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How To Make A Video Loop On iphone

    Looping is a system of repeating pictures or movies (basically the latter) into an indefinite loop that makes it reveal in non-prevent while performed. Video loops went right now to be popular ever because of the reality that Instagram rolled out Boomerang – a function that permits clients to create brief-form GIF-fashion films that play to and fro again and again to steer them to more remarkable amusing to look at.

    Soon, the feature inspired one-of-a-kind structures like Facebook (with the valuable aid of the call Boomerang itself), Snapchat (as Multi Snap), and TikTok (as alternatives to opposite or repeat) to host similarly-styled films. If you personalize an iPhone and also need to loop films, this put-up will help you apprehend what you can loop, your boundaries, and how you could create video loops for first-rate features.

    How to Make a Video Loop on iPhone?

    Play a Video in iPhone’s Photos App in a Loop.

    In iPhone’s Photos app, you don’t have a natural characteristic to play your video in a loop. But, you may make a slideshow out of your video and make that play in a loop, which essentially performs your video till you manually prevent it.

    To use this workaround, first, launch Photos for your iPhone. Then faucet the video you’d need to play in a loop.

    On the video net web page, inside the backside-left corner, faucet the percentage icon (an arrow pointing upwards).

    From the proportion menu, select “Slideshow.”

    Photos will play your video as a slideshow, but this slideshow has a particular concern depending on past historical tracks, and best plays as speedy as (no longer on Loop). To trade those settings, inside the slideshow’s bottom-right nook, tap “Options.”

    On the “Slideshow Options” web page, tap “Theme.”

    On the “Themes” show display screen, select a clean scenario to bear in mind so that you can have recognition on your video. “Origami” is a superb alternative. Then, inside the pinnacle-left corner, the faucet “Back.”

    Turn off the slideshow tune so you can pay attention to your video’s audio. Do this by the manner of way of selecting “Music” and tapping “None.” Then bypass decreases back to the previous page.

    Put your video in a loop by allowing the “Repeat” possibility. Then, in the proper top corner, the faucet is “Done” to shop your modifications.

    Photos will retake you for your video display. Your video will play in a loop until you manually near it.

    And that’s how you examine your preferred films on your iPhone!

    How to Loop a YouTube Video on iPhone?

    Can you repeat YouTube movement pictures on your iPhone? This phase will describe a manner to copy YouTube movies on iPhone.

    Open the YouTube app on your iPhone and discover the video you want to play repeatedly.
    Play the video, and click on the three vertical dots.
    Tap the Single Loop button, and the video will repeat mechanically.

    How to Loop a Video on iPhone Using Live Photos

    IOS consists of a nearby function, “Live Photo, “s determined on the Photos app. For that purpose, no setup is essential to your trouble.

    The Live Photo function allows you to create cute looping films effectively. You want to have your Live Photo ready to loop a video using the app.

    Here’s a manner of taking the Live Photo the usage of your Photos app:

    • Launch your Photos app.
    • Find the priority detail of your video and awareness of your digital digicam on it.
    • Choose whether or not or now not to record the use of the front or rear camera with the 2 curved arrows inside the backside proper aspect of your display.
    • Tap the Live Photo button and the concentric rings within the higher proper nook.
      Press and keep the Record button to seize the scene. Make it fantastic there’s at least one shifting detail inside the scene for a higher impact.

    What you sincerely captured above is every picture and video. Now that you have a video, right right here’s a way to loop it:

    • Go to Library inside the backside left corner of your Photos app display.
    • Select a pre-recorded Live Photo that you want to loop.
    • Tap at the dropdown menu at the top and pick out Loop.
    • Tap at the Share icon on the aways left of your display to store or percent the video on social media.

    Using Boomerang for video looping on iPhone

    If Instagram has already hooked up on your iOS tool, you can use Boomerang to loop your movies. It’s capable of looping stay photos and gift movement photographs for your iPhone. Let’s see the way it works:

    Step 1

    Open Instagram on your iPhone and faucet the + icon on the top-right nook of the show to pick out the Story desired.

    Step 2

    To import a current live image into Boomerang, swipe up from the Story show to open your digital camera roll. Then find out your favored live photograph and tap the boomerang icon to load

    Step 3

    Now, tap and keep it anywhere on display or click on the Boomerang icon to transform it into a looped video. You can store the looped video to the virtual camera roll or percent it at the side of your buddies.


    With the above strategies, you’ll find it smooth to loop a video on iPhone that is repeating a YouTube video on iPhone. Choose one way and allow your iPhone to loop video!

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