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How to Stop Auto Archive in Gmail

    Our day begins with emails being delivered to our email clients. The notification panel displaying zero emails is a sign of something is wrong.

    The problem I encountered a few weeks ago was similar. It l did need to show after I had refreshed the app. No error was found with either the network or email client. Multiple phone calls were made to me by corporate about my email. It didn’t work.

    My research led me to a possible solution. The problem was much bigger than my initial impression.

    Don’t worry if you are also in my situation. I’ve written a few simple steps to help bring your email where it should be. Please follow the instructions.

    What do Gmail archived messages mean?

    Gmail archived messages are emails marked by the recipient to be moved into Gmail’s archives folder. The archive tag allows you to keep the message in the folder with all other emails instead of deleting it or leaving it in your Inbox. To access the archived emails, click “All Mail,” then search using details about the sender or delivery date.

    People with a crowded mailbox find the Archive option helpful because it allows them to archive unwanted or old emails rather than delete them or leave them in other labels. You can quickly search through and view archived emails. You can archive your emails immediately to make room for new ones. Archived emails will remain in a secure folder where you can store them for as long as necessary. The Gmail server will store your archived emails under the All Mail label.

    Why Does Gmail archive all emails automatically?

    Your emails are archived automatically, but you need to know where they can be found in Gmail. Not alone. Gmail has a slightly different interface than most other email systems, so many users have or are experiencing similar problems.

    Gmail does not create an Archive Folder when a Gmail message is archived. The email disappears from your Inbox folder. Instead, it is transferred to All Mail. The Send and Archive functionality in Settings > General may automatically do this.

    You can turn off Gmail’s feature that archives your emails automatically:

    Log in and click on your gear icon to access the account settings.
    You can also select the See All options option.
    The General Tab is located on the left-hand side.
    To hide the Send & Archive option in a reply, click on Hide.
    If you swipe left or right from your email inbox, transferring messages into the Android and iPhone archives is possible. All Mail contains the email messages you have saved on your phone.

    Auto Archive Label

    Create filters with labels in Gmail. Why not use tags to create filters for emails that are archived automatically? That’s what I meant by the “hidden feature” earlier. It’s not immediately obvious, but you soon learn.

    1. To see all Gmail settings, click the gear icon at the top of the page.
    2. Select the New Label button after scrolling a bit.
    3. Name your new label auto-archive, and then save it. You can click the button Create and ignore nest labels.

    It is not necessary to enter any codes. The auto-archive tag is now ready to be used on any email.

    How to create a filter that will automatically archive the emails

    Create a filter first before auto-archiving emails. Filter will help you determine which emails are worth archiving. can be launched on your PC.

    Typing older_than Inbox and pressing Enter will bring up the results. You can substitute the 1y for the number you like. Here, the ‘y is a symbol for a year. Use “m” to indicate the day and “d” for the date.

    Select Advanced search.

    Type older_than again: 1y into the Has the Words field and click on Create filter. After clicking OK, type older_than: 1y again in the Has words field.

    You will see a new box. Choose the Skip Inbox option. By checking the Mark as read option, Mark emails older than a year senior as read.

    Then click Create Filter and select the checkbox to include matching conversations in your filter.

    All of your old emails will be removed from your Inbox and placed in the All Mail Folder after you have completed these steps.

    Send and Archive

    Send and Archive also works. Next to the Send button, you can automatically move your emails into the All Mail folder. The email is automatically transferred back to the Inbox if someone responds.

    Go to Gmail settings and click on See all options. Select the General tab and scroll down to Send and Archive. Choose Show the “Send & Archive button” when replying.

    How To Archive Items Manually

    Outlook’s mailboxes are only so large, but you can be sure that email will keep coming. For it to not fill up as quickly, you should move any recent emails you’d like to retain to an Outlook archive (.pst), a data file separate from Outlook.

    Archive items Manually with Office 2007
    In the File Menu, select Archive.

    Click on the Archive folders and subfolders and specify a date.

    You can specify another file location by clicking Browse in the Archive file section if your preferred site is unavailable.

    Choose the Include items with a “Do Not AutoArchive” checkbox if you would like to modify a prior setting that did not allow certain things to be automatically archived. When you decide to archive items manually, they will once again fall under the Do not AutoArchive option unless and until you change it again.

    Click the OK button.


    Gmail is plagued by the problem of accidentally moving emails to your archives. This happens on both iOS and Android. Gmail allows you to change the gestures for swipe and turn off swipe to archives.

    Turning off the right swipe for the archive will help you avoid accidentally deleting essential emails. Swiping might be handy in some instances, but disabling the feature allows you to archive more deliberately.

    With this easy tweak, you can optimize your Gmail on mobile and organize your Inbox in the way you desire.

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