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How to Order High-Resolution Satellite Images

    There are many situations where you might find that high-resolution satellite images are necessary or just generally helpful for the work you’re doing. In these situations, you’ll want to order directly from the Pleiades Neo satellite, so you can get the best resolution and the best product overall. The process of ordering can seem a bit daunting at times, but it’s actually very simple. Here’s the four-step process to ordering these images.

    1. Determine What You Need the Images For

    First, it’s extremely important that you already know what you need the images for. This is going to inform the entirety of your purchase process. Although high-resolution satellite images are of course much less expensive than the process of launching the satellites to take the images, they can still become very expensive, and you shouldn’t purchase the images without knowing what you’re going to use for. Plus, then you’ll be able to narrow down other elements of the images.

    2. Figure out Exactly What Location You Want the Images Of

    Next, you’ll need to figure out what location you want the images of. This shouldn’t be a general concept like “the city of Rome,” but should instead be a very specific concept like “these 25 square kilometers of Rome.” You need to figure out exactly where you want your images. This will help you in the ordering process, as the people you’re talking to will be able to help you find the images properly.

    3. Specify What Type of Images You’re Interested In

    Specifically when it comes to the Pleiades Neo satellite constellation, you have a number of options when it comes to the type of images that you want. These options include the typical 30-cm resolution satellite imagery as well as six 1.2-m multispectral bands in deep blue, blue, green, red, red edge, and near-infrared. If you want one of these types of images instead of the basic one, you’ll need to know that going in.

    4. Talk to a Representative for the Satellite Company

    The last step is to talk to a representative and tell them what type of images you want. The more detail you have in your initial request, the better they’ll be able to help you; “I want to get 25 square kilometers of this area in Rome in red edge multispectral” will get you much quicker results than “I think I want some amount of the Roman streets.” Detail will help you finish this process much more quickly.


    The process of ordering high-resolution satellite images is not actually that difficult. The most difficult part about it is going to be figuring out exactly what you want. Once you know what you actually want, you’ll be able to talk to a representative and get an order for the exact images that will work for your project. Having all the specifications will allow you to place the order as quickly and easily as possible so you can get the images you need.

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