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How to Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp

    It’s all happened to us. However, if you’re looking to use WhatsAppr, you do not want the individual or group to know that you’re online and on WhatsApp.

    What if we informed you there was an opportunity to cover it while on the internet?

    Like every other messaging app, WhatsApp has a feature allowing users to conceal their status online from other users. This is known as”frozen last seen.

    It’s personal, to do with business, or something else we can benefit you with our team! Keep reading this post to discover how you can block the last time someone was messaging in WhatsApp for one user or group of individuals. Let’s begin!

    How to Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

    Method: From Setting

    1. Click on the three dots, then navigate to Settings.

    2. Tap on Privacy.

    3. Select the Last Seen or Online and then select No One.

    Notification Drawer

    If you respond to an email from the notification drawer rather than open the app, it’ll never update the date you last saw it well, and it will remain frozen until the point at which you have last used the application. Therefore, you cancan respond from your notification drawer as follows:

    How To Know If Someone Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp?

    There’s no easy way to tell the date someone was last known.

    However, there is a method for determining when someone last saw a freeze on WhatsApp

    Apps from third-party developers

    You have likely noticed there are third-party applications for just about everything.

    Apps will notify you whether someone is online or using Whatsapp. We’ll look them up:


    The app is famous for alerting users when the WhatsApp contact is online. It monitored online activity as well as the last-viewed status.

    But, it was deleted from various apps because of privacy concerns.

    W-Online Tracker

    Created to monitor the status of online users, This tool can help provide details about the last time you saw it, even if the information is hidden.

    It is crucial to utilize these applications carefully and be aware of possible ethical consequences.

    How to Freeze WhatsApp Last Seen On an iOS Device.

    The operations you can perform on an iOS phone work similarly to the steps for Android phones. The only difference is the design and position of the icon for setting; look at this image to learn how to turn off the most recent function you see for the iPhone.

    Step 1. Click the “Settings” tab in the display’s lower right-hand corner.

    Step 2. Within the Settings menu, select”Account” in the Settings menu “Account” opportunity.

    Step 3. From the Account settings menu, Select “Privacy” to access the privacy settings.

    Step 4. Look for your “Last Seen” choice and click on it. Select “Nobody” to freeze your Last Seen status.

    After you have selected “Nobody,” your Last Seen status will become hidden. Reconfirm the changes; the grandest Seen in WhatsApp on the iOS device will be put on ice.

    How do you check if the last seen on WhatsApp Is hidden?

    It is only possible to use third-party applications to determine whether the last time a contact was seen via WhatsApp is not visible. These apps are WhatsStat, WhatsDog, etc.

    How do you freeze the Last seen on WhatsApp to one individual?

    There’s no method to block your Last Seen status for a single individual on the official WhatsApp. Selecting whom you want to view your Last Seen status is impossible. However, you may test the MOD, similar to GBWhatsApp, to enhance the privacy settings.


    Hide Your “Last Seen” on WhatsApp is essential as you do not want anyone to know the last time you were online.

    If you are not a fast texter, covering your social media profile makes even more sense to stop people from thinking you’re blatantly ignoring them.

    However, certain slow-typers aren’t just ignoring texts.

    A few people are overwhelmed, have forgotten about the text, or merely need longer to consider the desirable way to respond.

    In any case, “freezing” your “Last Seen” via WhatsApp will be the desirable method to eliminate it.

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