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How to right click on a chromebook?

    As Chromebooks are similar to laptops, they also have trackpads or touchpads for those who prefer. You’ll notice that your Chromebook does not come with two buttons similar to the two buttons you are familiar with in Windows laptops.

    It can be challenging to figure out the right-click method (as well as additional functions). You may be thinking about whether right-clicking is even possible on Chromebooks. It does, and here’s how you accomplish it, along with other helpful suggestions.

    How To Right-Click on a Chromebook

    There are two methods to right-click on the Chromebook with the touchpad.

    The first method is to press once on the touchpad with two fingers. This will launch the right-click menu for any object that is in focus.

    If it’s not working, you’ll have to activate the feature.

    • You can access your settings by clicking the menu at the lower-right part of your display and then clicking the gear symbol.
    • This will trigger a setting window to appear. Then, scroll down and then click “Advanced.”
    • Select “Manage Accessibility Features.”
    • Under “Mouse and Touchpad,” choose “Open mouse and touchpad device settings.”
    • Click “Enable Tap to Click.”

    For instance, in the desktop area, the right-click menu allows you to change the wallpaper or shift the display to a new place, while on websites, the right-click menu displays options like copy, paste, and so on.

    Another (less well-known) method of right-clicking on the Chromebook is holding the Alt button and then touching the touchpad with one finger simultaneously. This will reveal the context menu for right-click.

    Automatic Right-Clicking

    If you cannot click manually or have difficulties using the clicker, Chromebooks have an option to click once you stop moving your cursor automatically. The feature is part of Google’s Chromebook accessibility options.

    To enable this option, head into The Settings menu and select”Device. Select the Advanced menu, select”Manage accessibility features,” and click the “Manage accessibility features” button. Scroll until”Mouse and touchpad” in the “Mouse and touchpad” section and turn on”Automatically click when the cursor stops. “Automatically click when the cursor stops.”

    There’s a menu in the upper right-hand corner. You can choose what happens when you stop moving your cursor. The second button to the left is called right-click. If you click on this button, you’ll automatically right-click after the cursor ceases to move.

    Right-Click Using a Keyboard Modifier

    It is also possible to perform a right-click by pressing the Alt key on your keyboard to change the behavior of a standard click on the touchpad. Press and hold “Alt” on the keyboard and then press the touchpad. That’s it. You’ve just executed a “right-click” on a Chromebook. In addition, if you’ve activated “Tap-to-click” from the previous section, you can hold Alt and tap anywhere on the touchscreen.

    Even though Chromebooks do not have a right button on their touchpad, there are methods to perform right-clicks to open the context menu that it hides.

    Make use of a mouse instead.

    Trackpads can be a pain; sometimes, it’s better to connect the mouse and use it instead. If you plug in a regular USB mouse to your Chromebook, you’ll notice that you can right-click the traditional way much more accessible.

    It may seem absurd; however, the most obvious options are sometimes the most effective.

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