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How to Find Content writers for your Blog?

    Content writers are people and is a key aspect of any website or blog. Recently, content can be consumed in different formats via articles on social networks. The content generated is increasing as technology evolves over the years. All of the information you require is now available at a glance.

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    But, there are also disadvantages. The digital world, its rapid advancements and technology can lead to inaccurate content. No matter what marketing tools are available to improve your content, readers may reject low-quality content in many situations.

    Many website owners seek out authors who can create excellent content in accordance with their specifications. If you are having trouble finding qualified staff, a program or tool can help you choose new authors for your blog. Below you will find several options.

    1. WriterAccess

    WriterAccess, the first platform that we will be mentioning, is WriterAccess. You can recognize the unique purpose of WriterAccess from its name. It allows you to find freelancers or authors. The same individuals must log in to the site to access the authors.

    You can contact them using the AI, search option, call or via AI. Advanced searches let you select skills, texts or topic to pinpoint whether the chosen person is a blogger/journalist or writer. You can also make your search more powerful by using the AI option.

    This allows you to search for writers using the most popular keywords and optimize entire content. WriterAccess offers a vast market for writers with extensive knowledge in a variety fields. Writers on this platform offer a range of services that are related to creating great content. This includes everything from the initial phase in research to editing the content and all aspects of translation and proofreading.

    It also offers high levels of professional assistance and customer support to clients. Clients can choose the amount of words they wish to use, as well as provide detailed instructions. It gives you access to over 200 million images in related programs like Shutterstock or Getty Images.

    Additionally, all of these services are available at a low cost and affordable price. What may cause a problem? Most communication happens between the client’s writer and the client. No third party could help in case of misunderstandings.

    2. Solved

    Solved has a team of professional writers that offer a wide range quality content writing services. Everything is possible, including blog posts, articles, and guides. Accessing the platform is easy. Simply visit the official website to create an Account. You can then start your search for writers.

    The platform’s goal to deliver high quality and exciting content will directly impact the growth of the audience. The writers are skilled at understanding your needs and delivering relevant content. SEO is used in the content. The search for information and collection of information are done before it is published.

    This platform offers comprehensive SEO management services. They offer a wide variety of options in this area. Solvid, an established company, has set fixed prices to all writing services. This gives you an idea of what the final cost will be for your project.

    3. Scripted

    Scripted is an alternative platform. It is an online platform for writers and customer support, was developed. The platform gives users many benefits, such as new ideas for blogs, and customer support.

    You will find services such as scripts, different blog posts and press releases. Customers will need to pay a monthly membership fee. If they require additional services, there are premium packages with an annual contract. Clients are required to pay the written price for the requested services.

    Scripted has many advantages. It is easy to set up tasks, offers a variety of quality writers, gives you ideas and guarantees the quality of your ordered content. Scripted gives clients the option to make a smaller selection of writers to maintain continuity and quality.

    4. Fiverr

    Fiverr provides services for employers to find freelance writers for their projects. It is possible for employers to meet freelancers. Additionally, there are three ways to reach freelancers and learn about their skills.

    This platform also allows you to search any product or service for $5. Most commonly requested services include the creation of logos and contracts, as well as hiring assistants. It will be noted that transactions of financial nature are protected from misuse and that communication between buyers, sellers, and employees is safe.

    5. Express Writers

    It, another platform worth mentioning, is also worth mentioning. Express Writers brings together a group of writers through a chat function, inviting others to share their knowledge and to discuss marketing trends. Fill out the account creation form to gain access to this platform.

    Then you will have access many services. They include marketing copy creation, press releases, and content management on social networks. The project, level of expertise and complexity of your content determine how long it takes to process. The cost range also depends on what type of content you require.


    Sometimes you may not have the funds to hire a professional writer or author to provide good content. If this is the case, you can try a writing platform that suits your needs.

    We’ve introduced you to some of the additional services offered by a few platforms in this article. WriterAccess, which offers many options, is a great option. With over 15,000 freelancers on its platform, it ranks among the most popular tools.

    Before you choose to hire help from such platforms, you must decide what you need.

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    1. Hey, Thank you for sharing these ways of getting good writers. Hope it will help others too, who have been looking for the right candidates for their projects !!!!

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