platforms since there aren’t as many restrictions on material guidelines. It is possible to use your branding and logos to promote your channel and material and even create meet-and-greets that you can share with your viewers.

    Can you make VR streams using Discord?

    The streaming function of Discord is focused on live streaming; however, it is possible to use other recording applications along with Discord to record and save your VR streams so they can be viewed later or edited.

    What exactly is the definition of an Oculus mirror?

    With Oculus Mirror, you can project anything you’re doing with your headset to the display. A game’s external window could be replaced by a flexible and customizable display with this stream Oculus Quest 2 method to Discord.

    Are there ways to stream VR via Discord and communicate with other viewers in real time?

    Absolutely! Whether it’s together the Discord “Go Live” feature or an external streaming program, you can interact with your viewers with texts or voice chat when streaming VR material.


    The art of streaming Beat Saber on Discord is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills, meet other players, and create communities in support of your channel. If you follow this comprehensive streaming tutorial, you’ll be capable of streaming as a skillful in no time and will make your pals envy the VR Jedi knowledge. Remember that streaming is focused on having fun and communicating with the viewers you are streaming to, So don’t be scared to show your personality. Happy slicing!

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