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how to play spotify directly in facebook mobile app

    Facebook announced an expanded relationship with music streaming company Spotify this week, which will provide an entirely new method of listening to podcasts or music directly within the app of Facebook named Project Boombox. Today, the two companies are launching this integration through an innovative “mini player” experience that will enable Facebook customers to listen to music or podcasts from Spotify via the iOS and Android apps. The feature will be available for both free Spotify users and Premium subscribers.

    The mini player functions as an expansion of the share feature already available in the Spotify application. In the future, when Spotify listeners are playing content that they wish to share with Facebook, users will be able to use the current “Share” menu (the three-dot menu on the upper left side of the page) and then tap “Facebook” or “Facebook News Feed.”

    Before Spotify’s Spotify mini-player came out, sharing music through Spotify straight to Facebook was a bit of an issue. While you were able to listen to the music shared on Facebook, you’d be automatically directed to the Spotify app.

    These days are gone as Spotify has developed a method to enjoy any track on the Facebook app. You can browse your news feeds and navigate the app while listening to the music you love.

    How do you enjoy Spotify music on Facebook’s News Feed?

    If you want to try Spotify Mini Player, before you try it out Spotify Mini Player, you should ensure you’re in a location that can support the service. Check out this list at the end of this page to be sure that your accounts are compatible.

    You’ll also require an account on Spotify Premium and an iOS or Android smartphone. It is possible to use the feature for free with a Spotify account. However, songs will be shuffled and will be accompanied by ads.

    Follow the steps below to play Spotify on Facebook to link your accounts:

    Install Facebook on your smartphone.
    Navigate to the News Feed and begin scrolling
    Click the play icon on any Spotify song that you have seen posted in your feed (or upload your playlist by following the steps further down)
    Connect to the consent pop-up
    The song will begin playing via the Spotify app if you’re already logged in to Spotify.

    How to Connect Spotify to Facebook on Mobile Devices

    Run the Spotify apps on your phone, mobile, or tablet.
    Then, tap the gear-link settings in the top-right corner to open the settings on Spotify.
    Tap Social in the Settings window. Scroll down until you reach the bottom and click Connect with Facebook.
    Enter your Facebook account login details and click OK to join the accounts. Spotify and Facebook accounts.
    By connecting Facebook to Spotify Facebook, your friends on Facebook can view what you’re listening to on Spotify.

    How do I join Spotify to Facebook on a PC

    Open Spotify on your Mac or PC.

    Select your user name at the top right, and then click “Settings” in the dropdown list.

    “Facebook” under “Facebook,” click the “Connect to Facebook” button.

    Input your Facebook login details to complete the procedure.

    Who Can Use the Spotify Mini player?

    Anyone who has a Spotify account can access the mini player. The features available to you vary based on your Spotify subscription.

    Free users have access to the mini player. However, they can only listen to the shuffle. When the song shared has finished playing on Facebook, it is impossible to have any say in what happens next. Advertisements will also be sprinkled between songs, just as they are on other platforms like the Spotify app.

    Premium subscribers will get unlimited access to Spotify. Premium users will enjoy complimentary access to Spotify mini player. This feature gives you complete control over the playability of your music and which songs you stream. Additionally, there aren’t any ads interspersed between songs for premium users.

    How do you unblock Spotify from Facebook?

    The option of disconnecting Spotify and Facebook can only be done by users who have created their Spotify account with an email address and then linked to their Facebook account later. If this is you, open the Spotify desktop application, and you’ll need to go back to Settings. Click on Social and then click the option that says DISCONNECT to Facebook.

    If you first set up your Spotify account with the Facebook account, the Disconnect from Facebook-button will be available under Social.


    Facebook’s music initiatives in recent times have been geared towards partnership initiatives, including music video integrations that are facilitated through music label agreements is only natural that it should choose a partner such as Spotify to power a brand new streaming service that is part of the Facebook’s overall efforts in monetizing tools and services that target the economy of creators.

    Before its launch today, the mini player feature was trialed by a couple of non-U.S. markets, Mexico and Thailand.

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