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How to Fix PUBG Mobile Server Did Not Respond

    PUBG Mobile server does not respond. The issue is among the most frequent issues players may encounter when they enter the game or click the Play button.

    The “Server was not responding” error on PUBG Mobile usually occurs in the event of difficulty connecting to game servers. The device needs to establish a steady connection to the PUBG Mobile server. This stops users from playing the game and playing games. Following the troubleshooting procedures previously mentioned, you can seek to solve the problem and gain access back to PUBG Mobile. Certain connectivity issues may be temporary or connected to server maintenance. Therefore, it’s important to remain patient and keep trying again when the problem persists.

    Why is this happening?

    Numerous reports show that PUBG players can’t connect to servers and experience a “new state” and “unable to connect to the server error.

    The issue has plagued PUBG players for quite a long time; however, there’s no definitive solution. However, you can test out alternatives and see if they are effective for you.

    What is the cause of the “PUGB Servers are Too Busy” Error message?

    Getting into it is essential to identify and resolve the issue. We therefore looked at the possible causes and opted to publish this information with you:

    Software or programs that are incompatible: There are some programs or software that PUBG cannot work with. Closing the software is recommended to avoid obstructing the game or Steam to run the game easily.

    IP Settings In case you didn’t know, there exist two different types of IPs: IPv4 and IPv6. The most commonly used configuration of these two types is IPv4, configured by default. Sometimes, however, modifications are made, and the connection is altered. This means you cannot establish a stable relationship to connect you to the servers.

    Server Maintenance: A popular feature associated with games is the continuous updating and regular maintenance. The servers may be down and showing this error message during this time. Also, you should be patient.

    DNS Cache: An invalid DNS can also be a cause when trying to establish an uninterrupted and secure server connection. If the DNS cannot be cleaned, the game will not be capable of establishing the link safely, and the error could trigger.

    PUBG Mobile Server Doesn’t Respond. How Do I Fix?

    The first step to fix the problem “PUBG Mobile server is not responding” issue is to confirm that your connection to the internet is stable and reliable enough to allow you to play initially. Ensure that your device is on the correct Wi-Fi network and that you are not playing the game using cellular data.

    When the Wi-Fi connection has been verified to work, the fix involves tinkering the DNS server within your mobile’s internet settings. If you’re using iOS, Go to your wifi settings. Choose your wifi network, after which you can change your DNS server’s settings manually or automatically. Input the address for Google DNS or OpenDNS, after which you can save your settings. The lessons for these are:

    Google DNS


    For Android, the initial step is to go to the wifi settings. Tap your network’s long-tapping button to display an option to Modify the Network option. Log in with your password and select Advanced Settings. Locate your IP Settings field. Change DHCP by Static. Scroll to DNS 1 as well as DNS 2 fields. Enter the desired DNS.

    Local network problem.

    PUBG might be unable to connect to servers if you are experiencing issues in your home connection or cellular network. Be sure your Wi-Fi connection is reliable and speedy enough to let you access online gaming. If your wifi is a weak signal, your game isn’t able to connect or maintain a speed of connection to let the game run.

    In certain instances, there are instances where an issue in your router or modem can interfere with your surfing or gaming. For example, if your router has old firmware, your home network might experience connection speed drops and disconnections or complete internet blackouts.

    Start your modem

    If you are having trouble with the quality of your Internet connection, it is suggested to reboot your router to clear any temporary files which could block your connection.

    You may be receiving PUBG Mobile server issues because the connection is not stable or if the signal strength is too poor.

    Verify that your mobile is plugged into the correct Wi-Fi channel. It is also possible to alter the Wi-Fi channel and verify if server errors disappear if you connect to another wireless channel.

    Don’t play the game on mobile data. If you were using cellular data when encountering the error message for the first PUBG mobile server issue, instantly change to wireless.

    Restart Your device.

    Before making changes, it is recommended to restart your device first in case you are experiencing an internet issue when playing PUBG Mobile. The process should allow your device to load its resources and refresh your network connection.

    For Android:

    To begin, you must locate the Power button on the device.

    Then, press your Power button till a selection screen displays.

    Finally, click Restart to initiate the procedure.

    For iOS:

    If you have a device, open the Assistive Touch, then go to the Device tab.

    Then, click on More.

    Then, select to select the Restart option and then wait for the device to boot up.

    When you’re done, launch PUBG Mobile to verify whether the issue has been resolved.

    Monitor the PUBG Server Status

    Since I was extremely curious to try PUBG using my mobile, I resisted one of the notifications from PUBG, advising me that PUBG mobile was down to perform maintenance. It was similar to the following:

    PUBG MOBILE will go offline for maintenance from 00:00 until 08:00 (UTC) on the 23rd of July. Service may resume earlier or later based on how the care is progressing.

    Visit our Facebook or Twitter for additional information.

    PUBG Mobile Team.

    This notice clearly explains that PUBG MOBILE is not at the designated time. It is important to note that the time zone is the UTC zone.

    Clear data and cached PUBGM

    For PUBG games, all data are saved in the phone, including cache files.

    Therefore, there’s a solution to eliminate the issue with the server connection, which has timed out, by performing Clear Data as well as Clear Cache of The PUBG Game.

    It’s a good idea to test this technique. It is said to be extremely efficient.

    The trick is to go to Settings >Applicationssearch PUBG. After that, Clear the Cache and Clear the Data.

    Important: Clearing your data will erase the data out of PUBG. Most likely, you’ll have to download some files again later. First, you must prepare the WIFI network or your quota.

    You can try a VPN

    The use of a VPN could be the most effective option to get rid of this issue. Error Code Restricted Area in PUBG Mobile. This allows you to play the game. However, using a VPN can cause your speed to increase; therefore, here’s an easy solution.

    Download the appropriate VPN (I recommend UFO VPN, which I have tested successfully). Connect to any nation, then open PUBG Mobile. Or PUBG MobileLite. (If you want to, you may immediately connect using the DNS changer app, such as, for the game to play on). Game using the VPN account if you encounter any issues with ping)

    What must I do to improve the performance of PUBG play more efficiently?

    It is possible to alter the settings to improve the performance of the game PUBG. Look over the grounds for graphics and switch to smaller resolutions.

    This can accelerate the process. Be sure to ensure that you have Internet connectivity is on. A VPN could help with the game, whether on your mobile or PC.

    We hope this article helped you figure out how to fix this issue and what to do to stop repeating it. We would love to know what solutions have helped you and whether or not you have any further questions.

    What is the reason BGMI is no longer working?

    The reason for that is the BGMI Game is not working. It needs to be fixed with the BGMI Game for many possible causes. The server may not be working, or the game has been put under maintenance. In addition, you can also encounter other situations that may disrupt your competition.

    What is the best way to switch servers in BGMI?

    Answer: To alter the server’s BGMI, All players must do is go to the game’s lobby. Within the lobby area, users can select a ‘Select Mode’ option just above the list of game modes available. Here is where players can find “Matchmaking Settings”.

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