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How To Make An Instagram Reel

    Social media has become the hallmark of marketing for various small businesses. If you are on Instagram, it’s time to learn how to make Instagram reels to increase followership and sales conversions. 

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    How To Get To the Reels Section On the Instagram App

    Log on to your Instagram app using your smartphone. Either from your Instagram feed or your profile, click the plus sign button in the top right-hand corner. Select “reel” to start putting together the clip. 

    Find A Trending Audio That Fits Your Niche

    Trending audio clips included in Instagram reels tend to get more noticed than those that are not currently on-trend. When you are viewing a reel, look at the bottom left of the screen and you will see a description of its audio. 

    Click on this running description and it will take you to another screen to show you other reels that utilize the same audio. There is also a numerical count shown of how many reels feature the audio. You will know it is trending audio when you see an upward arrow next to the number showing how many reels contain that audio. 

    No matter how many reels have the audio, whether it’s 229 or over 10,000, take advantage of trending audio that fits well with your niche. Once you find an audio that you like, go ahead and click “Save audio” which is on the page with the numerical figure and other reels with that audio. 

    Choose a Subject for Your Reel

    What do you want the reel to be about? Are you showcasing a promotion for a new product or service in your business? Do you want to debunk some myths about the niche in which your Instagram markets? 

    If you have a lot of ideas for reels, keep a journal of the different subjects you wish to feature. Make sure to note the name of the audio so it is easy to find in your saved audio list once it’s time to make the reel. 

    Set the Stage

    When recording the video for your video, you can do it directly from the Instagram app. This is a great method so it can time different parts of the audio, especially if it’s a conversation. Alternatively, you can record a video from your phone and then input the clip into the Instagram app for editing. 

    Time Your Clips

    For each clip, you want to edit, click on it on the editing screen. You can cut the clip to where you need it to be to line up with audio transitions. From there, you can add any special effects to enhance your reel. 

    Add Captions

    Sometimes reel viewers may not want to have their audio on for whatever reason. If the audio has a person speaking words, be sure to do the closed captioning feature that can be found in the pictures section of the editor. Alternatively, you can type out your closed captioning text in the font and color that you desire. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Making An Instagram Reel

    Here are some frequently asked questions about making an Instagram reel. 

    How long should an Instagram reel be? 

    The most engaging reels are from five seconds to 15 seconds long. Hence, you must be sure your content captivates your audience to cause them to want to investigate your product, service, or social media page. 

    When is the best time to post a reel? 

    The best time to post reels would be early in the morning as people are waking up to get ready for the day which is between 5 am to 7 am. Try at lunchtime between 11 am to 1 pm when people are more than likely on their smartphones while eating their meal. Another option would be later in the evening from 7 pm to 9 pm as people are winding down for the night before bed. 

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