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how to receive text messages on two iphones

    When the question is put forward in a way, it is usually it’s a very shady question. How can I get text messages from two phones? It’s almost like it’s a spying routine on a different phone. But there are valid motives to do this, especially if you have business and work phone.

    For iPhone users, it is necessary to enable message forwarding and login to both devices with one Apple ID. To use Android phones, you’ll have to install specific applications that permit users to receive SMS messages from one device and sent to another.

    There are numerous apps available that are accessible on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, allowing text messages to go to two different phones; however, none are 100% foolproof. Sometimes letters will be lost to the world and never be discovered in the future, other than the phone it was initially sent to.

    Why am I Receiving My Ex’s Texts on My iPhone?

    If you’re getting messages from someone else (such as your spouse’s or husband’s) most likely because you’re both signed in to an identical Apple ID, and either message forwarding or iCloud is activated.

    The sharing of Apple IDs has become common and allows users to transfer photos and other data between their devices. In addition, you don’t need to pay for the same apps twice – they’ll be completely free to download on any device you own as long you use the identical Apple ID is used.

    However, due to how files synced, it could confuse!

    You can find the Apple ID your device is registered to through the Settings app. YourYour Apple ID is displayed in the upper right corner.

    How do you disable messages from being displayed across multiple devices?

    A few people might not be thrilled that two devices receive identical text messages. The user had turned the synchronization switch before but forgot about it. To disable forwarding, go through the procedure above, but in reverse. Uncheck the boxes that say “Mac” or “iPad.”

    It’s also essential to turn off iCloud sync. Here’s how you can accomplish this using either your iPhone or iPad:

    Go to Settings and then click upon the username of the person with this present Apple ID. Select “iCloud.”

    Remove the slider in”Messages” on the “Messages” section.

    On Mac, it’s almost identical:

    Navigate to “Messages” and select the tab with an identical name in the menu.

    Press “Settings” – “iMessage.”

    Check “Use “Messages to iCloud.”

    A second option to fix the issue is to sign into different Apple ID accounts on two iPhones. Then, the identical SMS will not be sent. This happens in the following manner:

    Return to “Settings” – “Message.” After that, you can click”Message” and “Send/Receive.”

    Select to open the Apple ID profile under which the smartphone is authorized to use, then select “Logout” from the menu.

    If you wish, authorize another account.

    Once you’ve completed the steps, your iPhone will stop sending messages to another phone.

    How Do You Have Text Messages Sent To Two Phones?

    There are many ways of sending text messages to two different phones.

    The principal methods we’ll explain will apply to messages exchanged between two iPhones or Android phones. We will also show how to transfer text messages via one iPhone through or from an Android handset, as well as from an Android handset in turn to an iPhone.

    If you send text messages to two operating systems, notes might not appear as average messages when forwarded to a different phone.

    The text messages may appear as email or in other forms, and we’ll examine them in more detail in the future.

    It is possible to get texts sent to other phones and operating systems, provided the appropriate features are in place. Remember that problems with forwarding text messages may be due to networks, software, or device compatibility issues.

    It begins with the iPhone.

    We’ll start by ensuring everything is set up correctly on your iPhone before moving to either an iPad or Mac.

    Go to Settings, Messages and then Send and Receive on your iPhone.

    At the beginning of this page, you will find the Apple ID used on your iPhone to access iMessage – take note of it. Below is your phone number as well as any email addresses that you have linked to your Apple ID.

    Select your phone number as the one you’ll use to send or receive texts. By doing this, you can avoid confusion and prevent messages from accidentally synching with one gadget.

    If you add an email address, the option to add an email address appears at the lower right of the page. Choose your telephone number or email address as the one you would like to start conversations with.

    If you’ve now got iMessage installed on your iPhone, You must confirm that the same data is working on all your other Apple devices.

    What About FaceTime Calls?

    FaceTime functions similarly to iMessage. Calls are routed through a number or email address associated with the account. These addresses are activated by default. If more than one user has an Apple ID, all FaceTime calls can be sent to all devices associated with the account.

    Disable it the same way you did with iMessage; however, instead of going to the Messages section in Settings, click on FaceTime. Under Contact us through FaceTime, check off the email address or phone number that FaceTime calls you do not wish to receive.

    iPhone Isn’t Receiving Texts? There Are Things You Can Do

    You may not be aware of important events or updates when you don’t receive text messages from your iPhone. This is a problem for anyone. This is why you’ll need to fix this issue as quickly as possible. In the end, you may have missed essential messages and want to avoid being able to cut them again.

    There are a variety of alternatives to consider before making contact with your service provider. Sometimes, a simple change could alter the way you receive messages. There are instances where changing your network settings can fix the issues with your carrier, meaning there is no need to contact and wait.

    Whatever the problem you are experiencing with or on your iPhone, there are many options to consider. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix it and begin receiving messages once more.

    Create a New ID to Stop two iPhones Receiving the Same Messages

    Making a separate Apple ID for one of the iPhones can prevent them from receiving identical text messages. It’s a simple process. These steps will aid you:

    Step 1: Visit and create a new Apple ID.

    Step 2: Start Settings on the other iPhones. Select Messages and then select Send & Receive.

    3: Touch your present Apple ID and Sign Out.

    Step 4: Tap Sign in and type in the newly created Apple ID.

    5: Return to Settings, and then tap Facetime.

    6: Click on your existing Apple ID and Sign Out.

    Step 7: Click the “Use the Apple ID” Apple ID for Facetime.”

    Step 8: Input your brand-new Apple ID.

    That’s it! The iPhone has its own Apple ID for now and won’t receive the same messages as those for an alternative iPhone.

    Final Word

    Receiving the same message on two devices will likely shock you with how much work to complete and how few of them can be 100% precise or practical. If you choose to go with an app, stay with the information you have and do your research.

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