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How to get your Halloween party started at school

    Halloween is the most exciting time of the year for both adults and children. Adults can enjoy parties everywhere. However, a Halloween party in school is the best way for children to enjoy the event. If you’re arranging a Halloween party for kids in your class, and want to make it the most remarkable, well-organized one out there, we’re here to help you. The following ideas will help you get through the planning and hold a successful party easily.

    Getting Started 

    Your Halloween class party can be as big or as small as you want. It all depends on how many activities you want to include or how much decor you’re willing to put in. You can ask for parents to help you with it too. They can volunteer to help with the decoration, for example. Or pitch in their help with snacks, etc. Parents are usually willing participants in such stuff so asking them for help is a good idea. 

    Furthermore, you can send tasks lists home along with the children and parents can sign up activity-wise depending on which job they want to sign up for. In addition to this, make a list of everything you might need for the party, from the DIY decor items to ingredients for the Halloween snacks you might be making. Get those items from your local grocery store beforehand and start working. You can use Halloween kids party flyer templates from PosterMyWall to design beautiful flyers and build a sense of anticipation for the party among the children. 


    Activity Ideas

    The most fun part about planning a Halloween party is the activities you get to plan for the kids. In a party that lasts an hour or two, you can add numerous things the children will enjoy. This can range from simple trick-or-treating and snacks to making crafts with simple materials. 

    One of these ideas is to make skeletons on paper through straws or sticks. Give the kids some paper, glue straws, and/or sticks, and ask them to cut them out and stick them on the paper to make a skeleton. You can turn this into a competition with whoever has the spookiest skeleton wins!

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    Another idea to engage the children with is to make them have a race to wrap up their friend as a mummy. You’ll need toilet paper rolls for this. Divide them into groups of four or five and hand them the toilet rolls. Whoever succeeds in wrapping one of the group members first gets a prize. It’s also a fun way to encourage healthy competition between the children. 

    The children can get artsy and draw pumpkins in different colors. Ask them to make beautiful, dotted ones and showcase their artwork on a soft board later. Moreover, you can ask the kids to paint rocks that look like jack-o-lanterns with orange and black paint and later decorate a corner of the classroom floor with it. 

    Reading a Halloween book or two is always a good idea. Children tend to hook to interesting stories and the stories in turn help them develop a creative mind. Have a reading session during the party to entertain your little guests. 

    You can also plan a session with play dough. Make the students form pumpkins out of it. Or give them Halloween or fall-themed cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the dough. It’s a great sensory activity, especially great for younger learners.

    Costume Contests

    In addition to the above activities, you can organize a costume contest which is sure to be a hit among your adorable guests. You can plan a theme to go with the party like superheroes, etc. Alternatively, you can give the parents a free hand on whatever they want to dress up their kid like. When the time comes to judge which is the best costume in the room, either make the children the judge or pick a random person to be the winner. Further, kids can clap and cheer for their favorite customers and whichever gets the loudest clapping will be the winner. Or, you can put the names of the kids who are attending on pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Choose randomly from it like a draw, and voila! The guest with their name on that piece of paper wins the contest.

    Spooky Menus

    You can add some snacks to your menu lists to add the final touch to your Halloween party. Before starting anything, ask parents for food donations they might like to give. Any home-made or ready-made snacks should be welcome. Also, make sure to ask them for any specific allergies their children might have, which you need to avoid giving their child when distributing treats.

    You can turn the snack time into an activity too. Give the children plain cookies. Then make an impromptu cookie station where icing of Halloween colors, like orange, black, white, and purple, can be lined up. In addition, you can set sweet toppers like Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips, or candy to add more to the flavor.

    Clementine Pumpkins are a great treat to add to your list. All you need to do is peel a clementine and stick a sliver of celery on top so that it resembles a pumpkin. This snack is easy to make and super healthy, making it the perfect one for your party.

    Halloween Brownies should be your other go-to option. Again, this one isn’t complicated. Just whip up a standard brownie mix but add in Halloween sprinkles to make them go with the theme. The children will love the added detail and obviously, brownies can never go wrong with the young ones.

    Fruit Cups are another healthy option. Take Halloween-themed transparent cups of an average size. Fill them with cut-up fruit pieces, preferably of Halloween colors like clementines or grapes. Children will eagerly finish it up as it’s tasty and also comes with an attractive cup.

    Make it the best Halloween party for the kids 

    Your students will love your party if you prepare for it properly and follow these guidelines. You can use Halloween flyer templates to create invitations and make the children excited for the party. You can always add more to it to make it even more fantastic and make Halloween even more fun!

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