how to ollie on a tech deck (Step by Step)

Do you want to learn how to ollie using a technology board? The fingerboard trick will amaze everyone. Ollie is an important trick for fingerboarders. Use your back fingers to press down on the tail. Next, apply pressure evenly using both fingers.

Skateboarding has been growing in popularity. It is becoming more popular with Skateboard.

There’s a lot of options when it comes to Ollie the Fingerboard up above obstacles. One option is to make combos with manuals.

Ollie over gaps

You can make a drop gap, small step set, or a gap using books and boxes. It will take some practice before you can control the board.

Why are fingerboards so costly?

The finger skateboard decks are made of real wood. There is a tail with a nose and concaves.

Ollie 2 Fingers

Tech Deck may be unfamiliar to you, so it might take some time. They often have trouble lifting the fingerboard above the ground.

  • Set up your Tech Deck as per the instructions. Place the Skateboard on a flat surface.
  • To perform this trick, you’ll need to use your dominant handed. Position the middle finger of the dominant hand on the backside (tail) of your Skateboard.
  • Place two fingers on either side of the board. Next, push down. Move the board.
  • Use your two fingers to check what happens on the board.
  • This trick can be performed while you are moving the board. Simply bring the board to where you want it to be and push the bucktail in the middle finger.
  • Do this while you’re still pointing your index finger at the Tech Deck sign “T.”
  • Lift the board up if it is suspended in the air. Press down with your thumbs on the backboard.
  • Land with your fingers and skate on. You can return them to their original position, even if your board is moving.

Improve your ollie skills with higher repetitions

The fingerboard is not getting enough air while it is ollieing.

The edge of a table or an arm of a table can be used to help you feel the movement of your Ollie. If this happens, you should flip the board upside down. This will allow your board to rise for air.

Ollies on flat desks can be quite difficult. As you become more skilled, you’ll be able to stack several boxes and books on top of one another to achieve your goal height.

Ollie’s 3 Fingers

Instructions will help you arrange the board.
Position the Skateboard on flat surfaces and attach your index fingers to the back screws.

  • Move your middle fingers to the right of the board’s emblem.
  • The board will also include a back-mounted ring finger.
  • Let’s first look at what each finger does once the Skateboard is down. Now move the board around.
  • To check what’s happening on the board, press down with each of your three fingers.
  • To do the trick with three fingers, you must first smack on the backside.
  • Push the board forward using your ring finger and smack the tail with it.
  • Once the board is popped, it will move vertically. For air, the index finger must be moved towards the nose. For the board to air, it is better to focus on the entire hand movement and wrist movements.
  • This is possible while you keep your fingers on board.
  • The board will move forward and raise when you smack its tail.
  • Use all three fingers to land the board. Keep going.
  • Don’t worry about the speed; just keep going forward when you land.

Fly unassisted out of bounds

Ollie sometimes has trouble controlling the board. Try moving your front finger and wrist forwards more. A loose contact can cause the board to spin out of control.

These tips may have helped in your quest to learn how to ollie a fingerboard. While it might take some practice and patience to get the ollie right, you’ll eventually get there.

Skateboards great for beginners

It’s a great beginner skateboard. These wheels are ideal for street and transition skateboarding.

Bonus Tips

This can happen quickly.

Once these tricks are mastered, you can also learn how a Tech Deck flip is done. Your friends can also be taught these tricks, or you can organize a tournament to see which tricks they can master.

Bolts can get loose after a while of fingerboard usage.

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