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How to Remove a Watermark from a Photo: 3 Nifty Ways

Watermarks on images are essential to protecting one’s intellectual property. But there might come a time when you need this watermark gone. For instance, you need a clean copy of your photo for some project, but for some reason you only have a watermarked one. Since there is little chase you can recreate the image, you might be left wondering how to get rid of the digital signature. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do it. And in this article we’ll tackle a handful of them. So if you are in a desperate need to remove a watermark from your own – and only your own – image, let’s not waste another minute and jump right in. 

  1. Get Rid of a Watermark with Photoshop

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “photo editing” is Photoshop. It is understandable, since this Adobe giant has been synonymous with post production for decades. This software is peerless performance- and toolkit-wise. So let’s have a look at how to use it to clear your image of any branding.

Once you open your photo within Photoshop and zoom in to see the watermark better. Pick the Healing Brush tool and carefully paint over the logo. This brush is content aware and it will conceal the watermark almost seamlessly. In case the watermark is rather sizable, consider going with the Clone Stamp. Simply mark the area to be cloned, and paint over the logo with careful strokes. Finally, save your clean photo. 

This doesn’t seem to be that much of a task, provided that you know your way around Photoshop’s confusing interface. And that you have a subscription to this notoriously expensive piece of software. But if you are fine with these conditions, then Photoshop is the perfect tool for any cause. 

  1. Remove a Watermark in PhotoWorks

In case you need a program with a toolkit similar to Photoshop but that wouldn’t inflict that much damage on your wallet, then go with PhotoWorks. This AI-powered photo editor boasts both a comprehensive host of essential tools, as well as a collection of advanced instruments that allow for color and exposure correction, photo stylization, portrait retouching, easy background change, and whatnot. Let’s try PhotoWorks in action and remove a branding logo with it. 

After you open your image in it, switch to the Retouch tab and pick the Healing Brush. This tool will work well if the watermark you have is placed against a plain background. Set the size and feather for the brush and gently paint over the watermark until it is covered. 

In case the watermark is considerable in size or is placed against a more complex background (like pattern or texture), then the Clone Stamp is the right weapon of choice. Once again, set the size for it, make a selection over the logo, then choose a donor area that would seamlessly conceal said logo. 

If the watermark you want to get rid of is located somewhat near the edge of your image, then cropping is another way to deal with the problem. Switch to the Tools tab and pick the Crop tool. Browse through available cropping presets or simply freehand the cropping to leave the logo out of the frame. This way you can not only get rid of the watermark, but also improve the composition of your photo. 

As you can see, getting rid of a watermark is a cakewalk with PhotoWorks. What’s more, this photo editor does not cost a fortune. So if you need an efficient Windows-based program to perfect your images, give it a try. 

  1. Delete a Watermark with Inpaint

In case you have no desire or opportunity to install and study new software, then consider removing the watermark online. For instance, you can go with Inpaint, a web-based service (it also has a desktop version). Let’s see how the online version functions. 

First, you need to upload your image to the site. Now simply paint over the logo you want to delete and hit Erase. The service will analyze your selection and get rid of the distraction in a snap. Once you are through with cleaning your picture, be sure to click Download to get your watermarkless image. 

The Inpaint method seems like the easiest of the bunch, however it might still pose a couple of problems. First off, you need a stable Internet connection to use the service. And second – once you upload your photo to the website, it might be subjected to a potential privacy breach.
Well, now you know how to remove any unwanted branding from your images. In case you need more options, make sure to learn how to get rid of watermarks on photos in a bunch of other ways. And in the meantime be sure to only attempt at erasing a logo from your own pictures. Any other usage of these methods will be a violation of a law and we do not endorse it.

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