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how to remove activation lock without previous owner

    Used iPhones or iPads have become attractive for more individuals, mainly due to the largest cellphone manufacturer, Apple, offering official purchasing channels. But, there are plenty of buyers of new phones via acquaintances who sell their Apple gadgets. How do you remove the Find My iPhone activation lock without the prior owner? It’s now the center of the attention of many.

    There are many reasons for this, and recovery is often a struggle. Fortunately, many solutions and options help you deal with the issue. This article will teach you a few simple and powerful methods to get rid of the lock that activates, regardless of the assistance you’ve received from the previous owner.

    What Is Activation Lock and Why iPhone Locked to Owner

    If this is the first time purchasing an iPhone or iPad and you are facing the issue of unlocking the activation, it is possible to to learn more about what it is and why your iPhone/iPad has been locked to the owner.

    The lock that activates your device is a security measure that Apple added to its devices. The feature safeguards your device and data should your device be lost or stolen. If someone steals your phone and attempts to use it, it will flash an Activation Lock. If they try to reset the device using the iTunes app, the application will request the previous owner’s account credentials.

    If they cannot input the iCloud login credentials, the iPhone will remain at the Activation Lock screen. In essence, this means that the iPhone will require the account logins from the initial owner to prove that they’re the person trying to gain access to the device’s content.

    What is the best way to get around the iPhone tied to its owner? Since you can’t get the iCloud login details via the former owner, we present four tested methods to unlock the lock on activation without a prior owner in this article.

    How do I Bypass the Activation Lock Without a Previous Owner?

    If your iPhone or iPad is locked to the owner, the only way to eliminate this restriction is to give the login credentials to the iCloud account that isn’t used, and no one else has access to the device.

    However, several unofficial methods exist to eliminate the activation lock of FMI (Find My iPhone). This article will show removing the activation lock without the prior owner.

    Activation Lock Removal Tool

    If you have purchased an iCloud iPhone or iPad that was locked by an earlier owner, the simplest and fastest way to activate the device is by using the top-quality activation lock bypass program WooTechy iSalvor. It comes with three advanced and secure Apple lock removal options to remove the iCloud-activated lock, screen Lock, SIM Lock, and more on iPhone or iPad.

    With WooTechy ISalvor, with just three easy steps, you cancan unlock an iPhone or iPad that is locked and reactivate a locked iPad without an Apple account or password. Once you have opened it, you can access your iOS device using any Apple ID, and your device won’t be monitored or erased remotely by the previous owner.

    Could you connect with the owner before you do?

    If, after trying several methods, you’re still struggling to open the lock after you’ve located contacts of the prior owner of your iPhone at some point, it is possible to ask for his removal of the lock that activates. Because the previous owner of your iPhone may not be physical, you cannot remove the activation lock from your phone remotely. This is how you can do it.

    Step 1: Contact the previous owner to go on the official site of iCloud. Then, log into the service using Apple ID credentials.

    Step 2: Click”All Devices “All Devices” icon and choose “Find My iPhone.” Then, select the iPhone device that you wish to unlock.

    3. Tap on the “Erase Device” icon and choose”Remove from Account “Remove from Account” icon.

    Using Apple iPhone Unlock Service

    Apple iPhone Unlock is a rapid iCloud activation lock remover for no cost in 2023. It can help you get iCloud unlocked in just two days. It can help you remove the lock on iCloud, making it possible to reaccess your phone.

    How to Use:

    Go to the Apple iPhone Unlock.

    Enter the iPhone model and theIMEI number for the iPhone that needs to be unlocked.

    After that, you’ll be required to pay for the service based on the mode of your device. It will take a minimum of 1-3 days to unlock your iCloud account locked.


    To get around the iPhone tied to the original owner without a computer or DNS bypass, you should take these instructions:

    Install the iPhone as a fresh device, then wait until you are on the Wi-Fi Settings page.

    2. Connect to Wi-Fi networks and then tap the eye icon next to your network’s name.

    3. Select the “Configure DNS” option and select the manual option at the top. Then, choose one of these DNS values:

    – DNS1:

    – DNS2:

    – DNS3:

    4. Return and go ahead, and you’ll be at the screen for unlocking.

    Be aware that this technique might not be 100% effective every time. Moreover, you may need to attempt the method several times to be successful.

    Request Apple Support to Remove iCloud Activation Lock.

    If you do not have access to the device’s original owner, then you could contact Apple to assist you in removing the Activation lock from your device. However, Apple will help only when you have evidence that you bought or received the device.

    If you have purchased the device, you must supply Apple with evidence of purchase, such as an invoice. The receipt includes the serial number of your device and your name.

    If the Genius bar changes your device’s serial number, you’ll need to send your Service Communication with the details of the previous and the new serial number.

    If you have inherited the device, you’ll be required to present the death Certificate and proof of your relationship with the deceased. It is also possible to give the original purchase document.

    When you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, visit Apple Support to start an Activation Lock support ticket to remove your Activation Lock from your device.

    How do I remove Apple ID from an iPhone without the prior owner?

    If you own an iPhone, you can use EaseUS MobiUnlock’s Unlock Apple ID to help remove this Apple ID from the iPhone. You must be aware of your device’s passcode to enable your iPhone.

    Could the previous owner assist me in removing the activation lock screen from the iPad?

    You may ask your previous owner to provide you with an iOS device’s passcode used to access the Activation Locks webpage. Also, you can request the former owner to delete your device from Apple ID. Check out how to Bypass the Activation Lock for more information on unlocking your iPhone following the factory reset.

    Does Apple Support unlock an unlocked iPhone without losing data?

    No. If you have proof of purchase, you may call Apple Support to remove the password from the device. However, this erases all data stored on the iPhone.

    Do I have the ability to continue to use the device as usual without the activation lock removed?

    You can utilize the device as usual and create a fresh Apple ID through the App Store for downloading apps using Wi-Fi. However, certain features will not be available after the removal, including the phone, cellular c, andCloud on the new Apple ID from Settings.

    Final Words

    Now, you know the numerous methods to get around the activation lock. Therefore, if you have an issue requiring an activation lock, you’ll have several options to overcome the problem. Choose the best procedure and method based on your situation and the availability of resources. You must disengage the activation lock before selling your device if you’re selling. Returning your phone to the factory default settings will not result in problems.

    To Disable Activation Lock:

    Navigate to Settings and tap your name at the top > Tap iCloud. Tap”Find My iPhone > Toggle the “Find My iPhone” > You will need to enter the Apple ID password.

    To Reset The Device:

    Select settings General > Reset. Select “erase all settings” >Give confirmation. Wait until the process is completed.

    This article helps you figure out how to move your Find My iPhone/ iPad Lock. Lock with no previous owner.

    The complete iOS software can help iPhone, iPad, and iPod users unlock lost passwords, get rid of iCloud Activation, open Apple IDs, unlock SIM Locks, and other similar functions. It would help if you avail yourself of any free tests before using this application. It will give you an idea of whether the tool will satisfy all your needs.

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