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how to remove activation lock on apple watch

    iCloud activation lock is a useful feature that blocks unauthorized people from accessing the Apple Watch and other iDevices if stolen. But, this feature could need fixing for some users if you purchase a used Apple Watch and find out that it’s linked to the original owner’s iPhone. If you don’t use the correct Apple ID, you’ll be unable to use the Watch.

    This is when the Apple Watch activation lock bypass is introduced. This article is ideal for you if you’ve had to deal with an unlocked Apple wearable. In this post, we’ll guide you on how to get around this Lock on activation of iCloud on the Apple watch.


    As previously mentioned, Activation Lock is a component of the Find My service. It connects the device you’re trying to lock with the Apple ID; if someone attempts to restore it without disconnecting it to the Apple ID, they’ll be incapable of doing anything with it. It’s an unusable brick.


    If you’re using watchOS 2. x or higher on your Apple Watch, Activation Lock automatically turns on when you first set up your device. You can verify this using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or iCloud.

    How to Check If Activation Lock is Enabled on Apple Watch

    It’s an excellent idea to verify that your Lock in the Apple Watch is true, the activation lock. Check this on the iPhone with which the Apple Watch was paired.

    Open Apple Watch on your iPhone. Apple Watch app on the iPhone.

    Choose from the My Watch tab and choose your Apple Watch from the list.

    Tap the information icon beside the Watch to access the Watch details.

    If you can see Find My Apple Watch as one of the options, then your Apple Watch has an activation lock enabled.

    You’ll need to discover a way to unlock your Watch.

    How to Bypass the Apple Watch Activation Lock?

    Once the Lock is taken off, and the Lock is removed, you’ll be able to pair the Watch with your Apple ID and iPhone.

    Use the Paired iPhone to Bypass the Activation Lock on an Apple Watch.

    Being the original user of the gadget and having access to an iPhone, which the Apple Watch was paired with, the original owner can remove the Watch from their iPhone. This will take away the activation lock on the iOS device. They will require access to the Apple Watch app on their iPhones.

    Using the Apple Watch app, the owner of the original Watch can remove their Watch from the list of watches available in the app. When the Watch is unlocked Watch has been released, Apple can be sure that the Watch is not the property of anyone else, and they will be able to remove the Lock from the device, all from a distance. The original owner must follow these steps to accomplish this.

    Step 1. Bring the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch close to each one.

    Step 2. Begin Step 2. Open the Apple Watch on the iPhone, Click on My Watch, and tap on the icon for information next to the locked Watch. Watch.

    Step 3. Choose the option that says Unpair Apple Watch. This will erase Apple Watch from the iPhone.

    Step 4. Enter the iCloud login then your Watch will be deleted.

    The activation lock needs to be removed. Your Apple Watch is now ready to pair with any iPhone.

    Use iCloud to Remove The Activation Lock From An Apple Watch.

    When the initial Apple Watch owner cannot come and remove the Activation Lock from the Apple Watch, or if they’ve been unable to locate their iPhone and do not have a way to unplug the Watch, you can make use of iCloud to unblock the Activation Lock remotely. iCloud provides an online interface through which you can access all of the iCloud features you can use for devices running iOS devices.

    The most popular of these options is to locate the Apple ID-linked devices, such as the Apple Watch, and erase and then remove the Apple Watch from the account. This way, the original owner could erase the Watch and remove them from the account.

    How to Get Around Activation Lock on the Apple Watch with Apple ID

    When you have your Apple ID, you won’t have to enter an IMEI code to open your Apple watch. There are various methods to get around activating the Lock of an Apple watch with the authentic Apple ID.

    Way 1. Use a Paired iPhone for iWatch activation bypassing the Lock

    If you owned an iPhone connected to Apple Watch before it got locked, you wouldn’t need to go through a lot of effort to open it. Hold your Apple watch to the iPhone and click “My Watch.” Then, next to the Watch’s face, press the “i” button and click “Unpair Apple Watch” on the next screen. This will let you access your Apple watch and connect it to any other device you like.

    Way 2. Utilizing iCloud for activation lock on iWatch for bypass

    It is also possible to perform an iWatch activation lock bypass by accessing iCloud credentials. To achieve this, visit on your computer and log in using your iCloud credentials to connect with the Apple Watch. After you’ve logged into your account, you’ll need to remove your Apple Watch from the connected devices list to unblock the activation lock for iCloud.

    Way 3. Get in touch with the original owner to get bypass the activation lock on the iWatch

    Another method to get around the iCloud activation lock on the Apple Watch can be to reach out to the original owners of the item. If you purchased the Watch from a relative or family, you might ask them to delete their Apple device from the iCloud account. This will immediately take away all iCloud Activation Lock, and you’ll be able to pair the Watch with any iPhone or iPad you’d like.

    How do you bypass Apple Watch Activation Lock with a password?

    Another method of performing a manual Apple Watch iCloud unlock is through an online iCloud dashboard. If you can access an iCloud account, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Open an internet browser on your device, navigate to and sign up.

    Step 2: Select”Settings. “Settings” app from the list menu.

    Step 3: Step #3 – Under “My Devices,” locate your Watch.

    Step 4: Finally, step #4 – Click the “X “X” icon and confirm that you wish to delete your iCloud account from the Watch by selecting “Remove.”

    If you prefer to take things on your own, or you don’t have the money to hire an expert for help, this is the easiest method to get around this Apple Watch unlocking Lock. Of course, if you own a second-hand gadget and need to be made aware of the iCloud account information, it won’t work.

    What can I do to verify that my device is activated apple watch activated?

    If you own an Apple Watch that’s running watchOS seven, or later, you’ll need to go through the following steps to see whether the activation lock Apple watch is turned on for your device:

    1. On your iPhone start watching on your iPhone. Watch app.

    2. Click on the My Watch tab.

    3. Scroll down, then tap Security.

    4. Under the ACTIVATION Lock section, Tap the switch next to the button to Activate the Lock.

    If Activation Lock is already enabled on your Apple Watch, you will receive a notification saying it’s turned on. If not, activating it will activate Activation Lock on your device.

    How do I reset the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2?

    The process of resetting is quick and simple:

    Step 1. It would help if you waited for your smartwatch to turn on.

    Step 2. If you are presented with the screen for the startup, You should hold your Digital Crown for several seconds.

    Step 3. There is a Restart Setup option on the display, so click the Reset button.

    Step 4. Make sure to wait until the smartwatch resets.

    Can you take off the Apple ID Activation Lock without the previous owner?

    Of course, you can. If you can get in touch with an earlier owner for any reason, you may make use of EaseUS MobiUnlock to assist you in getting rid of the Apple ID Activation Lock quickly and securely. Alternatively, you could contact the original owner to find out if he can assist you in removing your account.

    How do I check If Activation Lock is Enabled on my iPhone?

    There are two methods to verify if the activation lock of your iPhone is turned on.

    Method 1. Start your Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap onto My Watch > tap on your Apple Watch icon > Press the Info button beside it. Please choose the option to locate My Apple Watch. If you see that your Apple Watch icon is present, it means the activation lock has been activated.

    Way 2: Sign in to iCloud Find my iPhone > Choose All Devices. If you see your Apple Watch icon, the activation has been enabled.

    How can I disable this Activation Lock without Apple ID?

    It isn’t possible to turn off the Activation Lock when you don’t recall the details of your Apple ID, but you can get rid of this Lock by using your Apple ID using some third-party unlockers, such as EaseUS MobiUnlock. Also, you can use certain online services. However, it could cost you a few hundred dollars. If you’re not worried about searching for specific services from Google by typing Turn Off Activation Lock online or iCloud activation removal service online. Select one that is suitable out of the result.


    If you have read this article, you may have gained a complete understanding of how to get rid of the activation lock without the password of the previous owner. Suppose you purchase an old iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with an activation lock. In that case, I’d like to offer one tip: download an evaluation version of the activation lock bypass tool that will get rid of the activation lock screen without assistance from the former owner. In addition, compatibility should be fine! Download it and test it!

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