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how to remove sim card from iphone

    A SIM card acts as the core of the phone. With this little device, you can use most of the functions your phone can perform. The SIM card is vital due to these reasons.

    It can store information, for example, billing and contact information.
    You can use it to call and make calls.
    It lets you use mobile internet.

    You’ve probably never previously needed to take out or replace the iPhone’s SIM card; you might be contemplating how to do it. It’s good that getting rid of a SIM card on your iPhone is as easy as locating your iPhone’s SIM slot and then using pins or any other pointed object to take it out.

    Even the most basic tasks, like taking out the SIM card on an iPhone, aren’t easy. This article will provide all information needed to remove a SIM card on an iPhone.

    Ejecting SIM Card

    Switch off the iPhone by holding and pressing the “Sleep/Wake” button until the “slide to power off” switch is displayed, then swipe the switch from left to right.
    If the device has it on its screen, find its SIM card tray to the right of the device.
    Insert the top of a paper clip into the SIM card hole to eject the card. It should be able to remove the SIM tray. The SIM tray should then eject.
    The SIM card from the SIM tray.

    What do I need to do to get rid of my SIM card on an iPhone?

    Be cautious when searching for an alternative to an unreplaced Apple SIM card pin. If you cause damage to the card tray on your iPhone, the repair price could run into hundreds of dollars. That is why various replacement pins are readily available at a low cost on Amazon. There are a few alternative pins that you can use in your home that professionals use also. Take a look at these SIM Eject Tool alternatives.

    Uncurl a small paperclip.

    Some iPhones come with SIM holes for ejectors with the exact dimensions and shape, but the majority often you’ll need the tool, which is small and uncurled, and paperclip all that you require to accomplish the task. Specific paper clips come with an extra-large girth that can keep a large amount of paper together.

    Select a smaller model to fit inside the SIM hole and not require the force of a large amount. Make sure to use a paperclip that does not contain a PVC coating because it could fall off in tight spaces and cause an additional headache. Find your SIM tray. Uncurl the paper clip, then place the long end on your iPhone’s ejection hole. The card should pop out without a lot of difficulties.

    Utilize a pin to secure your safety.

    Safety pins, like paper clips, vary in size and circumference. Choose the smallest size you can locate to ensure you get the perfect fit. They’re able to bend easily, so be sure you’re applying the force gently when you push them into the SIM card’s ejection hole.


    If you are using the most straightforward stainless-steel earrings that you can locate, Take off the back and push it into the slot. Avoid earrings with longer stems of gold as well as non-alloyed silver, which can break when you put them in the SIM slot for ejection.

    Do I take out my iPhone 5’s SIM card in a different manner in comparison to the other iPhone models?

    Yes, follow the same steps to remove the SIM card from every iPhone model. Every iPhone uses the nano-SIM size of SIM cards and includes a SIM card in the same place as the iPhone 5 located on the right edge of the right-hand edge of your iPhone. There are many concerns about getting rid of the iPhone 5 SIM card because it was the first iPhone with an ultra-light design. However, you must follow the same steps to take out your SIM card of the iPhone 5 as you would take it away from the SIM card of any iPhone model.

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    How to switch the SIM card

    In the beginning, you’ll require something to fit the tiny hole you’ve just found on the rear of the iPhone. The iPhone should include a small tool to open a SIM tray at the time you purchased the phone.

    An alternative to a SIM tool to eject is a paper clip or other object with a tiny tip that will fit in the SIM tray’s slot. Make sure that the tool you’re using to open the tray is a manageable size to be used for this purpose. We want to avoid scratching or damage to our iPhones during the process.

    Take these steps once you’ve located your SIM tray and have the proper device to complete the task:

    • Place your tool in the small hole and press lightly. Refrain from pressing too hard or bending the device.
    • Your SIM tray should be unlocked and slide out of the phone’s side.
    • Make sure you remove to remove the SIM tray. If your phone is equipped with a SIM card inside the tray, be sure that the card stays on during the process.
    • Take out your old SIM card, if there’s one. If you’re required to insert a brand new SIM card, insert it into the SIM tray with the correct side facing upwards. The SIM tray and the card are designed, so that it is impossible to insert the card incorrectly.
    • Ensure that the newly installed SIM card is placed correctly, and then insert the SIM tray into your phone. You can insert the tray in just one method, and don’t push it into it.
    • Make sure to push the tray until it’s complete, and check that it’s securely locked.
    • Done!

    How to Use Dual SIM Cards With Your iPhone

    If you own an iPhone XR or an iPhone XS older, or another model, you can utilize dual SIM cards on your iPhone. This is especially beneficial if you need a different number for personal and business calls. You may also choose an initial digit for every person in the address book.

    In the majority of countries, dual-SIM iPhone lets you make use of one nano-SIM card as well as one eSIM. But you could make use of two nano-SIM cards instead.

    An eSIM can be described as a digital SIM card. It doesn’t require you to connect it to your iPhone physically. Make use of any of the options below to set up an eSIM for your iPhone:

    Open the Camera, and then look up the QR code of your mobile.
    Download the carrier’s app through the App Store and follow the on-screen prompts.
    Go to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan > Enter Details Manually.

    If your iPhone has dual nano-SIM support, take off from the SIM tray and insert the nano-SIM cards on each side, with the connectors made of metal facing upwards. Replace the tray on your iPhone and navigate into settings > Cellular to view each phone number.

    The Future of eSIMs and the Digital Space

    The article aims to emphasize that, regardless of Apple or Android, the traditional forms of technology are advancing.

    Please look at how phones have evolved over the past couple of years: generally, they’re becoming more sleek, user-friendly, and well-designed in their form.

    In the end, significant modifications like eliminating the headphone connector have been standard on most high-end phones. It’s a trade-off; you can’t use wired headphones with most new phones. However, companies like Apple recognized that consumers would instead use a subset of wireless headphones than need cables.

    Innovative technologies like wireless charging are opening possibilities that could not need an outlet for charging in a few years. The question is whether or not this technology is going to be embraced by the masses is yet to be determined.

    What do I know is on my SIM iPhone card?

    To see what’s on your SIM cards on the iPhone, Open the Settings app and tap Cellular. Under Cellular Data Options, tap View Account. You’ll be presented with the items you have on the SIM card, including your number, account type, and data usage.

    Can I back up my contacts to my iPhone’s SIM card?

    No. Contacts can’t be saved to the phone’s SIM card. However, you can import information from an older SIM card. However, importing or syncing contacts via the cloud might be more straightforward using a computer or software.

    Do iPhone SIM cards store texts?

    The iPhone cannot import texts or read messages stored on a SIM card that was used on an alternative phone. Furthermore, the iPhone cannot store any information stored on SIM cards. SIM card.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re planning to replace or replace the SIM or even add the new one, it’s helpful to know how to remove the Sim Card from your iPhone. It is essential to have a SIM removal tool before beginning. In addition, we suggest that you disable the iPhone also.

    Apart from the iPhone that comes from Mainland China which has two SIMs on each side, The single SIM iPhones feature a distinct tray, which is situated on the right-hand side of the phone. When this SIM tray is taken off, you can insert another one.

    However, you must be cautious when taking off it and putting in a new SIM since the device may be easily damaged If you’re not careful.

    If you try to force the SIM tray to be inserted again, you could break the contact pins on the logic board. This could completely block you from connecting to a network—iPhone in connecting with networks. Also, look at our complete guide on how To Unlock Sim Card from iPhone for the full details.

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