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How To Hide Threads Badge On Instagram Profile

    If you’re an Instagram user who joined Threads, you may notice an ID number in your Instagram profile’s bio area. This Badge alerts users that you’re also a member of the Threads app whenever they go to the Instagram profile. When anyone clicks the Threads badge, they can look up the details of your Threads profile. If you don’t want to show off your Threads Badge on your profile with your Instagram fans and friends, It’s easy to hide it.

    The Badge is awarded to those who sign up when they sign up with Threads and notify people on Instagram that they are using the app’s new version. It has a unique number in the app that indicates the exact number you had when you signed up to the app. For example, if you were the 100th member to join Threads, you’d wear the 100th number on your Badge.

    The majority of users are enjoying this app. However, some unfortunate souls removed the Badge from their Instagram accounts. They were then unable to find a feature to remove it from their accounts and display it again

    Are you able to remove your Threads Badge on Instagram?

    It’s crucial to understand that once you have removed threads from your Instagram bio, you cannot add them back. If you click on Threads’ Badge, it declares that it’s only temporary. It’s just a way to inform your followers of your membership number and that you’re using Threads.

    Suppose you’re hoping to gain followers with the latest social media application in addition to this Badge’s temporary nature. Keeping it in your Instagram bio right now might be worthwhile. The removal of it can be done in a matter of minutes.

    Following a private Instagram account or vice versa is necessary to see someone’s Badge. So, if the ID number appears on the bio page of a private account, just those who follow them can view it.

    How do you remove the Threads Badge from your Instagram Bio?

    Can we get rid of thread badges from Instagram’s bio? Many are confused about the excellent way to hide the Threads badge on Instagram. Let’s discuss how to get rid of the Threads Badge from the Instagram bio using these steps:

    Open your Instagram account.
    Visit your profile
    Click the Threads Badge on the upper right side of your profile.
    The menu will appear, which includes a “Hide” feature
    Click on “Hide.”
    Boom! Threads disappeared from your Instagram account.
    When they are deleted, Threads will not ever be added to your Instagram account since it’s a feature that’s only temporary to inform your followers that you’re on Threads.

    How to Remove Threads Badge on Instagram?

    When you set up Threads and log in, the Instagram bio on your profile will be given a badge that lets users know you’re on the Threads application. Anyone who is an Instagram user can click the Badge to access the Threads profile. However, if you do not want to see the Badge displayed on your profile, you can erase it anytime.

    It is possible to go to Instagram > profile photo > edit profile. You can then remove the toggle for the Show Threads Badge to remove the Threads badge on the profile. Instagram profile.

    Because the Threads badge can be hidden or removed at any point by removing it from your Instagram profile, you can return it for others to see whenever you wish.

    How do I stop Thread Posts from appearing on My Instagram Profile?

    If the Threads material you post is uploaded to your Instagram profile, follow these instructions to turn off this feature.

    Log into your Threads account, then tap”two lines” in the upper right-hand corner.
    Tap on Privacy.
    Click on the Suggesting Post option in different apps.
    The toggle should be turned off on Instagram.

    How can you share Threads’ profile on Instagram?

    There’s a second method to display your Threads profile within the Instagram bio. Including the Threads profile URL on your Instagram bio is more practical until a different choice is found. It allows you to join in with your followers and friends.

    To do this, copy the Threads profile URL and add it to the Instagram bio. It’s simple and easy.

    You can also increase the reach of your account by sharing your Instagram account through Instagram. Make your Threads post, then share the post on your Instagram stories. This way, all your followers will be notified instantly and directed to your Threads page.

    Do you need an account on Threads account with no Instagram?

    No. It is now possible to create an account on Threads with your current Instagram account. If you make an account on Threads, the profile will be linked to the Instagram account you created it with. However, you can create an account on Threads account with an additional Instagram account and then make sure that you keep your primary Instagram account separate from the Threads account.

    Can you have a Threads account without Instagram?

    No. Currently, it is possible to create an account on Threads with the existing Instagram account. When you create an account on Threads, the profile will be connected to the Instagram account that you made it with. It is possible to join an account on Threads with an additional Instagram account and then ensure that your primary Instagram account is separate from the Threads Profile.


    Although you can’t permanently eliminate this Threads badge from your Instagram profile, as in July, you can conceal it quickly. If you follow the guidelines in the previous paragraph, you can maintain an elegant appearance in your profile. You can choose whether to showcase the Threads badge or leave it hidden; the decision is yours. Explore different styles to find the look that accurately describes your personality on Instagram.

    Be aware that you can be sure that the Threads badge will be removed within a couple of weeks, and provides a simple alternative if you don’t want to do anything. Have fun customizing your Instagram profile, and keep engaging with your followers in a manner that fits you accurately.

    Did you decide to conceal or hide your Threads Badge? Please let us know via the comment section below, and comment on the option!

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