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How to Get Contacts From iCloud to Android Phone

    A few people love iOS devices, while the majority of people prefer Android phones. Suppose you were an iOS user and have moved to an Android device for some reason. One problem you might face is moving your contacts onto the new Android phone in order to stay in contact with family or friends regularly. The choice of restoring the contacts you need from iCloud could be an excellent option because iCloud helps iOS users easily back up their data. However, the process of restoring information from iCloud directly onto the Android phone is challenging too, which is why this article will discuss and provide you with the desirable method to recover contacts that you have saved to iTunes or iCloud onto the latest Android phone. Follow the remainder of this article to understand the distinction.

    Because we aren’t able to restore the contacts from iCloud to Android Phones directly, we require a third-party app to benefit us. Syncios Data Transfer is an extremely user-friendly tool for data transfer that allows you to transfer messages, call logs, photographs, contacts, music, and much more across iOS and Android devices. It can help users download their iCloud backup files to Android devices. Install the appropriate version of it onto your personal computer.

    Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android via iCloud.

    Once you’ve got the basic steps in place, The following steps will show you how you can get your contacts to move between iCloud and Android:

    Step 1: Go to the iCloud site with your internet browser. Sign in with your iCloud account, then click Contacts. You will be able to view every one of your iCloud contacts in your Account.

    Step 2: Choose all contacts that you’d prefer to import to your Android device. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left and choose Export vCard.

    Step 3: Go to the Google Contacts site and sign in to the Google account you have for your Android phone.

    Step 4: Once the main interface is loaded, click Import on the left-hand sidebar. Then, upload the downloaded file from the iCloud website to Google Contacts.

    The contacts you have on your iCloud contact list will then be added to the Google Contacts, which, in turn, is available to you on your Android device. While you can complete the task with the previous contact transfer process, there are better options than this one since it requires an extended process of downloading and uploading.


    Did you lose your iPhone? Have you skipped the data transfer process when installing your Android phone? It is possible to factory reset your phone to start with the beginning, but this is only for some. There’s no way anyone would like the inconvenience of installing and setting up every app once more.

    The iCloud online version saves the contacts of all users and transfers contacts to your Android phone. What you have to accomplish.

    Step 1: Open iCloud via the Internet. Log in using your Apple account information.

    Step 2: Select Contacts.

    Step 3. Press the Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) keyboard shortcuts to open the contacts. Select the Settings icon in the lower left corner.

    Step 4. Select Export vCard from the context menu, which opens. The browser will then download an. A VCF file contains all of the contacts from your iCloud contacts.

    It is possible to transfer this.VCF fichier to an Android smartphone.

    Transfer contacts on iPhone onto Android together with Google Drive

    Google Drive is a great alternative to transferring all your contact information from iPhone to Android. It will allow you to move your entire list of contacts in one step. Here’s how…

    Download the no-cost Google Drive app on your iPhone and sign up with your Google account.

    Click the menu icon at the upper-left right-hand corner and then click “Settings,” and finally tap “Backup.”

    Click Contacts to warrant that you have “Back up to Google Contacts” turned on (you are also able to enable Calendar and Photos & Video if you want).

    Click the back arrow and click “Start Backup.”

    The backup could take a while, based on the amount of material that you’ve backed up. Once the backup has been completed, it’s time to access the Contacts application on your Android phone to check your contacts! (the Android device will need to have access to the Google account). Google account)

    How do I transfer contact information from iOS to Android and Gmail?

    If you’re using an iOS device, go to Settings and then tap Mail.

    Tap on Accounts.

    If you have an existing Gmail account, it will appear on this page. If not, click the Add Account and click Google.

    Then, click on Gmail then turn to the Contacts toggle.

    Your contacts will be synchronized to Google. Google account.

    If you are with an Android device, sign into your same Google account. Your contacts will appear.

    Using Third-Party Software

    If you’d prefer to use a simpler way to transfer contacts, consider using external Android backup apps such as SyncGene to transfer contacts directly from iCloud onto your Android device.

    Click here to SyncGene and join.

    Find on the tab Add Account. Choose iCloud, then sign in to your iCloud account.

    Click Add Account to log in to your Android account.

    Find the filter tab, choose Contacts, and then check the folders that you wish to transfer.

    Select Save and then sync to all.

    What is the perfect way to transfer songs from my iPhone onto Android?

    Transfer to transfer your iTunes Music library on your iPhone to Android by syncing it with the PC, after which you copy the Music folder onto the Android device. You can also use an application called the Android File Transfer application.

    How can I transfer images from my iPhone into Android?

    The easiest method to access this access is by using Google Photos. The easiest way to do this is by using the Google Photos app on your iPhone. After your pictures have been added to your Google Photos account, you can log in to the Account using your Android phone and gain access to your photos. This article explains How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android in greater depth.


    In order to make work easier, many people have two phones, for example, iPhone and Android phones. To warrant the security of your data and avoid losing data, it is necessary to transfer iCloud contacts to Android. What is the perfect way to transfer contact information from iCloud onto Android? It’s a straightforward job because there are many methods to bring it. However, it takes work, as we have to employ a 100 percent reliable approach to warrant the safety of the data we store. Since our contact information is crucial to us, it is recommended that you use an experienced and reliable program like Phone Backup on Android to benefit you.

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