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how to screenshot on apple watch

    An easy step-by-step tutorial to enable the screen capture feature and to take screenshots with Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

    The ability to capture a screenshot using Apple Watch could come in handy when you want to share the amazing design of your watch’s face, even a problem you’ve been experiencing or want to show off your workout or calories burned during an entire day.

    Furthermore, the benefit of snapping a photo using an Apple Watch is that it can be saved directly to your iPhone Photos application, which lets you instantly send it to the world in just a couple of minutes.

    In addition, it only requires two buttons to take a snapshot. But, before you snap a picture on the Apple Watch, you will need to enable the feature by default; the feature is off.

    How to Enable Screenshot Feature on Watch App

    (1) You must unlock your iPhone and launch the Watch application.

    (2) Go through your My Watch tab displayed at the top.

    (3) Choose the General option.

    (4) under General, look for the option to enable screenshots and click the toggle right next to it.

    (5) After you have enabled the option above, you can take screenshots of any device running watchOS.

    You can enable Screenshots via Apple Watch directly.

    The first step is to. First, you must unlock Your Apple Watch.
    You can access the main menu or the Home screen of the Apple Watch by using the Digital Crown.
    After that, you can launch after which, launch the Settings App.
    Then go to General.
    Click to open the Screenshots option.
    Scroll down to find and select the “Enable Screenshots” option and switch it on for the identical.

    Enable Apple Watch Screenshots Using iPhone.

    1. Start your Watch App for your iPhone.
    2. Navigate to My Watch. My Watch tab (if you aren’t already there) and then tap General.

    Be aware that if you have more than one Apple Watch, tap the All Watches option (located at the top-left corner of the My Watch tab) and choose the right smartwatch.

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, then switch on the switch to enable screenshots.

    How do you capture screenshots on the Apple Watch?

    Taking a picture is also easy. It’s actually like taking a screenshot using your iPhone. It is necessary to hit the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously. The screen will flash at a certain time after you take a photo. The photos will be uploaded directly to the photo app on your iPhone.

    What’s the resolution and format of Apple Watch screenshots?

    Similar to the iPhone, Your Apple Watch keeps the screenshots in PNG format. The resolution can differ depending on the model of your watch. For me, on the model I have, the Apple Watch SE, 44mm, the resolution of screenshots is 368 x 448. For the older model, smaller 42mm watches, the resolution can be down to 216 by 300 pixels.


    We’ll start by enabling the feature to take screenshots on the Apple Watch before proceeding with how to capture the screen.

    Then, you must open the lock on your Apple Watch and use the Digital Crown to access the main menu.
    Then, look at the Settings icon and tap it to start the menu.
    After that, tap then the “General” option.
    Scroll down to click “Screenshots” from the drop-down menu.
    Then, you can turn on the feature by pressing “Enable Screenshots.” When the icon is activated, the icon should change color to green.

    Find & Share Your Apple Watch Screenshots

    You’ll have access to your iPhone for viewing and sharing the images you capture using Your Apple Watch. Simply:

    Open your iPhone
    Visit the Photos application.
    You can now go to the Library or albums (Recents or Screenshots)

    If you’ve taken Apple Watch screenshots recently, they’ll show up at the top of your Library or in the Recents album within the Photos app. If the photos are older, you can go to the Screenshots album and scroll until you locate them.

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