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How to remove addresses from amazon?

    Do you need help with multiple addresses in your Amazon Account? Delete all unused addresses to ensure the list is neat and tidy. This will be done on Amazon desktop and mobile.

    Amazon’s home delivery service is one of the best. You can expect most deliveries to arrive within two days if your Prime subscription allows it. You may have forgotten to update your Amazon account information after you move. You want your deliveries to go to something other than your old address. Here’s how to delete Amazon addresses.

    How to change your default address for digital orders on Amazon

    If you wish to delete an email address used for digital products and services (ex., Amazon Prime), it is necessary that you first change the default address.

    Follow these steps to change your default address to make digital Amazon purchases.

    You can access the Amazon address book by going to the Amazon website.
    Click the Remove Account button from the Address Card.
    You can modify your address by clicking on the link.
    Choose another residential address other than those you’ve added to Amazon. Or enter a completely new address in this field.

    Please note that the link to modify your default address will only work if you use the right Amazon store. You can update your address by visiting the global Amazon site.

    Many Amazon customers who recently moved to a different country need help to change their default address.

    How to Remove Addresses from Amazon

    • Amazon allows you to delete an address saved from Windows, Mac, Linux, Linux, or Chromebook.
    • Start your favourite web browser from your computer. Then, visit the Amazon website to get going. Log in to your website account.
    • Move your cursor to the top-right corner “Account & Lists” menu. The submenu below will be displayed.
    • You can access Amazon by clicking on “Account & Lists.”
    • Click “Account” in the submenu.
    • Scroll down to “Ordering Preferences and Shopping Preferences” on the page “Your Account”. Here, click “Your Addresses”.
    • Choose “Your Addresses”, the menu option.
    • All your saved addresses may be viewed on the “Your Addresses” tab. Select the address you want to be changed. Click “Remove” at the bottom, to remove that address.
    • To edit an address, select the “Edit” option instead of deleting it.
    • A prompt will appear to confirm the removal. To delete your address, click here.
    • There won’t be any more prompts. Make sure you want to delete the address.
    • When asked to confirm the removal of your items, click “Yes”.
    • Your address was successfully removed, as shown by the “Address Removed” notification.
    • Amazon has removed that address.

    Using the Mobile App

    You can remove any saved address from an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone using the Amazon app.

    First, open the Amazon App on your smartphone. Sign in to your Amazon account through the app.

    • Tap the user icon at the app’s bottom.
      Tap the “Your account” button at the top.
      Tap “Your Account”.
      Scroll down until you reach the section called “Account Settings.” Next, click “Your Addresses”.
      Select “Your address” from the “Account Settings” Section.
      All saved addresses are listed on the page “Your Addresses”. Locate the address to be removed and click “Remove”.
    • Tap “Remove from Address”
    • Tap “Yes” on the prompt to “Confirm Removal”.

    How to add and manage addresses

    You can edit, add, or delete addresses for upcoming orders. An order can be made easier by choosing a default address.

    Please visit Your addresses.
    You can choose one of these:

    • To add a second address, click Add address. Next time you use the updated address to place an order, you will be prompted to verify your credit card information.
    • Select Edit or Delete below the address to be changed.
    • To assign a default URL, click on the link below that corresponds to the URL.
    • No shipping address will be modified for open orders or wish lists by updating an address in the account.

    Change Your Order Information provides information on changing the shipping address for open orders. To modify your wishlist, visit Create Your List.

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