How to Make Animations for Free [2022 Newest Step-By-Step Guide]

There is a popular notion that creating an animated video requires editing expertise and a
powerful tool. This is true. But trends have changed a lot now. There are many animation
enthusiasts who search for how to make animations for free. They seek some online tools that
make animation creation process easier and effortless. But finding the right tool requires some
in-depth searching. Not every tool is well-equipped with all the required features.

Now you can also start creating cool animation videos using Doratoon. Don’t worry if you have
no experience in animation creation or if this is your first attempt. Doratoon has all the
convenient features and assets that make it super easy for animation lovers to try out different
characters, templates, animations, and other useful assets to create their animated videos.
Here is a quick overview on how to make animations for free on Doratoon and some standout
features that this tool offers:

Doratoon — Video Animation Tool Backed with AI Technology

What refrains most of the animation lovers from creating their own animated videos is the
limitation of tools and assets. Doratoon sets itself apart from other such tools through the aid of
Artificial Intelligence.

Besides the availability of assets and templates, Doratoon covers an extra mile to offer high-end
feature like format painter to optimize the way animations are added to videos. Now is the right
time to acquire maximum benefits from this easy animation maker.

How to Make Animations for Free on Doratoon?

Doratoon has an easy user-interface to ensure that everybody from newbie to expert editors can easily explore and use all features. Follow these simple steps to start creating your animated video:

Sign Up with Doratoon

Visit Doratoon to create your new account. You can also sign up using your Facebook and
Google accounts. Once signed up, log into your account to start using all the features.

Create a New Project

Click on the “Create a New Video” button on the top left corner of the dashboard. Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear with all the available layout types. Choose your desired layout type from the available options and click on the “Create” button to choose one of the three options.

Add or Remove a Blank Scene Page

You will witness only one blank scene page on the front panel. You can add a new blank page by
clicking on “Blank Page” button on the top left corner.
You can also remove a scene page by hovering over the scene page and clicking the “Remove”
icon on the scene page.

Add Video Elements

There is a vertical toolbox on the sharp left of the panel. This section contains templates,
background, text, character, prop, and sound options. You can add elements according to your
preference. You can add different animations to your video elements by using the “Animations”
panel in the sharp right corner.

Now you can try out these options and create different versions of animated videos.

What Features You Get?

Doratoon has everything which animation lovers want from an easy animation maker. You can
leverage all the assets of Doratoon whether you create a simple video with minimal animations
or a professional video with complex animations. The most resourceful features of this tool

Extensive Collection of Assets

With 100M+ stock video clips and photos, 1,000 animated characters, 10,000+ 2D & 3D
background images, and 10,000+ stock props; Doratoon is your go-to tool to create animation
online. Now you won’t have to search for high-performing tools and premium assets to make
animations. Businesses, educators, marketers, and individuals across diverse industries can make HD animated videos of all types using these assets.

New & Attractive Templates

You will never fall short of ideas if you are using Doratoon. Thanks to a wide range of animation
templates that this tool has; animators can start creating animated videos within a few minutes.

You have everything from full-fledged templates to various video themes to use in your

Format Painter

What else can be better than a tool that is powered by Artificial Intelligence? Surely nothing.
You can insert an audio file in presentation right away or even record a live voice which is
converted into text through the aid of Artificial Intelligence.

PPT – Video Conversions

A PowerPoint presentation can be boring, especially if it has a lot of information to convey to the
audience. But Doratoon adds to the appeal of PPT presentations through video conversion
feature. Using this feature, a PPT presentation can be converted into animated videos to make the content visually more attractive and engaging. You won’t find too many online tools that offer this feature. Doratoon is always updated with new features to make your own animation free and easy by all measures.

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