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How to remove card from apple pay?

    To remove your Debit Card using Apple Watch, go to “Wallet” and then select your Debit Card. Then hold the “Delete” button to delete your Debit Card. Using the Apple Watch application, you can also delete your Debit Card from your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch application, select “Wallet & Apple Pay, ” then your Debit Card. Navigate to the bottom, and tap “Remove Card.”

    Take out a payment option from your iPhone/iPad.

    • Open the Settings app.
    • Select your name.
    • Select Shipping & Payment. You may be asked to sign up with your Apple ID.
    • Click on the payment option you want to change, then Edit. You may be asked to enter the security code on your debit or credit cards. Apple Pay will appear after the last four digits of your card number. Go to the Wallet to modify the card information.
    • To remove a payment method, select Edit and click the Delete option.

    Remove a payment method on your Mac

    • The App Store is open.
    • Click the Sign In or Name button.
    • Go to Account Settings.
    • Click Manage Payments next to Payment Info. (If you are running an older macOS version than the current one, click Edit next To Payment Type.
    • Click Edit, then click Remove Payment Method.

    Apple Watch

    • Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone
    • Go to the My Watch tab
    • Scroll down, and tap Wallet & Apple Pay
    • Tap the Card. Scroll down and tap Remove Card.
    • Apple Pay lets you remove your Card at any time by clicking:

    Then, select Settings and then Wallet & Apple Pay
    Select Card, then Remove

    You cannot remove a payment mode if it isn’t possible.

    If you have subscriptions such as iCloud+, an unpaid balance or use purchase sharing, keeping at least 1 payment method on file is important.

    • Have you signed up for a subscription? You can cancel iCloud+ as well as cancel other Apple subscriptions. After your subscription ends, you can remove your payment method.
    • If you’re a Family Sharing member and you use purchase-sharing, the family organizer must keep a payment method file. If you are the Family Organizer, turn off Purchase Sharing and delete the payment method.
    • A payment method you cannot remove because of an unpaid balance may not be available. Instead, change your payment method.

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