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how to remove permanent marker from plastic

    If you’ve got a bag of sharpies, your kids will likely draw everywhere – the furniture, walls, and even clothes. What do you do should they want to apply their new markers on things you aren’t able to wash or dry? If it’s glass or plastic (or maybe even steel), There’s an easy method to get rid of Sharpie marks off any surface.

    In this post, I’ll teach you how to eliminate Sharpie permanent markers off almost any surface made of plastic.

    Let’s get started.

    Here are the most effective ways to clean permanent marker stains off the plastic

    This list of the best ways can remove marker stains permanently from your plastics for excellent. Although there aren’t all methods that will work with every kind of marker, we’ve got five stain removers below that have proved effective in removing stains on markers, pens, and other writing tools we use daily.

    Toothpaste and Baking Soda

    Baking soda and toothpaste are a classic combination for eliminating stains. The abrasives present in toothpaste eliminate the color with one swipe.

    Mix one portion of toothpaste with one part of baking soda.

    Clean an old toothbrush into this mixture and then rub it with a circular movement, rubbing the stained area.

    Repeat until all streaks disappear. Use a damp cloth to clean the paste.

    Applying Bathroom Soap

    If you don’t possess any alcohol in your home, you could opt for any decent ol soap for the bathroom. The soap we commonly use to wash our hands can eliminate permanent markers from any surface made of plastic.

    To accomplish this, you must first spread the soap on the stained area and scrub it well. Once you’ve completed cleaning, rinse the soap off using warm water. Then, wipe the bottle using a clean towel to test the outcomes.

    If the Stain is slightly removed, you may repeat the procedure until it’s obvious.

    Utilizing dry-erase markers

    Are dry-erase markers able to be removed from permanent markers? Here’s a short and easy trick to remove permanent tags from plastic.

    Essential items:

    Clean Rag or Paper Towel

    Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover

    Dry Erase Marker

    How to take permanent marker off the plastic using a dry-erase marker

    Start by scribbling on the permanent marker using Dry erase markers.

    The permanent marker should be wiped and covered using dry-erase tags.

    The majority of all permanent ink is likely gone.

    Clean up any residue left by applying either nail polish or rubbing alcohol remover, then rub it off with a dirty rag.

    Another method to remove Sharpie from the plastic is to apply dry-erase markers on the top. Dry-erase tags work since it contains alcohol and creates friction that causes Sharpie to erase. Sharpie to fade.

    Here’s the way to go:

    Paint over the Sharpie with a dry-erase marker and cover the Sharpie well

    Cleanse with an abrasive sponge or dry eraser

    Non-Toxic Ways To Get Sharpies Off Plastic

    There are a variety of household products that are non-toxic and can get rid of Sharpie staining.

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser While it is true that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might contain harmful ingredients, it’s non-toxic. It can be used to clean up most surface stains.

    Toothpaste (Or Baking Soda) The combination of baking soda can help remove Sharpie staining from most surfaces. Rub the Stain using baking soda toothpaste. Could you clean it up using a moist cloth?

    Vinegar Vinegar Vinegar is an organic stain remover as well as a cleaner. Make use of it the same way as rub alcohol – applying it to Sharpie marks before wiping it off.

    Peroxide: Wet a cotton ball using peroxide to remove Sharpie from the plastic. Rinse it off with water following.

    Nail Polish Remover

    When the material is not porous, it is possible to use nail polish remover to remove the staining caused by the marker. Because it contains acetone, it can alter the texture and the color of the cleaned surface.

    Put a few drops of nail polish remover onto a clean towel.

    Pat firmly on the mark.

    Then, take a clean cloth. Do not wholly dampen it. Wet one portion of your towel, then rub it on the area going to get cleaned.

    Repeat the process until the permanent marker stain is gone.

    It is possible to use towels that absorb moisture to dry the surfaces.

    Make sure to wear gloves before cleaning and after removing the staining of markers, as some of the solvents can irritate the skin.

    Making the Stain disappear using Toothpaste Bake Soda and Salt

    Toothpaste is among the most versatile cosmetics. It can be utilized in various ways to make your life simpler, cleaner, and more efficient. Did you consider that toothpaste can serve numerous other applications that are not directly connected to oral health?

    One of the ways is to get the Sharpie off of plastic. Rub some paste over the Stain and rinse it with water and lukewarm, then dry it with an old towel or a cloth. It will be apparent how simple it is.

    How do you take Sharpie to stay off of the wall?

    The majority of parents have experienced at the very least one permanent marker mishap through the decades. Since most walls are painted, it’s typically relatively simple to repair because paint can hold off permanent ink well. However, Peters explains that you should refrain from using products likely to remove the painting. “You’ll want to avoid things like nail polish remover as it shares many of the same ingredients as paint removers!”

    Dry-erase marker “While it might seem counterproductive to use another marker on your walls, this trick can be very effective and puts very little stress on the paint,” Peters explains. Peters. “Triple make sure to ensure that your marker dry erase marker, not an Sharpie. The most important thing you don’t want to do is create more problems!”

    Mark the permanent marker mark using Dry erase markers.

    Wipe off!

    Windex and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers “Some folks swear by this technique,” says Peters. “The good thing is that many people own both of these products, and it’s a staple component of our cleaning kit. It’s also safe for walls that have been painted.”

    Spray the walls with Windex or another glass cleaner. There is no need to be hesitant, and you are free to apply as much as you require.

    Clean the area with your Magic Eraser using a lot of pressure.

    Then rotate around the Magic Eraser as ink spills from the wall and onto the eraser.

    How do I take the marker off the whiteboard by using these steps?

    Theoretically, The same procedures described above will work on both plastic and whiteboard surfaces. The majority of home-brewed methods, such as hairspray or nail polish remover and so on. are powerful enough to take away permanent markers from whiteboards.

    However, whiteboard surfaces are not all composed of plastic. Sometimes, they are made of reflective melamine or another substance reflected on their surface. If this is the case, exercise extra care when handling any chemicals that could harm the whiteboard.

    The reactive chemical like the baking soda process, hydrogen peroxide, and the magic eraser sponge could not be a good choice for whiteboards made of different materials than plastic.

    In other words, the procedure and techniques for cleaning whiteboards are similar to removing a marker from plastic surfaces. The most popular method is the dry-erase marker technique, which is discussed at the start of this article.

    How do you get rid of permanent marker ink off your skin?

    The fastest method to remove permanent marker ink off your skin is with ruby alcohol. Apply it to your skin with an unbleached cotton ball, keep it for a couple of seconds and then rub it until the ink disappears.

    How do you remove permanent marker staining from walls?

    If you don’t have rubbing or a Melamine foam (magic eraser), You can use hairspray, nail polish remover, or hand cleanser. But, whatever product you choose, be sure not to scrub too vigorously because it could remove some paint from the wall.

    What happens if I have a permanent marker stain that I cannot remove?

    There will be occasions (hopefully not frequently!) that permanent markers leave the Stain that you cannot remove, regardless of the amount of nail polish remover or elbow grease you employ. You can think of many removal techniques to remove permanent marker oils, magical eraser baby oils, makeup removal wipes, alcohol isopropyl, Abrasive cleaners, etc. But specific permanent marker staining is permanent. There’s an explanation for why it’s called “permanent ink.”

    In these situations, it is possible to think of some creative ways. Turn the ink stains on walls into a seemingly-intentional design and add more to it rather than remove it. Make use of additional permanent markers to create a tie-dye t-shirt when you’re unable to wash the marker stains off. Be creative in these situations, and you’ll be amazed by how happy it is!


    There are many effective methods for removing permanent markers on plastic surfaces. Some techniques are more effective on various types of plastic. However, all of them should be able to fight off stains.

    If none of these methods are effective against the permanent marker lines you’re trying to remove off your plastic surface, it is possible that the marker has been on the surface for too long, and it may be too late for you to erase the marks.

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