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how to hide messages on iphone lock screen

    The iPhone is among the top-performing smartphones consumers can buy. It’s user-friendly and gives users a fantastic mobile experience. There are a variety of models from which users can pick which one they can choose from the tiny screen iPhone SE to the latest iPhone X model. Each model is outfitted with the correct features to fit into the package.

    As a smartphone, it can connect to various services like messages, emails, and social media accounts. The ability to check your email or update your Facebook status is simple on this phone. The notification will show on the screen when you receive an email or text message. In most cases, an image of the news will be displayed on the screen. There are instances where you’ll want to keep the message out of the reach of a prying eye. This is a good option when you’re in a public place and don’t want anyone to know the message you received.

    Can I Hide Messages On iPhone Without Deleting?

    Yes, you can hide conversations on the iPhone without deleting them. But the deletion of discussions is the best way to shield messages from the eyes of snoopers. When we receive notifications from phones, there may be a likelihood that other people will keep an eye on the preview or might have the chance (intentionally or not) of perusing your chatroom. If you’re using an Android device, you can block someone from reading your messages in android.

    It could ruin an event you planned for your partner or expose information regarding a secret project. In such a scenario, there are solutions to hide messages from your iPhone without having to delete the messages. Let’s talk about “How”?

    Hide Alerts & Notifications on iPhone Lock Screen

    Although having notifications appear on the Lock Screen of your iPhone allows you to read them directly in the display of an unlocked device, this feature can cause privacy concerns.

    For instance, someone in your vicinity can determine the message’s content and the people you’re communicating with by looking at the New messages flashing across your iPhone’s Lock Screen.

    How to Turn Off Message Preview on iPhone

    A preview of the message is displayed on the screen lock. If you turn it on, the message preview shows the contents of the letters. Some prefer not to say their text messages from the Lock screen, so disabling message preview is a great idea. There are other methods to hide messages from your iPhone If you have more privacy concerns.

    Start the Settings app on your iPhone.

    Tap Notifications.

    Tap Messages.

    Scroll to the bottom and then tap Show Previews.

    Here you can always choose to enable iPhone to display previews of messages from the Lock screen.

    Select When Unlocked to permit previews of messages on an unlocked iPhone.

    Select Off to switch the previews of text messages off on iPhone.

    Turning Off Message Previews in Lock Screen Mode

    To disable previews of messages which means you’ll only be notified to you, you can do this by following the instructions below.

    Click your iPhone’s “Settings” button on your iPhone.

    Select “Notifications.”

    In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you’ll find “Show previews.” Choose this option.

    After, set “Show Previews” to “When Unlocked.”

    After you’re finished, then choose “Never.” It will block any iMessage notifications preview in a matter of seconds.

    The two options and the steps that go with them can be used to hide messages from the lock screen. However, while they are mostly iMessage and other notifications for home, certain apps like your socials include a different method to this. Sometimes, you’ll have to look through the applications to accomplish this.

    Hide iMessage previews on Screen Lock

    Settings – Notifications – Messages – Show Previews – Never

    Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone and then go into “Notifications.” Then scroll down until “Messages” and tap Show Previews. Select “Never” to disable the content preview of messages sent via SMS.

    Remove the WhatsApp preview on the Lock screen.

    WhatsApp – Settings – Notifications – Show Preview (deactivate)

    Launch WhatsApp using your iPhone and go to “Settings.” After that, select “Notifications” and turn off “Show preview” by pressing the button next to it. A preview of WhatsApp messages will not be displayed on the Lock screen.

    Hide Message Alerts From A Specific Text Message Chain

    Have you noticed your phone is beginning to irritate you by displaying notifications from a particular conversation, way to 2014? There’s a way to stop blocking messages. All you have to do is follow these steps.

    Step 1: Start the messages, then scroll down until it fills the screen of your device (not just a portion).

    Step 2: Tap on the upper part of your screen (near the area that is written “Message” or near their image).

    Step 3: When the message appears, go to “info mode” and turn off notifications only for those threads.

    Using the Notes App to Lock Messages

    If you’re looking to secure and store your messages in another location, There is always the option to do it using the Notes app. Create a note in your Notes app. Please copy the letters you wish to secure and insert them into the letter. If the letters you want to conceal fit into only one picture, you can add the screenshot to the form of a letter. Then, you can lock the note to keep it safe from being seen by others. For this, you must follow the steps below:

    Swipe the note from left to right, open the message, and tap the additional options.

    Then, click then the “Lock” icon from the menu.

    You’ll need for you to input the password.

    Then, you’ll require a Touch ID or Face ID to access the locked note.

    How can I alter the display of messages on my iPhone?

    Change notifications for messages on iPhone

    Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages.

    Select options, such as those that follow: Turn On or Off Notifications. Choose the location and position of notifications for messages. Select the sound that will alert you to messages. Select the time when previews of news should be displayed.

    How can you block messages on your iPhone without deleting them?

    Select “Edit” and select”Edit,” then select the “Delete Contact” button. Afterward, go to the Settings application and look down to see “Messages.” Then click on that. Under Message filtering, you can click to “Filter unidentified senders” to enable the feature.

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