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How to Recover Contacts on Android Phone

    Do you need help with restoring lost contacts from Android? Contacts play an integral role in everyday life. They benefit from keeping all of our vital contacts and relations. Inadvertently deleting an individual contact, losing information caused by phone malfunctions or having your data erased when flashing data can result in unpleasant and unsettling events that can keep you trying to find lost information.

    Don’t fret; there are various solutions for restoring deleted contacts and getting access back to vital data. This article will look at four of the most widely utilized methods to restore deleted contacts on contacts on phones. We’ll explore it to find out more!

    How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers on Android by Unhiding Contacts

    If your Android phone is running in guest mode and your contacts are not being properly stored or the contact app is corrupt, faulty, or corrupted, your phone may be hiding certain information by default. How can you restore deleted contacts without having a Google account by unhiding contacts?

    Open your Contacts App. Click on the 3-dot icon, or click on it via the “More” choice in the right-hand corner.

    Select “Settings” from the resulting dropdown menu.

    On the “Contacts Settings” screen, go to”Contacts Settings” and then click on the “Contacts to display” choice.

    The next screen will appear. Select the option that allows you to display all the contacts.

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Android Devices

    The steps below will benefit you in retrieving deleted contacts from the Android phone:

    Launch the Contacts application.

    Click on Fix and Manage in the lower right.

    Tap on Trash.

    Contacts deleted within the past 30 days will appear on this page.

    Click on the dots located in the upper left corner.

    Tap on Select.

    Then, choose the contacts you would like to restore by tapping them.

    Do the same thing with three dots.

    Tap on Recover.

    How can I retrieve contacts from a new phone using Gmail?

    If you upgrade to a new Android phone, how do you recover phone numbers from your old handset? Google Contacts could help recover contacts if you’ve activated the Google sync before. All it would help if you did is log in with the details of your Gmail account. It is possible to utilize Google Contacts, which is the Google Contacts app. Still, it is also possible to use the Google Contacts webpage, which is also accessible in case you lose your phone.

    It is important to be aware that this method will only retrieve contacts that have been removed in the last 30 days. If the time limit is not met, exploring other options described in this post is possible. Here are the procedures for getting old contacts into a new phone through the Google Contacts webpage.

    Step 1. Start by opening your Google Contacts website on your PC and sign in using the details of your Google account.

    Step 2. Scroll to the bottom and select Further Opportunity from the left. There are additional options. Choose Undo modifications.

    Step 3. The window will open, asking you to select the date. Pick a time that is adequate for the situation, then choose Undo.

    Step 4. Click on Google and then click Restore contacts to restore those contacts that were deleted.

    How to Recover Deleted Android Contacts on PC, Mac, or Chromebook

    Visit your Google Contacts website in a web browser on your computer, Mac, or Chromebook to sign up for your Google account details.

    Once you’ve been signed into your account, select Bin or Trash on the menu on your left (depending upon your location).

    Choose any contacts you’ve deleted within the Bin or Trash folder within the past 30 days and wish to recover.

    To restore contacts, click Recover on the upper right.

    Contacts restored will be added to your Google contacts list right away. You may have to allow your device time to update the contacts so that deleted contacts appear on your device.

    If your recovered Android contacts do not appear after a brief period, you should check the settings for sync in your device’s settings to confirm that the adjustments you make are syncing properly. If you’re still unable to sync, you might need to add the contacts on your smartphone manually; however, this creates duplicate contacts, and you’ll have to remove the previous one afterwards.

    Why Can’t I Restore Android Contacts on Google?

    Recovery of deleted Android contacts from Google could be an easy process, but you may encounter problems in some situations. These are the main causes of failure:

    There must be a sign-in to the proper Google account associated with your Android phone and contacts.

    Google Contacts retains deleted contacts for 30 days. If you try to retrieve deleted contacts within this timeframe, you’ll be unable to recover the deleted contacts.

    A corrupted or insufficient Google Contacts backup can hinder recovery.

    Google limits the amount and size of contacts you can save. There is a twenty-five thousand contact entries limit or 20MB of data storage.

    If you’ve tried these possible issues but can’t retrieve your contacts from memory on your phone, think about an application for data recovery, such as FondPaw Android Data Recovery, to find and restore deleted contacts on your Android phone.

    Are there ways to recover deleted contacts on my SIM card?

    If you’ve saved your contacts to Google Contacts or Cloud drive like iCloud, you can recover them anytime. If you do not have backups, you could try together any data recovery software to recover your SIM card’s contesting a contact to end the contact.

    Eliminating a contact won’t erase the history of calls or messages you have exchanged between yourself and the individual. Contacts you remove appear in your messages history as phone numbers without notes. The contact can be reached normally.

    Wrapping Up

    You now know how to recover deleted contacts from an Android phone. Contacts stored in your Google account can be restored with your Undo Changes feature and Trash folder in the Google Contacts application.

    If you have saved contacts within your phone’s internal memory, you will require an Android application to retrieve the deleted contacts. It can recover your Android phone’s contact information, images, videos, and messages.

    Be sure to sync all of your Android contacts to your Google account or make regular backups to avoid issues with data loss at some point in the future.

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