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How to print on mac?

    Do you have to print PDF files? Maybe you’re required to scan an existing document, make changes, then print the revised document. This can be done with the appropriate software for editing PDFs. Quality PDF software will allow users to print PDFs inside the program. Apple users can Print Preview with Mac. First, you’ll need to understand how you can create a print Preview with Mac as well as macOS 11.

    Printing wirelessly has been in use for quite a while, and I can’t recall the number of documents, emails, photos, and spreadsheets I’ve created with it. I’m amazed by the capabilities of this technology.

    It’s nice to know, but even with fast wireless printing, it’s still possible to physically connect your computer to printers for offline printing too.

    How to Print on MacBook

    Printing with your MacBook is easy and doesn’t require much time. The first step is connecting and configuring your MacBook printer (see our list of recommended Mac printers).

    A USB cable can be the most commonly used method to connect the printer with your MacBook. You might need an adapter from USB-A to USB-C, dependent on the MacBook model. After plugging the printer into the port on your MacBook, macOS should recognize it and then download any drivers or software required.

    Based on the software you print with, the process could be a little different However, the universal instruction to start with printing is

    Command + P

    You can also access the menu located at the top of your screen. Then click on File and then Print. Whatever you choose, you’ll be taken to the printing settings menu, which allows you to alter the formatting and other document elements before pressing the Print option.

    How to Print in Preview on Mac

    Preview, the native PDF program for macOS, lets you print a portion or all pages of a PDF and prints images from the same piece of paper. Here’s how you print using Preview for Mac:

    Download the image or PDF document that you wish to print. You can open them all in Preview if you’re printing multiple files.
    Click on “View” > “Thumbnails” Click on the command, then select the thumbnails for the pages you’d like to print. This is useful when you want to print a few pages.
    Click on “File” > “Print” Choose the printing options. If you cannot have the option, click “Show Details.” To print the exact page or image multiple times, click “copies per page” and select a number. To make an image larger, you need to click “Scale” and then enter the percentage. If you’re printing only your selected thumbnails, go to “Select Pages” in the sidebar. Select a size suitable for the paper if you have to use all the paper.
    Press “Print” after you’ve modified the settings and choices.

    Printing to Copiers in Color

    The copiers are printed in both black and white. If you prefer printing with color ink, that option can be changed easily by navigating the print dialog.

    • Go to the Copies and Pages dropdown and then choose Xerox Features.
    • If you can’t find Xerox Features and instead look up Printer Features, check for alternative instructions at the bottom of the page. *
    • In the Xerox Features menu, open the Xerox Black and White option and then change this option to Off (Use document color). You can alter other settings from this menu, including tape and double-sided printing.
    • This preset can be saved by going to the Presets menu and selecting Saving Current Settings to a Preset…
    • A dialog window will pop up, and you can select the preset Color and look for the preset available for Only this Printer. Select OK to save the preset for future use.

    Printing from the Mac using a USB cable

    When printing via an Ethernet connection, be sure that your Mac is running the latest software; it will speed up the process by letting your computer swiftly recognize the printer you’re planning to connect. To learn how to accomplish this, refer to our post, “How to manually update your Mac computer.”

    • Attach the USB cable to the printer, then connect it to your Mac.
    • Click “Command + P” or click File. Click print …, then the printer wired to your computer should be your default printer. Print as usual.

    If you’re prompted to download additional software, then complete it. If your PC cannot connect to the same network as the Mac, then you should consider buying an adapter with multiple ports to allow the USB output that connects to your Mac’s USB (or any other) input.

    Print Settings

    You can modify different printing settings in your MacBook before printing the File’s version that you want to print. After you click the print button, you will see a dialog like this one will pop up:

    Here you can see a variety of alternatives and a small glimpse of the document to print.

    You can pick various options, such as the number of documents you’d like, the layout and color choices you prefer, the pages, and any other choices you may have regarding the document.

    The dialog box is unique only to Microsoft Word, but many other applications and programs have almost the same options at this stage.

    In the print preview and options menu, you’ll be able to make final adjustments to your document before printing, ensuring you have everything in order before clicking the Print button at the bottom right.

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