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how to see someone’s location history on iphone

    Hidden in plain sight in the settings of your iPhone (seven levels deep, in fact) is a degree of location-based tracking that little iPhone people are conscious of and will not be comfortable with.

    Yes, we all are aware that the iPhone generally monitors us when we utilize certain apps to allow it to share customized information, such as the local weather, the coffee shop’s suggestions, and much more.

    In a survey I conducted with a few friends, they (out of the many whom I interviewed) were unaware of how to get to the particular screen I’m talking about. It’s known as the Important Locations list.

    The list of Significant Locations shows an hour-by-minute timeline of my location in each location I’ve visited during the past several years.

    To be clear, Apple says this data isn’t shared without your consent. According to a page for support explaining the company’s privacy policies for location-based services, the information gathered through the Significant Locations option “is secured and stored on your device, and is not disclosed without your consent. The data can be utilized to offer you specific services, such as pre-planned traffic routing, and to help you create more effective Photos Memories.” You aren’t required to be concerned about information being used for marketing or any Apple employee looking into your data.

    How to View the Location History on The Target’s iPhone

    When you can access a person’s iPhone and have access to the password to unlock it, you can easily check the History of their location on their mobile. To learn how to access the location history of someone’s iPhone, Follow the steps below.

    Step 1 1. In the menu at the top, navigate”Settings “Settings.”

    Step 2: In the “Privacy” option, select “Location Services.”

    Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and tap “System Services.”

    Step 4: Click “Frequent Locations” and see the “History” section.

    How do I locate the location using mSpy?

    Installing mSpy on Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

    Step 1.) Visit the mSpy site and sign up to create an account.

    Step 2.) Select the subscription package you wish to subscribe to and choose the package.

    Step 3.) Verify your MSPY login using the email address you provided.

    Step 4) Take your child’s iCloud credentials and add them to your MSPs dashboard.

    Step 5) Let me transfer the data.

    Step 6) Watch your child’s behavior in real-time.


    Physical location tracking: MSPy lets you pinpoint precisely where the phone you want to track is directly away from the dashboard.

    Geo-Fencing You can create an unlimited or prohibited zone for your kid or the targeted iPhone.

    Keyword Alerts: You’ll be alerted whenever your child uses one of your keywords, for example, porn, alcohol, sexual sex, or other drugs.

    Website Monitoring: Monitor the websites your child is visiting and stop websites you do not wish your child to see.

    Monitoring Communication: Watch your children’s use of texts, emails, and in-app messages.


    This application is for those who wish to track phones without anyone’s knowledge. It comes with the features of MSPs but also some additional options like remote camera access and keylogger.

    How Can You See Someone’s Location in the Find My App?

    Once you’ve set up Find My for people set up on your iPhone, it’s easy to find someone’s exact location. Start your Find My app, go to the People tab, then tap on the name of the individual you’d like to view. The site will show on a map if the person has activated location services. From there, you’ll be able to use Directions for directions to the exact place of residence.

    You can select Notifications to create an alert for the next moment that someone is arriving, Leaving, or is not at a particular location (this is often known as geofence). You can choose the frequency of these notifications, as well.

    Share Your Location With Your Family

    You can share your location with friends and family using your Find My app. If you wish to communicate your site to others with whom you want to share your location, here are the steps you must take.

    How do I enable sharing my History of location on my iPhone?

    You can go to the Settings menu on your iPhone

    Enter your name

    Click Find Me and tap it.

    Turn on Share My Location

    Enter Find My iPhone and then switch off Find My iPhone.

    If you want to see your device even when it’s offline, then you’ll have to enable Offline Finding. You can also allow the last location to be transmitted to Apple when your battery is low by turning to”Send Last Location.

    How can you track someone’s location on iPhone using the Find My App?

    Find My app is one of Apple’s exclusive features that work with all apple devices. It will require a few steps to set up, but tracking your location can be a breeze when you’re done. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to set up and use the Find My App:

    Start the Find My application on the iPhone you want to track and then enable the GPS services for their devices.

    Then, go into the tab People, and choose the option to start sharing using the button +.

    Now, you can select your name and then send the address.

    Track someone’s location using the app “Find My App.”

    The right time to share a location based on your needs is crucial. Keep in mind that sharing location information can drain a significant amount of battery on the iPhone.

    Move and send the notification to move the information to your iPhone. You will receive an alert from the Find My App.

    You may share your address or not when you open the notification.

    When you’ve done these steps properly, you can keep track of their location in the Find My application for the duration their location sharing is up and running.

    How do I erase and stop saving the location history saved on my iPhone?

    You can block Apple and Google from keeping the location history of the places you visit.

    Turn off Significant Locations

    Significant Locations are protected by encryption. Apple can only access the data if you are comfortable turning off the option on Significant Locations to stop Apple from keeping this information.

    Here’s how to erase the History of your location and disable Important Locations on the iPhone:

    Open Settings and tap Privacy.

    Tap Location Services > System Services.

    Tap Significant Locations.

    Then click Clear History, which will erase your saved locations from all your Apple devices using an Apple ID.

    Then, turn off Important Locations > Turn Off.

    Why Can’t I See Someone’s Location After They Shared it With Me?

    If you can’t find the exact location of someone after they’ve given you their place, The following could cause:

    Stopping sharing locations Your friend might have been unable to share their place with you. If that’s the case, you will be unable to locate them with Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone app. You should ask them to provide their location once again.

    The iPhone may have shut off. Maybe they had run out of battery or turned off their phone. Try reaching them using other methods and seeking out more.

    Internet connection not available: It’s also likely they need internet access via wireless data or Wi-Fi.

    A wrong date is displayed on their iPhone. Another possible reason is their device’s date needs to be set properly. This can lead to avoiding pinpointing their place of residence.

    Inaccessible – It’s important to consider if your friend’s address is not in service.

    They concealed their location. Your friend may choose to hide their geographical location. If you decide to Hide My area, It is impossible to track you on your device.

    GPS not working correctly – The problem may be related to your GPS. We suggest starting over with Your Find My app.

    How can you find the previous location of someone on an iPhone?

    There are several methods to find out someone’s last place of residence on the iPhone. One way is using an app called the Find My Friends app. Another option is using to use the Find My iPhone app. To access Find My Friends, you must download the Find My Friends app, launch the app and log in using an Apple ID. Select the person you would like to track their location. To access the Find My iPhone app, launch the app and sign in using the Apple ID.

    How can you check someone’s current place of residence on an iPhone?

    There are many methods to determine the last place of an iPhone. There are a few options, including using a third-party application like Find My Friends or looking through the settings on the phone.

    How can I find someone’s exact location with their cell phone?

    There are many ways to track someone’s position without their knowledge. One method is to utilize a tracking app such as Find My Friends or Google Maps. Another option is to use an application such as GPS tracking or satellite image service.

    Is It Legal?

    Indeed, tracking a person’s location via iPhone is not a crime. It is completely legal to follow the whereabouts of your children. Although it may sound unprofessional, it’s a good idea to monitor and trace your child’s devices, taking into consideration the dangers.

    Your children may be involved in certain issues or be on the point of taking their own lives. It is important to be one step ahead to keep your children secure.

    Before installing any software, you should have an open discussion with your children about the safety of online activities. It is important to inform them that online use isn’t safe and you’re just trying to ensure their safety by monitoring their actions.

    Parents have the right to utilize an app such as Eyezy to check their child’s positions.

    How long will the location history last on the iPhone?

    Automatically erase your Location History.

    You can decide to auto-erase Location History that’s older than three months, 18 months, and 36 or more months. Settings. Under “Location settings,” tap to delete the Location History automatically.

    How can I view my iCloud location history on my iPhone?

    You can check what is happening with your iPhone by logging in to if you have located the location of your iPhone enabled. To find significant places, you must open the settings Privacy – Location services – Location important areas.

    Final Thoughts

    Young individuals in America are the majority of people in the U.S. who prefer iPhones over other phones and spend most of their time online; adults require solutions to shield young people from dangers on the Internet. Furthermore, your spouse might disappear from work. It’s normal to would like to know their location.

    Finding your loved ones is a nice gesture, particularly when you suspect you’re dealing with trouble. It’s helpful to be aware that there are various methods to monitor iPhone places remotely.

    The mSpy parental control software could be a suitable choice since it has all the essential features to track other individuals and stop people from being deceived or hounded online.

    Because the app permits users to know the whereabouts of the person who is needed, you’re always aware of their activities and ensure they’re secure.

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