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How to pin someone on Snapchat?

    Snapchat customers can add conversations they have with someone else on top of the screen, but this feature isn’t available for the two platforms, Android and iOS.
    Snapchat users can save conversations near the top Chat screen to ensure that Snap will never be lost. Snapchat remains an increasingly popular choice for keeping in touch with friends and family or making new acquaintances. While the messaging app has developed features that other social networks have replicated, it cannot offer all of the features it has on its own. Although printing conversations isn’t among those features that aren’t available, the ability to pin conversations isn’t accessible to Android and iOS users.

    What Does “Pin Conversation” Mean on Snapchat?

    There are Snapchat users on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook that use the words “pin conversations,” “pin people,” or “pinned people,” and are you wondering what it signifies? These terms refer to conversations or individuals on the user’s Snapchat application that they’ve pinned up to their top screens using the instructions above.

    Pinning someone to Snapchat does not change their Snapchat status in any way. The people you pin won’t receive a notification of it. This feature allows you to locate an ongoing conversation much easier inside Snapchat. Snapchat app.

    How do you pin chats on Snapchat?

    Pinning conversations on Snapchat will ensure that it’s always in the upper right corner of the chat page. Even if there hasn’t been any exchange of messages for more than one year, a pinned chat will remain there.

    • Click on Snapchat and swipe left to reveal the Chat page.
    • Find the person you wish to pin, then place your finger on their conversation.
    • If a pop-up menu opens when a pop-up menu appears, tap Chat Settings, after which pin Conversation.
    • The chat will be moved up in the rankings and tagged by a thumbtack emoticon. They will not receive any notification regarding the pin. It is possible to pin up to three conversations pin at one time.

    Unpin a Conversation With Someone on Snapchat

    To remove a chat from the app and take it off at the very top of the “Chat” screen, first launch Snapchat using your iPhone. In the bottom bar of the app, click”Chat” to open the “Chat” option (a bubble icon).

    • On the “Chat” page, tap and hold the chat to remove it.
    • The menu pops up in the menu; select “Chat Settings.”
    • Within the “Chat Settings” menu, choose “Unpin Conversation.”
    • Then it’s over. Your chosen conversation is no longer pinnable.

    No Pinning For Android Users Yet

    Unfortunately, the option to pin conversations isn’t yet available for Android users that use the app on Android. Because of this, users using Snapchat’s Android version of the Snapchat Snapchat application will have to wait until support for pins becomes available. At the moment, it’s unclear what time it will take to get there. Given that Snapchat first began testing pin conversations on iOS in 2019. Android users should not hold out for the release of support any time soon.

    It’s not uncommon for developers to concentrate on new features and features for iOS over Android. This is particularly the case for new features currently in development. This is despite Android being the most popular operating system among Snapchat customers than iOS. With fewer models of smartphones to count, iOS is often the most popular testing platform and is the case for all features Snapchat is currently working on.


    Snapchat lets you share your best moments with your family or other groups. Pining someone from Snapchat to your feed is accessible using the options in the settings section above. To create Snapchat videos that are interesting and impressive, take advantage of Filmora, a film editor software. Filmora. It has simple tools that will make your video appear professional and impressive.

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