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How to Send Large Videos on Gmail

    On the one hand, it is very frustrating that within the ‘age of Information, ‘ emails are subject to a size limit set at just 25MB.

    In contrast, Gmail, the most well-known email application with a vast number of users, has set restrictions on the benefit of users, preventing them from being able to receive “heavy” documents that could overwhelm their inboxes. Without limits on the dimensions for email attachments within Gmail, the servers could risk being flooded, and everything would come to a painfully slow halt.

    In this post, we’ll help you navigate the procedure of sending huge files, such as videos, with Gmail. The article will explore methods to help users beat Gmail’s attachment limitations and efficiently transfer large documents to recipients. Learn how to send substantial video files and other types of files without hassle with our straightforward instructions. Let go of the restrictions and begin sharing your data quickly.

    How to send Large Video Files to Email quickly with the Best Methods

    In addition to the three methods previously discussed to send lengthy and large video files without limitations like the email attachment method,Hhereare two easy methods to successfully senfromlong video files quickly and securely for free.

    Another choice is to compress massive video files before sending them via email. The second is to email large and long videos through a top cloud-based file-sharing service known as MultCloud.

    How do I send a massive video via email with compression?

    One of the most popular methods for compressing a video before emailing it is to convert it into a zip archive. The file size will decrease significantly, but the compression won’t affect the quality. Additionally, this method can be used by Mac and PC users.

    Windows users For PC users: Right-click on the video on your computer’s local storage and select Send to the compressed (zipped) Folder.

    For Mac users: Select “Compress” from the right-click menu on the vast video.

    Google Drive Link to send Google Drive Link

    The most efficient method to share large video files to Gmail is by sharing Google Drive links instead of directly attached attachments.

    Choice 1: Access it from Google Drive

    Make sure you follow the steps for creating links using the Google Drive account: Google Drive account:

    Log into Your Google Drive account and select the video you want to play.
    Just click the three dots in the video.
    Choose Share.
    Click the Copy link.
    Open your email account, and then click Compose on the left menu.
    Copy the URL into the box for the message and then select the feature to send.

    Airdrop and iCloud

    If you are using Apple devices such as the iPhone or Mac computer and AirDrop, you can use it. AirDrop allows you to transfer large files via Bluetooth when another person is within range, and AirDrop is activated. Additionally, the Apple Mail Drop service uses iCloud to make the video available to the user, allowing them to download it.


    Dropbox is yet another well-known cloud storage provider that allows the transfer of massive documents. Dropbox has a no-cost version that offers up to 2GB of storage space and is available to Windows and Mac users.

    Sharing files with Flipbooks

    Another way to share videos with a lot of contexts is to add themthemthem to a digital flipbook. Flipbooks are digital books with pages that can be turned exactly like books. The flipbook even has authentic sound effects of flipping pages.

    You may add a custom URL from YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites to embed your videos in the flipbook. Flipbooks are a simple way to display numerous video clips and favor details about the videos. Flipbooks can be created on the internet together with tools like Flipsnack.


    OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. It also provides a free feature with 5 GB of storage, which is enough for uploading and sending an enormous video file several times.

    How to send Large Video files by Email Utilizing Video Sharing Services

    You can also send big videos to your email address through video-sharing services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

    You can upload your videos to YouTube without using a YouTube channel. You can access Google services like YouTube if you have a Gmail account. If you have aGoogle account, you tan create a YouTube channel.

    To upload your videos on YouTube, simply click the “Create” button at the top right corner and then select “Upload Video”:

    Click “SELECT Files” to select your file on your device.

    The video should be given a title and description. Copy the URL, then select “Next”:

    Then, follow other instructions and select the option to share the video publicly or privately. Click “Save”:

    Go to your email program composer and copy the link to send the vast video file


    If you know how to make videos available via email, I’m sure you’ll be eager to begin. Remember that the perfect method to share videos through email without sacrificing their high quality is the most effective method for you ;).

    For freelancers, businesses, or consultants for freelancers, consultants, and businesses, the perfect method to share videos by email is to incorporate the YouTube video within an email maker. This is possible with email marketing companies like GetResponse. Get a no-cost account today and give it the test!

    It can also benefit drive visitors to this YouTube website. For everyday videos you want to send to a handful of contacts, the most efficient way to distribute your video is through an online service like Google Drive or DropBox.

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